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Five More Volkswagen Execs Face Criminal Charges In U.S. For Emissions Scandal

Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that five more Volkswagen executives have been charged for crimes in the German automaker’s emissions scandal, bringing recent indictments to six. The announcement follows the Saturday arrest of Oliver Schmidt, the top VW emissions compliance manager for Volkswagen in the U.S. Federal authorities arrested Mr. Schmidt, a German national, at the airport just before he boarded a flight from Miami to Germany. According to the New York Times, the five other VW executives charged Wednesday are: Heinz-Jakob Neusser, 56, who oversaw the company’s brand; Jens Hadler, 50, who oversaw engine development; Richard Dorenkamp, 68, another supervisor ... Read More

Millions of Sunset Natural dietary supplement pills recalled

Millions of dietary supplement capsules and pills sold under dozens of different brand names manufactured by Sunset Natural Products and promoted for weight loss, sexual enhancement, athletic performance and other activities are being recalled because the company is under a consent degree of permanent injunction for manufacturing and distributing adulterated dietary supplements at its Miami, Fla., facility. “The FDA is committed to protecting the public health by ensuring dietary supplement makers operate in accordance with the law,” said Melinda Plaisier, associate commissioner in the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs in a warning letter dated Sept. 28, 2015. “Good Manufacturing Practice ... Read More

CDC: Pregnant women should avoid visiting Brownsville, TX due to Zika risk

Pregnant women are being warned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to avoid visiting Brownsville, Texas, due to the risk of Zika infection, which can have detrimental effects on developing fetuses. The warning comes after at least five cases of Zika infection from local mosquitoes were reported in the past few weeks. Though temperatures are dropping into bitter low levels across the country, south Texas is still warm enough for mosquitoes to thrive. Last August, the CDC issued similar warnings for Miami-Dade County, Fla., after receiving reports of local mosquito-acquired transmission in four areas. The warnings there ... Read More

Whistleblowers Help U.S. Recover $12 Million From South Miami Hospital

South Miami Hospital, a not-for-profit regional hospital located in South Miami, Fla., has agreed to pay the U.S. $12 million to settle False Claims Act allegations brought by two whistleblowers who accuse the hospital of billing federal health care programs for “invasive, improper, unjustified, medically unnecessary” procedures to treat cardiac arrhythmias. The False Claims Act complaint was filed by Dr. James Burks, a vascular surgeon who began his practice at South Miami Hospital in 2003; and Dr. James Davenport, a cardiologist who was an active member of various South Miami Hospital peer review committees between 2010 and 2014. According to Wifredo ... Read More

Florida man not bound by nursing home’s binding arbitration in neglect case

Residents of Florida nursing homes who lack the capacity of sign contracts cannot be held accountable to them, including binding arbitration clauses in nursing home new resident contracts, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled. Juan Mendez Sr. and his son, Juan Mendez Jr., sued Miami-based Hampton Court Nursing Center, alleging Mr. Mendez Sr. had suffered neglect under their care. The lawsuit claimed that while living at the facility, the elder Mendez had developed an eye infection which later led to the removal of his left eye. Before the matter could be discussed between the two parties, the nursing home invoked ... Read More

Opening arguments begin in sixth Risperdal side effects trial

Opening arguments in Tommy Moroni’s lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals over claims that the companies’ antipsychotic Risperdal disfigured his body, opened with a picture of Moroni’s swollen female-like breasts, a condition called gynecomastia. Moroni claims he began taking Risperdal in 2004 when he was 7 and undergoing psychiatric treatment. He took the medication for four years and, in 2010, was diagnosed with gynecomastia. Moroni’s lawsuit claims that his doctor prescribed the drug – which was not approved for treating children at that time – after the doctor attended a Janssen event at a ... Read More

NTSB Finds Fatigue Cracking In American Airlines Engine

Federal safety investigators say an engine disk that broke apart just before an American Airlines plane took off at Chicago O’Hare International Airport last week shows signs of fatigue cracking. “A high-pressure turbine disk in the Boeing 767’s right engine broke into four pieces, which shot out of the engine’s housing,” the Associated Press reported, citing the National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report of the Oct. 28 incident. An analysis of the fragmented disk, 90 percent of which investigators have recovered, showed evidence of an irregularity where the fatigue cracking began, the NTSB said. Investigators haven’t determined what precisely caused ... Read More

American Airlines Flight Aborts Takeoff After Fiery Engine Failure

An American Airlines airplane bound for Miami skidded to a halt on the runway at Chicago O’Hare Airport Friday afternoon after an “uncontained engine failure” sent pieces of the engine flying and caused part of the plane to burst into flames. Twenty people were taken to the hospital with injuries, most of them minor and caused during an emergency evacuation of the plane. The airplane was carrying 161 passengers and nine crewmembers. AA Flight 383 had just started taking off about 2:23 p.m. when the pilot radioed air traffic controllers to say he was “stopping on the runway.” Air traffic ... Read More

CDC advises pregnant women to avoid sections of Miami due to Zika risk

Two areas of Miami-Dade County in Florida have been identified as new hotbeds for Zika-spreading mosquitoes by the Florida Department of Public Health and should be avoided by pregnant women, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns. The areas include the a one-mile section of the Wynwood neighborhood just north of downtown Miami and a 1.5-mile section of Miami Beach where mosquito-borne spread of the Zika virus has been confirmed. Additionally, pregnant women and their sexual partners should consider postponing nonessential travel to all parts of Miami-Dade County, the CDC said. Pregnant women who contract Zika are at ... Read More

Army Veteran Fights Leukemia After Exposure to Burn Pits Laden with Chemicals

A U.S. Army veteran who served as a sergeant in Iraq was diagnosed with leukemia linked to his constant exposure to burn pits at his base. The pits were used to burn waste such as petroleum and medical waste. The burning of these materials released carcinogenic chemicals like benzene. In March 2010, Ryan Goggin had been deployed for 10 months. A roadside bomb hit his truck, causing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that  forced his military career to come to a halt. But it wasn’t the war that scared him. It was the cancer. “I wasn’t scared in the Army,” Goggin ... Read More