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Bed Bath & Beyond Recalls Comforters Over Toxic Mold Concerns

Bed Bath & Beyond and federal product safety regulators are coordinating a recall of about 175,000 “Hudson” comforters made by UGG due to the potential presence of toxic mold. Bed Bath & Beyond and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said that mold was discovered on some of the recalled comforters, posing a risk of respiratory infection and other infections in people with impaired immune systems, chronic health problems, and allergies. The comforters covered by the recall were sold at Bed Bath & Beyond locations throughout the country and a few additional units were sold in Canada. The “Hudson” ... Read More

NW Florida woman raises awareness about potential dangers of breast implants

A Florida woman who appeared on an episode of The Animal Planet show “Monsters Inside Me,” which featured the removal of her saline-filled breast implants that were covered in mold and making her sick, will return to the program to raise awareness of the possible dangers of breast implants. Since Anne Ziegenhorn’s story was featured on The Animal Planet last November, she says she has talked to more than 2,000 women who have suffered from the same ailment. The women have experienced mysterious autoimmune reactions and misdiagnoses that often result in ineffective treatments and surgeries. Anne believes she underwent unnecessary surgeries trying to ... Read More

Bair Hugger Intake Filters Tested Positive for Staph, Mold

In a recent presentation by Dr. Scott Augustine, the inventor of the Bair Hugger forced air warming blanket, the intake filters of blowers (model 750) for Bair Hugger were found to be positive with cultures of staph, mold and micrococci. According to the presentation, 23 Bair Hugger blower filters were sampled. The device claims to be HEPA complaint, which means that the blower filter is required to be capable of removing 99.97 percent of all particles the size of .3 microns or larger. But the Bair Hugger intake filters are only 63.8 percent efficient, according to the tests. The Bair Hugger, made by 3M, ... Read More

Moldy Ashland artificial poinsettias focus of Michaels recall

Popular arts and crafts retail chain Michaels has initiated a recall of artificial poinsettia stems and bushes upon the discovery of mold, which can cause respiratory or other infections in consumers with poor health or who have a mold allergy. The Michaels recall includes Ashland® artificial poinsettia flowers, sold in single stems and bushes, with red leaves, green stems and gold accents on the red leaves’ center. Each recalled artificial poinsettia stem should have a label affixed to it reading SKU number 42683. The poinsettia bushes should have SKU number 424066 on a label as well. Another sticker on the ... Read More

Infant, pediatric support pillows recalled due to mold contamination

Children’s Medical Ventures is recalling all Gel-E Donut gel pillows and Squishon 2 gel cushion products used to help support an infant’s head or body in neonatal or pediatric intensive care units because the products may be contaminated with mold. This issue could cause invasive and life threatening fungal infections to critically ill babies. Children’s Medical Ventures, a Phillips Healthcare business, said the contamination occurred during the manufacturing process. The mold types detected have been identified as types that are commonly found outdoors. The presence of the mold on the pillows and cushions can be transferred to patient environments once ... Read More

Hospira recalls intravenous fluid replacement due to mold contamination

Hospira Inc. is issuing a nationwide recall of one lot of Lactated Ringers and 5 % Dextrose Injection because a bag of the intravenous fluid replacement was found to be contaminated with mold. One customer reported seeing particulate within the solution of the primary flexible container of Lactated Ringers and 5% Dextrose Injection. “The particulate was identified as a filamentous-like structured particulate indicative of mold,” according to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety communication. “Analysis of the primary container and overwrap indicated a puncture in the same physical location, causing the primary container to leak.” If a patient is ... Read More

Compounding pharmacy’s insurance company claims it does not owe victims of fungal meningitis outbreak

The insurance company for Ameridose, the parent company of the compounding pharmacy blamed for producing and distributing contaminated steroid shots that led to a multistate fungal meningitis outbreak, is asking a federal judge to declare that a $5 million insurance policy cannot be used to pay victims’ claims. The outbreak sickened at least 750 people with fungal infections including fungal meningitis, and killed 64. Treatment for the infections involve months of antifungal medication with grueling side effects. One patient who had recovered from a related infection has suffered a relapse, sending a wave of unrest to those who assumed they ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson issues recall on antipsychotic drug Risperdal Consta

Johnson & Johnson has ordered another recall, this time on its antipsychotic medication Risperdal Consta after mold was found floating in vials of the injectable drug during a routine quality control test. The company estimates that about 5,000 vials of the 70,000 made in the affected lot are still unused in doctor’s offices, mental health centers and pharmacies. Because it is an injectable drug, it is not sent home with patients but administered instead at medical clinics. The mold, known as Alternaria alternate, is commonly found in the environment and if administered to patients could cause infection around the site ... Read More

Walmart, CVS, Target recall store-brand eye drops because of possible contamination

Certain Walmart-, CVS– and Target-brand eye drops to treat dry eyes are being recalled because of complaints that mold was found floating in the solution. Altarie Pharmaceuticals issued the recall on nine lots of carboxymethylcellulose sodium 0.5% Ophthalmic Solution, 30 mL, citing concerns regarding the effectiveness of the preservative after use and handling by consumers. An ineffective preservative could lead to the solution becoming contaminated, which if used creates a potential risk of eye infection. The recall includes equate Restore Tears Lubricant Eye drops Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium 0.5%, Sterile, 1 FL OZ (30mL), distributed by Walmart Stores, Inc.; Lubricant eye drops for ... Read More

Chobani recalls Greek yogurt cups due to mold contamination

At least 89 people have become ill with nausea and cramps after eating Chobani Greek yogurt products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned. The company last week issued a recall and told grocery stores to destroy 35 varieties of its yogurt because some of the products were contaminated with a mold that can cause the yogurt cups to bloat and swell. The mold, known as mucor circinelloides, is associated with diary products but is not known to cause any health issues, at least for healthy individuals. Those with compromised immune systems may be more apt to fall ill after ... Read More