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Whistleblower tips prompted closure of Mississippi cancer clinic

Posted: August 22, 2014 Personal Injury

Tips from a group of whistleblowers led to the July 2011 closing of a multi-million cancer treatment facility in Summit, Miss., and the prison sentences of its founder and key employees, the Jackson Clarion-Ledger reported.

New study confirms BP oil spill is destroying deep-sea coral reefs

Posted: August 20, 2014 Environmental

BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill had a broader, deeper impact on life in the Gulf of Mexico than researchers previously thought, according to a new study conducted by Pennsylvania State University scientists.

Future looks bleak for oyster production after BP oil spill

Posted: August 16, 2014 Environmental

Louisiana oyster beds that have yielded rich harvests for generations now produce little more than dozens of “empty, lifeless oyster shells,” the Associated Press reported, underscoring the death blow dealt by BP’s 2010 oil spill to local fisherman and businesses

New study finds BP oil dispersant chemicals still linger in the Gulf

Posted: August 12, 2014 Environmental

Chemical oil dispersants BP used in 2010 to break up its Deepwater Horizon oil spill are still turning up in samples collected from the Gulf’s beaches and deep sea corals, a new scientific study has found.

BP asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear its oil spill settlement case

Posted: August 4, 2014 Environmental

As if causing the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history weren’t enough of a blow to the U.S., BP appears determined to waste millions of taxpayer dollars by fighting every court decision until it gets the outcome it demands.

Flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf linked to BP oil spill

Posted: August 1, 2014 Environmental

Cases of beach-goers contracting the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus continue to occur in the warm water of the Gulf Coast this year, and one Auburn University professor has uncovered a link between the potentially deadly bacteria and tar balls still

Honda stripping customers of legal recourse in event of ‘exploding airbag’ injury

Posted: July 29, 2014 Product Liability

Anyone who wants to buy certain used 2001-2011 Honda and Acura vehicles at a Honda dealership will now be required to sign a document agreeing to let Honda off the hook in the event the vehicle’s airbag explodes, maiming or

BP, Anadarko ask appeals court to reconsider Clean Water Act liability issues

Posted: July 29, 2014 Environmental

BP and its Deepwater Horizon partner Anadarko Petroleum Corp. asked the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last week for another chance to demonstrate they should not be penalized for Clean Water Act violations as a result of the 2010

Flesh-eating bacteria kills man after fishing trip in Gulf; how can you protect yourself?

Posted: July 18, 2014 Personal Injury

A man named Nick Duvernay from Ocean Springs, Miss., died Tuesday just days after coming in contact with the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus. This came on the heels of his fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP exec can face criminal charge in connection with oil spill, court decides

Posted: July 7, 2014 Environmental

A former BP executive can be tried on a criminal charge of lying to Congress during its oil spill investigation, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday, overturning the decision of a lower court that had dismissed the charges in