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NHTSA Touring The South To Raise Auto Safety Awareness

Frustrated by the failure of many U.S. motorists to have their vehicles fixed under safety recalls and other potentially life-threatening safety deficiencies, federal regulators are touring the South to raise auto safety awareness, sharing information about simple measures that can save lives. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) head Dr. Mark Rosekind and other federal safety officials embarked Tuesday on a 1,500-mile, five-day, nine-stop road trip from Miami to Fort Worth in a campaign-style bus emblazoned with the NHTSA logo and safety messages. Dr. Rosekind and his agency chose to take the campaign to the South during the hottest time ... Read More

Humanitarian Aid Contractors Pay U.S. More Than $1 Million To Settle Fraud Accusations

Two U.S. companies the federal government contracted to transport, store, and deliver international humanitarian aid have agreed to pay $1.075 million to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit. The complaint was filed by a whistleblower who alleged the companies fraudulently inflated costs billed to the U.S. government. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigated the whistleblower’s allegations and chose to intervene in the complaint against Jacintoport International LLC, a cargo handling and stevedoring firm headquartered in Houston, and affiliate Seaboard Marine Ltd., an ocean transportation company based in Miami. In 2007, Jacintoport executed a warehousing and logistics contract with the ... Read More

State Panel Approves Increase in Carcinogens Allowed in Florida Water

A state panel has approved of the proposal to increase the level of toxins, including known carcinogens and unregulated chemicals, allowed to be dumped into Florida rivers, streams, estuaries and more. Floridians are now turning to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in an attempt to make a change. More than two dozen known carcinogens have been approved as part of the increase, and 13 currently unregulated chemicals were decreased. Dozens of the chemicals are released by oil and gas drilling companies (including fracking), pulp and paper producers, nuclear plants, wastewater treatment plants and agriculture. Among the chemicals that were voted to increase ... Read More

Zika outbreak fears spark wave of scams

With 14 reported cases of locally transmitted Zika now in the U.S., specifically Miami, a few companies are looking to cash in on the Zika outbreak. But the New York Attorney General’s Office is working to bring them down. So far, the AG’s office has issued cease-and-desist letters to seven “scammers” and “fly-by-nights” who are “taking advantage of people’s fears and exploiting the current crisis. They are just lying to make a buck,” says Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Consumers should be on the lookout for these Zika scams so they do not fall victim, Schneiderman warns. Here is a list ... Read More

500K+ hoverboard recall: CPSC chairman Elliot Kaye calls for consumers to stop using dangerous hoverboards

More than 500,000 self-balancing scooters, better known as hoverboards, have been recalled by 10 different companies upon the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s discovery the products fail to meet the Underwriters Laboratories (UL)’s electrical safety requirements. Hoverboards can be identified by their unique design aspects, including two wheels, one at either end of its platform, and are powered by lithium-ion battery packs. The following chart details the retailers, brands and amount of hoverboards affected by the massive hoverboard recall: Manufacturer/Importers:  Company Number of Units Brand/ModelSold Digital Gadgets LLC, of Monroe, N.J. 16,000 Hover-Way/Model # HWSBB601-R Hoverboard LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz. ... Read More

Five Dead, Several Injured in bus crash With Tractor Trailer in Florida Panhandle

Florida authorities investigating a fiery crash near Tallahassee, Fla., Saturday morning said the driver of a bus failed to stop at a flashing red intersection light when it collided with a tractor trailer. The bus crash killed five people and injured at least 18 others. The repurposed 1979 Bluebird school bus was carrying about 35 migrant Haitian farmworkers from Bainbridge, Ga., south to the coastal community of St. Marks in Wakulla County, Fla., when the crash occurred around 5 a.m. Despite rumble strips leading to the red light at the intersection of 363 and Coastal Highway 98, the bus continued ... Read More

Flight School Plane Crashes In South Florida Neighborhood, Three suffer burn injuries

POMPANO BEACH, Florida — A twin-engine airplane used to train student pilots crashed into a suburban Pompano Beach, Fla., neighborhood Monday, severely injuring a flight instructor and two international students. Officials cordoned off a section of five homes in the Harbor Village neighborhood of Pompano Beach that made up the debris field. A Beechcraft 76 registered to Florida Aviation Academy had just taken off when it sputtered downward and clipped a home before crashing and exploding in a back yard. The pilot, Geoffrey White, 40, and his two passengers Sylvia Mena, 23, of Ecuador, and Fernando Diaz, 25, of Peru, all ... Read More

UVa Baseball Team In Miami Bus Crash After Driver Loses Consciousness

Members of the University of Virginia’s defending national championship baseball team staff were involved in bus crash in Miami Thursday evening after the vehicle’s driver suffered an undisclosed medical emergency and lost consciousness. The bus, belonging to Abbott Trailways of Virginia, was carrying members of the Cavaliers and coaching staff to their hotel from Miami International Airport when the accident occurred. According to Miami Fire-Rescue, the bus rolled through a busy intersection on U.S. Route 1 at rush hour but avoided colliding with other moving vehicles on the road at the time. Members of the Cavaliers coaching staff helped steer ... Read More

Man sues manufacturer, seller of exploding e-cigarette

A Florida man is suing the maker of his electronic cigarette and the company who sold it to him after he suffered serious burns on his face, neck and lungs when his e-cigarette exploded. Evan Spahlinger says he purchased the “Rig Mod V.2” e-cigarette from the Vaping Station in Naples, Fla., in July. Three months later, the e-cigarette burst into flames while he was using it, causing him to inhale fire, smoke and scorching hot air, which inflamed his esophagus and lungs. He was put into a medically induced coma to recover from his injuries. Spahlinger’s lawsuit is targeting the ... Read More

Former Dean Accuses ITT Technical Institute Of Defrauding Students, Federal Government

If a whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former dean against the for-profit college chain ITT Technical Institute is accurate, then the school’s recruiters have been making some outlandish claims and misrepresentations to prospective students in a drive to boost enrollment. Rodney Lipscomb, former dean of academic affairs at ITT’s Tallahassee, Fla., campus, filed a False Claims Act lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. government, alleging the college fired him as punishment for repeatedly raising concerns about systematic practices recruiters and administrators implemented to defraud the federal government and students alike. Mr. Lipscomb claims that ITT recruited students who were not ... Read More