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Mylan expands blood pressure drug recall

Mylan Pharmaceuticals is expanding its recall of high blood pressure and heart failure treatments to include all its products that contain the active ingredient valsartan because they may contain trace amounts of a potentially cancer-causing impurity. The 104 additional lots involved in the recall include varying doses of 26 lots of amlodipine and valsartan tablets, 51 lots of valsartan tablets, and 27 lots of valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide tablets. The tablets were distributed nationwide from March 2017 to November 2018. A list of affected drugs can be found on Mylan’s recall notice. The impurity found in the drugs is N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), ... Read More

New generic Actos available in US; carries same bladder cancer risk

Watson Pharmaceuticals’ newly approved generic version of the type 2 diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone) is now available in the United States, making Watson the second company to launch a generic version of Actos in the U.S. The other generic is made by Ranbaxy Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Actos is made by Japanese drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The patent for Actos expires in 2016; however, under the terms of a 2010 legal settlement, generic versions can be marketed as early as August 17, 2012. Watson had originally made a bid to launch its generic drug in August but the Food and ... Read More

Texas man sues drug maker after suffering serious skin reaction

A Texas man is suing the maker of his anti-epileptic drugs claiming the medications caused him to develop a severe skin reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome, or SJS, according to the West Virginia Record. In April 2008, Juan Morales was prescribed Dilantin and Phenytoin, both made by Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Morales says he sought medical treatment after he developed a rash on 80 percent of his body. He was given another prescription to treat the rash and sent home. However, the rash continued to get worse and on May 22, 2008, he was admitted to Corpus Christi Medical Center and ... Read More

Two lawsuits filed against makers of Digitek heart medication

Two lawsuits were recently filed against Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., Actavis Group, Actavis Totowa LLC, Mylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc., and UDL Laboratories Inc., makers and distributors of the heart medication Digitek, also known as digoxin, on behalf of patients who took Digitek prescribed by their physicians and as a result suffered complications and died, according to the West Virginia The Record. Pansy Mae Christian, who suffered from a cardiac condition, died on November 8, 2007 after taking Digitek prescribed by her doctor. On May 2008, Christian’s estate administrator James R. Christian received notice of the drug’s recall and complaints about significant ... Read More

Product liability lawsuit filed against Digitek manufacturer, distributor

Linda Weadock, on behalf of her deceased husband George Weadock, and Willie Criss and Frank Heppel, have filed a $5 million product liability lawsuit against drug maker Actavis and drug distributor Mylan Pharmaceuticals, claiming their heart medication Digitek contained more than twice the active ingredient and caused serious injury or death. Digitek, a brand of digoxin, is a widely used treatment for various heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and heart failure. According to the complaint, the companies received a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they failed to provide periodic safety reports for the facility ... Read More

Those suing for Digitek injury must fill out lengthy fact sheets

Individuals suing manufacturers of Digitek heart medicine must fill out lengthy and detailed fact sheets on their medical history and allow no secrets from their past, according to The West Virginia Record. The fact sheets will be used in court to determine whether Mylan Pharmaceuticals of West Virginia, Actavis US and DUL Laboratories misrepresented Digitek as safe and whether physicians and patients relied on those “misrepresentations and deceptions” in choosing to use the heart medicine. Digitek is used in the treatment of various heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and heart failure. In 2008, the FDA issued an ... Read More

Wife files lawsuit against drug maker

Amy Clanton says her husband Ralph would not have taken Phenytoin to control his seizures if he knew the drug could have serious side effects, according to the West Virginia’s The Record. Without forewarning of the potential dangers, Ralph took the prescription medication and a month later noticed odd skin disruptions on his body. As his condition worsened, his eyelid peeled off while Amy applied eye drops to his eyes. Ralph was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton and was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis, or TEN. TEN is a severe form of the hypersensitivity disorder known as Stevens ... Read More

Goodwin to seperate federal digitek complaints

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, who is striving to resolve the national litigation over Digitek, wants separate complaints from separate plaintiffs. On December 2, he signed an order stating that all Digitek attorneys who have numerous plaintiffs in single suits must separate the claims. According to the West Virginia Record, Goodwin wrote, “Some complaints in this MDL action join multiple plaintiffs whose only apparent connection with one another is that they ingested the drug at issue.” Goodwin gave all plaintiff lawyers a Dec. 31 deadline “to identify all multi-plaintiff actions subject to his order and propose a severance order.” After ... Read More

Kentucky man files digitek suit after losing wife

John Anthony Conte of Madison County, Kentucky, filed a Digitek lawsuit against a West Virginia pharmaceutical company, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, for his wife’s estate. His wife is believed to have died after taking Digitek. This suit was filed on October 9, 2008.Conte’s late wife, Scottye Conte, had a heart condition and was prescribed Digitek to correct this problem. According to the suit, Scottye Conte died on October 12, 2007 as a result of ingesting this medication. According to the West Virginia Record, the suit claims, “Digitek contains twice the approved level of active ingredient and a narrow therapeutic index, which means ... Read More

MDL consolidates Digitek recall cases

According to Huntington News, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) has ordered that all federal lawsuits about the double strength, defected Digitek be transferred to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia. This development in the lawsuit is taken as a result of the April 2008 recall on Digitek. Some tablets were twice as thick as usual, made with the double amount of medication. Across the United States, around sixty Digitek recall law suits have been filed in federal courts. The defendants include the following: Actavis Totowa, LLC, Actavis, Inc., Actavis Elizabeth, LLC, ... Read More