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GM plant explosion and chemical exposure results in the death of one worker, eight injured

Despite the endless recalls on everyone’s mind at General Motors (GM), the automaker will now also be dealing with the aftermath of a deadly explosion and chemical spill in Marion, Ind., that killed one contract worker and injured eight other employees at one of its many stamping plants. Although all of those injured have been released from the local hospital, employees are now facing the feelings of grief after losing both a co-worker and friend. “Nothing like this ever happened over at this plant, ever, ever,” Daniel Graham, who lives nearby, told reporters from local television station Fox59. “It sounded ... Read More

Trickle-down effect causing problems for coal ash disposal

It was bad enough when the coal ash impoundment pond at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kingston, Tenn., plant holding more than a billion gallons of toxic sludge ruptured, sending a wave of coal ash onto a neighboring community and into nearly waterways. Cleaning it up hasn’t been a walk on the beach. One challenge was locating a landfill that would accept the recovered coal ash. The newest issue is finding a company willing to treat the wastewater from that landfill. Coal ash recovered from the Kingston spill is being shipped by train car to Arrowhead Landfill in Perry County, ... Read More

Perry County residents voice concerns about coal ash storage

Ms. Ruby’s smile is infectious, but it is tinged with concern. At 80, she has lived in Perry County, Ala., all her life. But what has happened there these past few months has made her fear for her health. “You might have seen my picture in the paper,” she smiles at the video camera. John L. Wathen, a.k.a. Hurricane Creekkeeper, is shooting the video to capture community reaction to local government’s decision to store toxic coal ash in the nearby Arrowhead Landfill. That coal ash is recovered from the Emory River where more than a billion gallons of the toxic ... Read More