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Prescription drugs now kill more people than illicit drugs

A report in the Orlando Sentinel reveals a disturbing trend in the state of Florida that is part of a larger national epidemic: the growing number of people killed by prescription-drug overdoses. According to the report, from January to June of this year, prescription-drug overdoses killed 1,270 people in Florida. This represents a nine-percent increase from the same 6-month period in 2009 when 1,157 people died from prescription-drug overdoses. “State medical examiners continue to find prescription drugs more often in the bodies of the dead than illicit drugs, documenting the fatal consequences of the nation’s prescription-drug epidemic,” the Sentinel report ... Read More

Documentary aims to show the ‘real’ face of epilepsy

Do you have an amazing story to share with the world about epilepsy? If so, you can apply to be chosen as one of the “faces” of epilepsy in a documentary designed to create awareness and to educate others about the reality of epilepsy. “It’s going to hit several different issues – social, legal, stigma, etc…” said producer Tiffany Webb in a solicitation on TalkAboutIt.org. “There will be three people around the world sharing their stories about Epilepsy. We have a few people/stories on board, but we do need several more. Two more will fill the major focus of the ... Read More

What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

The passing of former NBA star Manute Bol from an allergic reaction to medication has promoted many people to ask, What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and who is at risk? The answers, unfortunately, are not always clear. SJS is a serious skin and mucous membrane condition that has been associated with thousands of medications, both over-the-counter and prescriptions. The most common ones linked to SJS include some of the most widely used medications – ibuprofen and antibiotics. Others on the list are anti-viral and anti-seizure drugs. One reason why it is hard to pinpoint what medications may cause SJS ... Read More