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Chinese drywall problem more widespread than originally thought

If it’s not lead in paint or melamine in dog food, then perhaps it’s poisonous drywall? The latest batch of toxic Chinese imports – some 550 million pounds of highly sulfuric drywall – has found its way into homes throughout the U.S. and even Canada. The cheap Chinese drywall flooded into the U.S. during the building boom, beginning in 2004, and peaked as the bustling economy and Hurricane Katrina put a strain on domestically manufactured drywall. Most of the affected homes appear to be in Florida, but newly constructed homes in several states and beyond are also affected. When we ... Read More

Teddy bear company cited for FLSA child labor violations

Build-A-Bear-Workshop Inc. is listed on Fortune’s 2009 list of the “100 Best Companies to Work for,” but the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division disagrees — at least where the company’s youngest employees are concerned. The government agency cited the St. Louis-based company for violations of child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and ordered it to pay $25,600 in civil penalties. Build-A-Bear Workshop, an international retailer with more than 400 locations worldwide, allows customers to design and create their own teddy bears. The Wage and Hour Division found that many Build-A-Bear’s Midwestern retail locations violated ... Read More

Athlete’s hopes of playing pro ball dashed by shoulder pain pump

Mathew McKeown, 23, of Blue Ash, Ohio, dreamed of playing pro ball. He was an all-city football player in high school and earned a scholarship to play for Miami. Making it to the NFL was just a matter of time. But during a game in October 2006, McKeown’s left shoulder was injured while trying to recover a fumble. Doctors implanted the catheter of a On-Q PainBuster pain pump manufactured by I-Flow into his shoulder joint. For up to 72 hours, medication gradually dripped into his shoulder and slowly began eating away at the cartilage. But McKeown was tough. He rehabbed ... Read More

Research consortium to guide coal ash cleanup, health monitoring

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), a Tennessee-based independent university research group, is working out a contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to guide the cleanup efforts and the health monitoring of residents in and around the site of last December’s coal ash spill, according to the Miami Herald/Associated Press. More than a billion gallons of toxic material poured on to 300 acres of an east Tennessee neighborhood late last year when a coal ash impoundment at the TVA’s Kingston, Tennessee, plant failed. The spill destroyed homes and damaged property, and has raised serious concerns about human safety not only ... Read More

Coal ash byproducts used in building supplies making people sick

Florida homeowners have filed a class action suit against the manufacturers of a Chinese drywall company for using toxic fly ash in materials used to construct their homes. The fly ash was reportedly purchased from a Chinese power plant and used to make the drywall. The practice of utilities selling coal ash byproducts is not unusual. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) recently released a report stating that it sells about a third of the 7 million tons of fly ash, bottom ash, gypsum and boiler slag generated in its plants each year. Those byproducts have been mixed into concrete for ... Read More

Toxic Chinese drywall used in many Florida homes

Florida homeowners whose walls are made of a defective and toxic brand of Chinese drywall have filed a class action lawsuit. The Florida Department of Health has received a flood of complaints from homeowners who suspect problems with their drywall, prompting Florida senator Bill Nelson to petition the Consumer Products Safety Commission and Environmental Protection Agency for an investigation. The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturers used fly ash, a waste byproduct of Chinese power plants, in making the drywall. The drywall emits “one of several sulfur compounds including sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide,” the suit claims. In addition to imparting ... Read More

Wife files lawsuit against drug maker

Amy Clanton says her husband Ralph would not have taken Phenytoin to control his seizures if he knew the drug could have serious side effects, according to the West Virginia’s The Record. Without forewarning of the potential dangers, Ralph took the prescription medication and a month later noticed odd skin disruptions on his body. As his condition worsened, his eyelid peeled off while Amy applied eye drops to his eyes. Ralph was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton and was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis, or TEN. TEN is a severe form of the hypersensitivity disorder known as Stevens ... Read More

Holiday season turns tragic for many ATV owners

This holiday season has been a tragic one for many ATV owners and their families. Recent reports nationwide tell of people of all ages becoming seriously injured and in some cases dying in ATV rollovers and other accidents. In Maryland, Joseph Paciera, 24, died Tuesday night when he lost control of the ATV he was driving and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger, a 21-year-old Maryland woman was rushed to the hospital, where she is being treated for life-threatening injuries. Authorities say that the ATV rolled over and landed on top of Panciera and ... Read More

Evenflo highchairs recalled after reports of falling injuries

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall of a popular brand of highchairs. The government agency says that people who use an Evenflo Majestic ™ high chair, manufactured by the Evenflo Company of Miamisburg, Ohio, should stop using the high chairs immediately. According to the CPSC, the highchairs pose both a danger of choking and falling. Metal screws and plastic caps on the sides of the highchairs may come loose and fall out, causing the back of the seat to fall back or detach completely from the chair. Evenflo has received 140 reports of the seat ... Read More

Florida Medicaid recipients want to choose where to live

Nearly 8,500 Florida Medicaid recipients have filed a federal lawsuit seeking class action status for forcing them to live in nursing homes instead of where they choose, according to the Associated Press/Miami Herald. The lawsuit names the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s office. Medicaid, which is the state-federal body that provides health coverage and nursing home care to the poor, pays nursing homes millions each year for treating patients who qualify for Medicaid. Advocates for the elderly contend that nursing homes have successfully lobbied politicians to make qualifying ... Read More