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Cobalt and Chromium Toxicity from Metal-on-Metal Hip Resulted in Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

According to a study published in January in BMC Psychiatry, an online journal of psychiatric disorders, cobalt and chromium toxicity from metal-on-metal hip implant failure resulted in neuropsychiatric complications after revision surgery. Metal-on-metal hip implants are designed using a metal ball and metal socket made of a cobalt-chromium alloy. When the parts rub together during normal use, the parts may shed metal ions, which can pollute the bloodstream and damage the surrounding tissue. The normal range occurring in a person’s system due to normal environmental exposure is 0–20 nmol/l for cobalt and 0–100 nmol/l for chromium. Nine of the 10 patients in this ... Read More

J&J Says Hip implant Claims Should Have Never Made It to a Jury

Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopaedics are moving forward with an appeal of last year’s bellwether trial verdict that awarded five plaintiffs $502 million, which was eventually reduced to $150 million. The plaintiffs are a small fraction of the thousands of cases that have surfaced, claiming metal-on-metal hip implants caused them pain, injury and metal poisoning. Most cases required revision surgery to replace the defective hip. The company has wilted in the courtroom, complaining that, during trial, it was subjected to prejudices as well as “outrageously inappropriate evidence and rhetoric.” J&J claims the jury was turned against it with statements saying it was “as evil as ‘big ... Read More

Wright Medical and MicroPort Orthopedics Accused of Hiding Defect in Hip Implant

Two cases filed against Wright Medical Technology Inc. and MiroPort Orthopaedics Inc. have been consolidated by a California federal judge. The lawsuit accuses the companies of hiding a crucial defect in their metal cup-and-ball hip implants. The two plaintiffs allege the Profemur Total Hip System broke “suddenly and catastrophically,” leading to emergency surgery that requires damaging the femur. In one case the Profemur implant lasted only 37 months, the other a mere 20 months. The lawsuit comes in the midst of Wright Medical’s multidistrict litigation (MDL) battle against claims that its Conserve Hip Implant, a metal-on-metal hip implant system, has been releasing metal ions into ... Read More

Smith & Nephew issues recall for Modular Hip Implants

Smith & Nephew, a British orthopedics and wound care company, has issued a recall of its Modular SMF and Modular Redapt hip implants after a high number of patients began reporting adverse negative reactions. The metal designs used a modular neck that has been linked to a “higher than anticipated complaint and adverse event trend.” “Based on an analysis of available data sets,” the company wrote in a “Dear Doctor” letter last November, “Smith & Nephew considers that patients implanted with the modular neck hip prostheses may be at greater risk of revision surgery than with comparable monolithic products. For this reason, on a ... Read More

New Zealand Lawyer/Comedian and Metal-on-Metal Hip Recipient Becomes Advocate for Fellow Suffering Patients

James Elliott says the first hip operation he underwent resulted in immediate pain. He had received a DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip implant, which had not been grafted properly. The device was loose and causing Elliott excruciating agony. “It would feel like I had been shot in the leg,” he said. Elliott says he endured 18 months of pain, which negatively affected his ability to father his two young children. Finally, he underwent a revision operation. Instead of providing relief, he says the healing process was brutal, and he admits that he was “mentally unprepared for the rehabilitation.” In the years following ... Read More

Dying Patient Fights to Have Hip Implant Suit Processed in State Court

Deborah Aldrich, a victim of stage 4 pancreatic cancer, has asked to remand her lawsuit against Wright Medical Technolgy Inc. to state court instead of federal court, so that the suit could proceed at a faster pace. Aldrich has been given a mere six months to live, and has argued that her cancer could end her life before she has the opportunity to testify in her own case. Aldrich is only one of more than 1,000 lawsuits claiming Wright Medical Technology’s hip implants are causing injuries because of their faulty metal-on-metal design. When the metal parts of the device rub together, flakes of metal can chip ... Read More

Surgeon warns patients with metal hip implants to undergo regular screening

People who have undergone hip replacement surgery who have, or think they have, a metal-on-metal (MoM) implant, should contact their orthopedic surgeon even if the joint appears to be functioning well to rule out a type of blood poisoning, warns Dr. Stephen Faust, an orthopedic surgeon and co-director of Anne Arundel Medical Group’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists. “Hip replacements have been widely performed in this country for over 50 years, and the results have improved significantly due to improvements in techniques and materials,” he wrote in the Capital Gazette. “However, some changes that initially seemed to promise improved outcomes ... Read More

Newer hip implants may not be better than older models

When Dr. Art Sedrakyan and fellow researchers published the first paper on premature failures of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems in 2011, several medical device manufacturers responded by withdrawing their all-metal hip implants. It turned out the failures were caused when the metal parts rubbed against each other, causing metal bits to inflame neighboring tissue and leech into the bloodstream poisoning the blood. “Back in 2011 when we published the first paper on metal-on-metal hips, hundreds of people contacted me and asked if they should be worried about hip replacement in general,” says Sedrakyan, of the Patient Centered Comparative Effectiveness Program ... Read More

Readers warn people with metal hip implants to have their blood checked for metal ions

“If you have a metal-on-metal (hip) replacement, it is imperative to have the metal ion test as soon as possible,” warned BJackson, in a comment on Missoulian’s Letters to the Editor. “My neighbor’s wife passed away a little over a year ago because of cobalt and chromium poisoning. .. she had the offending metal-on-metal (hip implant) removed and a new hip put in, (but) it was too late for her. They had spent three years telling her that she had ALS, but they were incorrect, and it was the metal-on-metal (hip implant) that killed her.” The comment was posted in ... Read More

FDA provides guidance to help medical device manufacturers gain faster marketing approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is providing manufacturers with information to help them win faster approval for medical devices deemed “substantially equivalent” to other devices, even if the technology of the new device is different or carries different risks. The guidance is designed to prevent defective medical devices from passing through the agency’s abbreviated 510(k) approval process, which allows faster clearance to moderate risk devices if they are similar to other devices currently on the market. The FDA has been revamping the 510(k) process since it was revealed four years ago that the faulty Johnson & Johnson DePuy ASR ... Read More