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Rising abuse in at-home care

The Wall Street Journal published a disturbing new report this week, exploring the issue of elder abuse by those hired to care for them in their homes. According to the report, studies show a rising trend in cases of abuse, neglect, fraud, and even death, perpetrated by in-home caregivers on their frail and ill charges. The report estimates about 1.6 million people are employed in home care. Home caregivers fall into two basic categories – those who provide basic health services, and those who provide non-medical services like housekeeping, cooking and nonmedical help. The WSJ reports these are the second- ... Read More

Lifesaving: not an option

How is it possible that it is only now becoming a requirement that nursing home facilities install life-saving sprinkler systems to help protect residents from fire? Up to this point, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) allowed older facilities that did not have these systems an exemption, allowing them to serve Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries despite the lack of this safety precaution. This week, the organization announced these facilities will have a five-year phase-in period, after which time they must have comprehensive sprinkler systems in place. According to a report in the Senior Journal, the Government Accountability Office ... Read More

Five-star care

This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced plans for the establishment of a new ranking system for nursing home performance. Similar to rating systems that the public is familiar with in relation to products or facilities like restaurants and hotels, the new CMS system will rate nursing homes with a “star” system, with five stars being the best and one star the worst. CMS is the federal agency that manages Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, and Medicaid, the health program for the poor. On its web site, CMS says the new ... Read More

Nursing home fines, bonuses

On March 3, the Des Moines Register reported that in 2007 the state fined 23 Iowa nursing homes $10,000 or more for providing substandard care. Some of those homes were also hit with federal fines and sanctions against their state licenses. Of those 23 homes, 16 stand to collect bonus Medicaid payments this year from state and federal taxpayers, according to the Register. The bonuses are tied to a state program that rewards nursing homes for providing quality, cost-effective care. Elderly abuse is a crime. If you or a loved one have suffered nursing home abuse and neglect, please contact ... Read More