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Was Wal-Mart negligent in the black friday trampling?

An impatient crowd, frenzied by the thought of saving some money this holiday season, pushes through the doors of Wal-Mart as a temporary employee unlocks them early Friday morning. The doors are ripped from their hinges and smashed as the crowd pushes forward, trampling the holiday worker and others caught underfoot. 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, a 6’5” 270-pound man hired to help with the holiday crowds, was crushed to death on the floor of the Nassau County, Long Island, Wal-Mart as hundreds of people stepped on him. Others were also injured, including a 28-year-old woman who is eight months pregnant. While ... Read More

Family demands investigation after closet falls on resident

No one expected Sister Mary Murray to die the way she did. While in her room at the Summit Park Nursing Home in Rockland County, New York, the 90-year-old nun was crushed and eventually died after the closet in her room toppled over onto her. Her family accepted the nursing home’s explanation. It was just a freak accident. Then came the ABC 7 Eyewitness News investigation that revealed that two other residents in the home were injured by falling closets. “I became very angry, especially when I knew it could have been prevented,” her nephew Daniel Murray said in a ... Read More

Nursing home advocates fight to change crime-reporting statutes

When neglect or abuse is suspected against an Oklahoma nursing home resident, state statutes say the incident should be reported to the Department of Human Services or the Sheriff’s department. Jack Crow believes the first call should be to the police. Crow believes his wife was abused in an Oklahoma nursing home; an investigation determined that her injuries were due to a fall. Regardless, Crow is joining forces with the nonprofit organization A Perfect Cause to make crimes against nursing home patients immediately reportable to police, according to Oklahoma City’s KOCO 5. A Perfect Cause is a victim’s advocacy organization ... Read More

Family sues Illinois nursing home for wrongful death

When the Hopley family moved 51-year-old Bruce Hopley into Golden Moments Senior Care Center in Jacksonville, Ill., in late August of 2006, they alerted staff that he was “severely diabetic,” and that he had required emergency hospitalization on numerous occasions for erratic blood sugar levels and seizures. Nineteen days later, just an hour after staff documented high blood sugar levels in his blood, Mr. Hopley was found dead, according to a story by the Jacksonville (Illinois) Journal-Courier. Jennifer Hopley, Mr. Hopley’s daughter and administrator of her father’s estate, filed an 18-count wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home, two doctors, ... Read More

Unreasonably Dangerous

A Texas couple has filed a lawsuit against Yamaha USA, Yamaha Manufacturing, and Yamaha Motor, saying the Rhino ATV is unreasonably dangerous, according to a report in the Southeast Texas Record. Ryan Rogers was injured while riding in a Yamaha Rhino on relatively flat ground when the ATV rolled toward the passenger side, the Record reports. According to the paper, the suit alleges the ATV was “in a defective condition, unreasonably dangerous” and “not fit for its intended use and reasonably foreseeable purposes.” Causes of actions filed against the defendants include strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty. The report ... Read More

Speak out!

As for people with family in nursing homes, Kathleen Sadlier says to be careful. “If you have someone there, really keep an eye on everything to see what is going on. Don’t just think they are being taken care of, because they might not be. I feel sorry for those in nursing homes who don’t have family members to watch over them. More people need to speak out about this.” Sadlier transferred her mother, Rita, from a hospital to a nursing home, thinking she would get rehabilitation. Instead, her mother received poor care and even an injury. Although Rita was ... Read More