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Lawsuits claim type 2 diabetes drugs caused pancreatic cancer

Ann Falcone of Staten Island, NY is suing two different drug companies alleging their type 2 diabetes treatments caused her to develop pancreatic cancer. Falcone claims she began taking Januvia (sitagliptin) in July 2009 to help control her blood sugar levels. Januvia is a oral antihyperglycemic drug known as a dipeptiidyl peptidase-4, or DPP-4, inhibitor. In May 2011, her doctor also prescribed Victoza (liraglutide), an injectable long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist, or GLP-1 agonist. Both drugs are in a class of type 2 diabetes medications known as incretin mimetics. But a year after starting Victoza, Falcone was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It ... Read More

Januvia, Byetta associated with more deaths, hospitalizations than other diabetes drugs

The type 2 diabetes drugs Januvia (sitagliptin phosphate) and Byetta (exenatide) have been associated with 1,844 deaths and 11,540 hospitalizations, according to a MedPage Today and Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel analysis of health care provider and pharmaceutical company adverse event reports. “Under the FDA’s system, drug companies are required to file (drug-related adverse event) reports – but patients and doctors often don’t report incidents to the drug makers. In addition to health care providers, patients can report the incidents directly to the FDA. The database may include duplicates – though the last time the federal Government Accountability Office did a ... Read More

U.S. chooses to intervene in whistleblower case against Sikorsky Aircraft and subisdiaries

The federal government said that it has chosen to intervene in a whistleblower lawsuit against Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and two of its subsidiaries alleging the companies, under contract to the Defense Department, used illegal subcontracts to overcharge the U.S. Navy for aircraft parts and maintenance. Whistleblower Mary Patzer, a former financial analyst for Milwaukee-based Derco Aerospace Inc., one of the Sikorsky companies, filed the lawsuit in 2011 under the qui tam or “whistleblower” provisions of the False Claims Act. The Act allows private individuals to sue on behalf of the federal government when they have good, original evidence of fraud ... Read More

Whistleblower sues Milwaukee aircraft manufacturer, others for deliberately overcharging government

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former employee of a Milwaukee-based aircraft manufacturer alleges the company used special software to hide illegal markups on bills it submitted to the U.S. Defense Department for reimbursement on aircraft parts. Plaintiff Mary Patzer, a former financial analyst and assistant controller at Derco Aerospace Inc., filed the lawsuit in 2011 on behalf of the federal government under the qui tam or “whistleblower” provisions of the False Claims Act. The case was unsealed this week by federal judge Rudolph Randa. Ms. Patzer alleges that Derco, its parent company Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. of ... Read More

Snow, near-zero visibility contributed to deadly Indiana highway pileup

Indiana authorities say lake-effect snow causing whiteout conditions and a glazed-over highway were some of the factors contributing to a massive pileup on Interstate 94 in northwestern Indiana Thursday afternoon that killed three people and injured as many as 30 others. According to the Associated Press, the pileup involved 46 vehicles, including 18 semitrailers, two pickup trucks and 26 cars. Responders spent hours removing victims from the mangled wreckage on an eastbound stretch of I-94 just east of Michigan City. I-94 runs along Lake Michigan in the Michigan City area and is the main highway connecting Milwaukee and Chicago to ... Read More

Vermont jury awards woman $43 million for injuries blamed on defective car seat

BURLINGTON, Vt.—A jury in Chittenden County, Vt., has awarded $43 million to a woman who became quadriplegic when her 1999 Dodge Neon car seat failed in a traffic collision. Some legal experts believe the award is the largest personal-injury award in Vermont’s history. Essex Junction resident Dzemila Heca and her two sons, Kenan and Emir Heco, sued Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls, Inc., the manufacturer of the car seat in Ms. Heco’s 1999 Dodge Neon. According to the lawsuit, in August 2007, Ms. Heco had been stopped at a traffic light in Essex when another vehicle struck her car from behind. Ms. ... Read More

Wisconsin company cited for overexposing workers to toxins

The federal government has charged a Wisconsin chrome company with $75,400 in civil penalties for exposing its employees to dangerous levels of chromium and chromic acid and other violations of codes meant to protect workers from unsafe industrial practices. Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials inspected Wisconsin Polishing and Plating, Inc. of West Allis, Wisconsin in February and found 54 violations of safety regulations. One of the violations was classified as willful and carried a $7,000 charge for allowing an employee to be exposed to chromium VI, a heavy metal toxin known to be highly carcinogenic. OSHA considers willful violations to ... Read More

Falling concrete from Milwaukee garage kills 15-year-old boy

A 15-year-old boy was killed and two others injured when a 30-foot concrete panel detached from a parking garage and fell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday afternoon. The incident occurred just after 4 p.m. at a garage located underneath a park across from the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Officials say that the decorative concrete slab fell from the garage’s façade onto a road leading out of the structure. Police closed off major streets in the surrounding area to make way for emergency vehicles. The incident created massive backups in the area, part of the lakefront location of an 11-day music festival ... Read More

Zaun to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery

Gregg Zaun will have shoulder surgery next week, which will end the season early for the Milwaukee Brewers catcher. It may also mark the end of his career. “I’m not in a situation anymore where I need to play. I don’t need to play. I don’t need to play Major League Baseball to validate myself as a person,” Zaun said before the Brewers’ game against the Chicago Cubs. “Do I want to play? That’s a different story. It’s too uncertain to tell. I’m really upset about having surgery and my season being over.” Shoulder surgeries among professional baseball players are ... Read More

Birth control pills contribute to more strokes among young women

Strokes are considered an old person’s disease, but data collected by a physician in the Ohio-Kentucky area suggests the condition is striking more young people than ever before. “This is scary,” Brett Kissela, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute, told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. According to data collected by Kissela and presented at an American Stroke Association conference last month, in little more than a decade the percentage of people in the Ohio-Kentucky area age 20 to 45 having strokes has skyrocketed from 4.5 percent to 7.3 percent. Experts say they expect national statistics ... Read More