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Pirate Ship Ride Malfunction Sickens Several at Pennsylvania Amusement Park

Riders on a swinging pirate ship ride at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, amusement park got a little seasick after a malfunction left the ride in motion for several minutes, with no way for the captive passengers to escape. The pirate ship ride malfunction occurred at Kennywood Park, about 10 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh, where a number of other ride problems have occurred this month, various sources say. According to the Associated Press, the 35-year-old pirate ship ride continued to swing like a pendulum when its brakes failed. Park employees were able to engage a secondary brake system after about 10 ... Read More

Ohio ‘Tort Reform’ Law Lets Ride Manufacturer Off The Hook For Deadly Fair Accident

The people injured on the Fire Ball ride that broke apart at the Ohio State Fair in July may not be able to hold the manufacturer of the ride liable because of a “tort reform” law Ohio legislators passed in 2005. A lawyer representing a woman who legs were shattered in the ride failure told The Columbus Dispatch that the “tort reform” law will “make the fight for justice much more difficult to achieve” because it set caps on jury awards for businesses and imposed a 10-year “statute of repose” limit on a manufacturer’s liability for product defects. The Fire ... Read More

Ohio Fair Ride Malfunction Gives Riders Minor Injuries

Another ride malfunction at an Ohio fair left people with only minor injuries, but it put a spotlight on the safety of carnival rides that are disassembled, hauled around the country, and reassembled month after month. The ride malfunction at the Highland County Fair in Hillsboro, Ohio, Sunday, Sept. 3 occurred on a ride consisting of two caged cars attached to each end of a vertical rotating arm. Charley Davidson, president of the Highland County Fair, told FOX19 that one of the cars hit the ground “a little hard” as it swung down, causing some of the six people on ... Read More

Swing ride malfunction injures two riders at Ohio amusement park after cable snaps

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Two people were injured when a large steel cable snapped on a giant swing ride at Cedar Point amusement park Saturday night. The Skyhawk ride, which consists of two opposing swings on 125-foot arms that rotate vertically at speeds of 60 miles per hour, was full of riders when the malfunction occurred around 10 p.m. According to WKYC, one of the swings had its carriage disconnect in mid-air. The snapped cable hit a nearby fence, taking out a 20-foot section and throwing a 2×6 plank into one rider’s face. Another person aboard the ride was also injured ... Read More

Electric mobility scooters recalled due to electrical problem

Afikim Electric Vehicles is initiating a worldwide recall of its Breeze C Scooters because of an electrical problem that may cause the vehicles to malfunction. The mobility scooters are often used by disabled or elderly people who have difficulty walking. During product testing the manufacturer became aware of a potential scenario where an internal potentiometer wiper could become disconnected due to extensive wear. If this were to occur, the device could continue to move forward at a slow speed – approximately 2-4 mph – and the only way to stop the vehicle is to turn off the main key switch. No ... Read More

GE Healthcare issues corrective action for defective anesthesia delivery system

GE Healthcare has issued a field corrective action for the Avance, Aisys and Avance CS2 anesthesia delivery systems due to a potential safety issue. Apparently, a unique sequence of inputs and a collapsed bellow could result in delivery of higher-than-expected tidal volume when using the Pressure Control Ventilation – Volume Guarantee mode. All safety over-pressure controls and alarms will continue to function properly; however, over delivery of tidal volume may result in altercations to blood flow within the thorax that, under extreme circumstances, could result in gradual reductions in blood pressure. To date, GE Healthcare has received no reports of ... Read More

Newborn incubators, warmers recalled due to dangerous defect

Some GE Healthcare newborn incubators and warmers are being recalled because of a defect that can case the device to malfunction, thus endangering the lives of infants. The recall involves the Giraffe OmniBed and Giraffe Incubator. The Giraffe OmniBed can function as both an incubator (closed mode) and as a warmer (open mode). Incubators and warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of a newborn baby. In “closed mode,” the OmniBed provides heat through a closed, temperature-controlled environment. In “open mode,” the device provides heat in an open environment using overhead heaters. The Giraffe Incubator is an infant incubator ... Read More

Knee replacement surgical cutting device recalled after numerous incident reports

Medical device company Stryker Orthopaedics is recalling a cutting tool used in knee replacement surgery because the device has wider cutting ranges that may cause serious adverse health consequences including joint instability, fracture, need for revision surgery, chronic pain, and limitations for mobility. The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide defect has resulted in 44 incident reports to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including 41 malfunctions and 3 cases of temporary medically reversible injury. ShapeMatch Cutting Guides are single-use, disposable cutting guides used as surgical instruments to assist in the positioning of total knee replacement components used intraoperatively and in guiding the marking ... Read More

Woman sues transvaginal mesh maker over injuries

“When they come out with a product and make it sound like a cure-all, I don’t know about other women, but I jumped at the chance to get it fixed,” Lee* told The Salt Lake Tribune about the transvaginal mesh device designed to treat her stress urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, the promise was too good to be true. Transvaginal mesh is a surgical mesh device that is used to treat pelvic floor disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The device is inserted through the vagina to hold up organs that have dropped, or prolapsed. The conditions are ... Read More

Government study of Toyota sudden acceleration too narrow, say whistleblowers

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is voicing concerns that a government investigation of sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles may have wrongly ruled out electronic glitches as the cause triggering some vehicles to unexpectedly speed out of control. A team of investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and NASA engineers studied sudden acceleration in some of the affected Toyota models, but ruled out a malfunction in Toyota’s electronic throttle control system as a possible cause. The conclusion drew the ire of many independent engineers, safety advocates, and other critics who insist the study was flawed. Senator Grassley ... Read More