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E-cigarettes can contain toxic ingredients that are especially harmful to teens

More and more teenagers are using e-cigarettes, and many of their parents assume they are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes so they don’t need to worry. But they are sorely wrong, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health warned. To help parents better understand what vaping is and the harm it poses, state health officials have launched a statewide campaign, “The New Look of Nicotine Addiction,” to arm parents with information they can use to talk to their kids about e-cigarettes. Contrary to what most people believe, these products – also known as e-cigs, e-hookahs, mods, vape pens, vapes, tank systems, JUULs and ... Read More

Gas Explosions Devastate Massachusetts Communities, Displace Thousands

Dozens of natural gas explosions blasted through three Massachusetts towns Sept. 13, killing one teen, injuring at least a dozen people, and triggering structural fires that displaced thousands of residents. Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency Friday in response to the gas explosions and sent officials to inspect homes and businesses door-to-door in the towns of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover just north of Boston. The governor said that the crews were inspecting structures for safety before residents would be allowed to return. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is leading a federal investigation of the gas ... Read More

MA construction, extraction workers more likely to die from opioid overdose

Construction and extraction workers in Massachusetts are six times more likely to overdose and die from opioids than workers in all other occupations in the state, according to a report released by the state’s Department of Public Health. The likely cause of their addiction is through the treatment of work-related injuries, health officials added. “Assuring that jobs are safe, that the risk of injury is low, and that workers have the time for rehabilitation and are not self-medicating to keep working are all key to decreasing opioid overdose deaths among workers,” said Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel. The report ... Read More

Miss America lashes out at pageant execs for bullying her

Just weeks before the 2019 Miss America pageant, more accusations are flying about disrespect shown to contestants. Last month, Maude Gorman, a contestant vying for Miss Massachusetts gave up her Miss Plymouth County crown after a skit performed during the pageant mocked the #metoo movement. Gorman is a survivor of sexual assault and just couldn’t sit idly by, she said. The latest accusation comes from the 2018 Miss America, Cara Mund, who is accusing the pageant’s chairwoman and CEO of bullying her. The former Miss North Dakota said Miss America board chairwoman Gretchen Carlson and the pageant’s CEO Regina Hopper ... Read More

Beauty contestant resigns title after #metoo was mocked on stage

Beauty pageant contestant Maude Gorman resigned from her Miss Plymouth County 2018 title last month during the last competition of the Miss Massachusetts pageant – a lead-in to the Miss America Pageant – after a skit on stage mocked the #metoo movement. Gorman graciously stepped down in a post on Instagram that said, “While I’m grateful for the opportunities that @missamerica creates for young women, I am also internally conflicted … As both a survivor and advocate for victims rights and sexual violence as a whole, I refuse to stand idly by and simply ‘let this go.’” Gorman says she ... Read More

Boeing to Open Autonomous Aircraft Development Center at MIT

You’ve heard of autonomous cars and trucks, but there’s now another fast-emerging player in the world of self-driving technology – one that aims to make traffic safer and more efficient not on the roads but in the air. Boeing has announced that it will open its new Boeing Aerospace and Autonomy Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), becoming the first major tenant of its new Kendall Square District. Through its Kendall Square Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university will develop six buildings to house a blend of lab and research, office, housing, and retail space. The aircraft manufacturer said ... Read More

MA passes bill to treat cancer like workplace injury for firefighters

After a strong push by Massachusetts firefighters unions, the Massachusetts Senate passed a bill that would treat cancer like a workplace injury for firefighters. The move is based on several studies that show that firefighters are far more likely to be diagnosed with and die from cancer than the general population. “We still haven’t seen the apex of the cancer problem,” said Jason Burns, a Fall River firefighter and president of the Fall River firefighters’ union. “It’s still going to hit us, but this is going to soften that blow.” Firefighters are 9 percent more likely than the general public ... Read More

Public health advocate urges MA town test environment for benzene

Dr. T. Stephen Jones, a public health consultant epidemiologist retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), presented a six-page packet to the Falmouth, Massachusetts, Board of Health hoping to convince board members to send a letter to Gov. Charles D. Baker Jr., to assess the environment based on concerns that nearby natural gas infrastructures are leaking toxic chemicals into the air and endangering the lives of Falmouth residents. “All of us think of natural gas as something that’s just part of life, and we never really gave any thought to the fact that there may be some ... Read More

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak sickens 100

Boxes of Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal tainted with Salmonella are still being sold in some stores despite being recalled last month by the company, increasing the number of people who have fallen ill after eating the sweetened puffed wheat cereal to 100 in 33 states, 30 of whom have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported to date. Kellogg Company agreed to recall affected boxes of Honey Smacks in June after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state partners. The products had been distributed across the United States including Guam ... Read More

73 people infected with Salmonella after eating Honey Smacks cereal

At least 73 people in 31 states have fallen ill from Salmonella infections and health authorities say the likely culprit is Kellogg’s Honey Smacks sweetened puffed wheat cereal. As a result, the Kellogg Company has recalled the cereal, which was distributed throughout the United States as well as Guam and Saipan, and internationally in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, the Caribbean and Tahiti. Consumers are urged not to eat any of the recalled Honey Smacks cereal. Affected products include Honey Smacks 15.3 oz boxes with the BEST if Used By Date listed as JUN 14, 2018 through JUN 14, 2019, and ... Read More