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Generic Reglan makers released from Tardive Dyskinesia lawsuit

Wyeth, Inc. and Schwarz Pharma Inc. have been dismissed from a lawsuit filed in Texas involving the drug company’s Reglan (metoclopramide), a medicine used to treat gastrointestinal conditions. The lawsuit alleged that the drug caused the plaintiff to develop a severe movement disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia. However, the case will proceed against Activis-Elizabeth, L.L.C., makers of a generic version of metoclopramide that the plaintiff was taking. Wyeth and Schwarz originally developed the brand-name metoclopramide, Reglan. They were released from litigation by U.S. District Judge Marcia A. Crone. The case is expected to be ready for trial by January 2011. ... Read More

Quality improvements reduce drug usage among neonatal community

A new study has found that quality improvement intervention initiatives such as ongoing education and automated feedback reports of medication usage among low birth weight babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) can significantly reduce use of medications, some of which carry serious adverse effects. Researchers with Pediatrix Medical Group analyzed data from 49,777 infants born between 2003 and 2008 with a birth weight of 501-1,500 grams – or 1 to 3 pounds. The goal of the study was to determine the effectiveness of a multi-faceted quality improvement intervention in reducing the use of many medications that have not been ... Read More

Aspirin plus Reglan shows promise as migraine treatment

A combination of aspirin and the anti-nausea medication metoclopramide, marketed as Reglan, may help patients with migraines find relief from headaches and vomiting within two hours, according to data from 13 clinical trials in which patients published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Patients in the clinical trials were randomly assigned to treat their migraines with either a single dose of 900 to 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, a placebo, or an active drug, usually the prescription migraine drug sumatriptan. Researchers found that 52 percent of aspirin users got at least some pain relief – or a reduction of pain ... Read More

Long-term use of Reglan can cause serious neurological problems

For nine years, Valerie (not her real name) was prescribed and took Reglan (metoclopramide) to control her acid reflux. The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1980s to treat various digestive tract conditions such as severe heartburn and gastroparesis, or the delayed emptying of the stomach contents. As the drug became more widely prescribed, the FDA began receiving reports that the drug may cause a neurological disorder. Despite the warning signs, it took the FDA almost 30 years to investigate and act. In that time, more and more patients were developing a serious involuntary ... Read More

New Jersey judge calls for consolidation of Reglan lawsuits

A New Jersey judge is calling for a statewide consolidation of all lawsuits filed against the makers of the heartburn medication Reglan that involve claims that the drug caused a serious and debilitating movement disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia. Judge Eugene J. Codey, Jr., of the Essex County Superior Court, filed the request arguing that the New Jersey court system could better handle the mounting number of lawsuits if they were all centralized in one court. The primary defendant in the lawsuits, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, is headquartered in New Jersey. In his consolidation request to the administrative director of the courts ... Read More

New device uses radiofrequency to offer relief to GERD sufferers

Mederi Therapeutics Inc. is launching an innovative new radiofrequency device for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. Mederi’s Stretta is a balloon catheter with a needle that delivers radiofrequency energy. The system is inserted into the esophagogastric junction, or the sphincter controlling the entrance of food into the stomach, and prevents stomach acids from backing up into the esophagus. The radiofrequency waves work to restore the function of the valve separating the esophagus from the stomach. “Our treatment induces collagen deposition. We create small thermal lesions which reform the lower esophageal sphincter and restore it to ... Read More

Increase in availability of generic drugs may raise safety concerns

The new health care reform bill gives senior citizens a rebate to purchase prescription medications; however, increasing availability of drugs for seniors may cause safety concerns, especially when it comes to generic versions of medication, according to a Huffington Post blog by Edward F. Blizzard. “The Food & Drug Administration’s well-known shortcomings in protecting consumers from dangerous prescription drugs have been illustrated in high-profile examples, like the recent scandal surrounding GlaxoSmithKline’s drug, Avandia, as well as Merck’s drug, Vioxx. These failures often stem from the relative weakness of the FDA as a regulatory body: overextended and underfunded, the FDA must ... Read More

Salix stock soars despite FDA warning letter

Salix Pharmaceuticals stock rose 5 percent last week despite news that the company received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging the company to clarify information about its new orally dissolving heartburn treatment, Metozolv ODT, according to Local Tech Wire. The FDA said that some of the drug’s marketing materials are “false or misleading because they omit and minimize risk information, broaden the indication of Metozolv ODT, and contain unsubstantiated comparative and other claims.” Salix received FDA approval for Metozolv last September, offering an alternative to the metoclopramide pill known by the brand name Reglan. Reglan ... Read More

Gastroparesis sufferer finds relief through surgery

Surgery was all Mary Carter could hope for. The 27-year-old lover of food wanted to be able to eat again. But after a brief illness, she was unable to eat without becoming ill. She suffered from gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach takes too long to empty its contents. It can cause serious problems for sufferers, including dehydration and malnutrition. When we first told you about Mary, she was gearing up for an innovative surgery that would place a device called the Enterra into Mary’s abdomen. Her doctor, Richard McCallum, founding chair at the Paul Foster School of Medicine ... Read More

FDA warns makers of acid reflux drug to change warning label

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fired off a warning letter to drug maker Salix Pharmaceuticals arguing that some of its marketing materials for Metozolv, an orally dissolving form of metoclopramide for the treatment of acid reflux conditiosn, “are false or misleading because they omit and minimize risk information, broaden the indication of Metozolv ODT, and contain unsubstantiated comparative and other claims.” The letter goes on to say that “these violations are concerning from a public health perspective because they suggest that Metozolv ODT is safer and more effective than has been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical ... Read More