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JPMorgan Chase announces minimum wage bump for 18,000 of its employees

JPMorgan Chase, known as one of the largest banking institutions in the U.S., has announced plans to raise the minimum wage for 18,000 of its U.S. workers over the course of three years. The landmark decision marks a change in the political atmosphere where big companies are pushed to raise wages for low-level employees. “It is true that too many people are not getting a fair opportunity to get ahead,” said Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, who received $27 million in compensation for 2015. “We must find ways to help them move up the economic ladder.” With the nation’s current minimum ... Read More

DOL orders Calif. sushi restaurant chain to pay more than $620K in FLSA violations

Following a federal investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Cerritos, Calif., based sushi and ramen restaurant chain Gatten Sushi, as well as its sister company GTN, has been ordered to pay more than $620,000 in back wages and damages. Gatten Sushi, which employs approximately 400 employees across 11 different restaurants in both Los Angeles and Orange counties, was found guilty of a number of different Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations. Some of the FLSA violations noted by the investigation varied from shaving hours on employees’ timecards to help reduce paychecks to even regularly docking employee pay for ... Read More

San Jose Mexican chain found guilty of more than $510K in FLSA violations after DOL investigation

According to HRMorning.com, restaurant chain San Jose Mexican has been found guilty of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and must pay a total of $511,745 in back wages to 125 of its employees. The Department of Labor (DOL)’s investigation uncovered 10 of the San Jose Mexican Restaurant locations in North Carolina were actively committing the following FLSA violations: Compensating employees a fixed salary rather than the actual number of hours they actually worked, which has allowed San Jose Mexican to pay workers less than the federal minimum wage for every hour worked. Refusing to pay employees overtime when ... Read More

Chinese buffet accused of ‘egregious’ FLSA violations

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), a Chinese buffet located in Virginia has been in egregious violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by refusing its employees’ rights to minimum wage and overtime pay. Wah Feng LLC, operating under the name Win Buffet, was investigated by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)’s Baltimore District Office, which uncovered a high number of wage-related grievances. The business opted to pay workers based on a fixed monthly salary in cash, completely disregarding the number of hours worked, minimum wage, or if any of the employees were eligible for overtime pay. Some ... Read More

Fair Labor Standards Act: Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

The Fraud List: Fair Labor Edition

This Is The Second Installment in The Fraud List: Fair Labor Series The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) outlines many facets of our nation’s labor pay system, but two of the most controversial topics in the news today are minimum wage and overtime pay. With the ever-fluctuating state of the American economy taking its toll on everyday citizens, some believe the current statutes on overtime pay and minimum wage are out-of-date and cannot properly sustain a working family, while others feel proposed changes may put small businesses in jeopardy and lay waste to the American Dream. Since 2009, the minimum wage in ... Read More

Fair Labor Standards Act: Protecting the American Dream

The Fraud List: Fair Labor Edition

This is the first installment of The Fraud List: Fair Labor Series There’s no doubt that the United States would not be the country it is today without the laws created by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Sadly, many foreign countries still allow businesses to employ child labor, pay unfair wages for extended amounts of work and even refuse medical bills from injuries sustained while on the job. In the United States, in 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into action the beginnings of the FLSA, and thus, changed the course of the American workforce forever. The FLSA has put into place ... Read More

IKEA announces second minimum wage hike in two years

IKEA, known as the world’s largest furniture retailer, has announced its second minimum wage hike for employees in U.S. stores. This raise would increase IKEA’s hourly minimum wage from $10.76 to $11.87 – a 10 percent jump and exactly $4.62 over the current federal minimum wage. Considering retail sales workers in the U.S. normally receive an average wage of about $12.38, IKEA’s living wage announcement will push the company’s average U.S. store wage above $15. Beginning the first day of 2016, precisely 30 percent of U.S. IKEA employees will be earning at least $11.87, thanks to the retailer’s latest minimum wage hike. According to ... Read More

The Minimum Wage Debate: where do you stand?

Pay has become a hot topic in our nation this year as overtime and minimum wage debates surge. With Los Angeles becoming the largest city to set a $15 minimum wage last week, many wonder what other changes are in store for 2015. The federal minimum wage has not been raised from $7.25 since 2009 and grassroots campaigns are now pressuring lawmakers to follow in the footsteps of cities like Los Angeles. The history of the minimum wage debate reveals an interesting past to better one’s perspective on the situation. In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established a $0.25 minimum ... Read More

President’s order binds prospective government contractors to stronger labor laws

Companies seeking lucrative federal government contracts will have a hard time getting them if they have a history of labor violations or require workers to give up their right to sue as a condition of employment, thanks to an executive order President Obama signed Thursday. “Some companies that earn billions of dollars as government contractors are among the worst violators of U.S. labor laws, yet year after year they keep winning new contracts,” the Associated Press reported. “So President Barack Obama is aiming to end impunity for labor violators by pushing companies to clean up their act if they want ... Read More

Northwestern Mutual reps sue company for FLSA violations

Three former Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company employees who filed a $200-million class-action lawsuit against the company claim they were deprived of minimum wages and overtime pay. The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in federal court in San Diego, alleging Northwest Mutual misclassified them and hundreds of other employees as independent contractors to save money. Milwaukee-based Northwestern Mutual denies the allegations, pointing to a similar trial it was involved in last year. In that case, a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled in favor of Northwestern Mutual, saying it had the right to retain certain employees as independent contractors. The plaintiffs named ... Read More