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New Jersey judge calls for consolidation of Reglan lawsuits

A New Jersey judge is calling for a statewide consolidation of all lawsuits filed against the makers of the heartburn medication Reglan that involve claims that the drug caused a serious and debilitating movement disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia. Judge Eugene J. Codey, Jr., of the Essex County Superior Court, filed the request arguing that the New Jersey court system could better handle the mounting number of lawsuits if they were all centralized in one court. The primary defendant in the lawsuits, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, is headquartered in New Jersey. In his consolidation request to the administrative director of the courts ... Read More

Accutane linked to bowel problem, serious skin condition

A new study on the side effects of Accutane published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology suggest that the acne drug may increase the risk of developing bowel problems. The findings come just weeks after a New Jersey jury awarded an Alabama man $25.16 million because they believed Roche’s Accutane caused the man to develop inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a group of digestive disorders that includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Researchers looked at data from 87 health insurance providers and found more than 8,000 people had been diagnosed with IBD. The data also showed that people taking Accutane were ... Read More

Toyota says it is recalling 600,000 Sienna Minivans to fix rust defect

In what is starting to sound like a recall du jour, Toyota has announced that it will recall about 600,000 Sienna minivans sold in the United States over concerns the spare tires, held in place by cables that are prone to rust, may separate from the vehicle. The Sienna recall will include model-year 1998-2010 Siennas with two-wheel drive sold in 20 northern states and Washington D.C. According to Toyota, the cables holding the spare tires in place are prone to corrosion and rust after repeated exposure to the road salts used to melt snow on roads in the northern states. ... Read More

Pennsylvania woman survives 18-wheeler collision

A 39-year-old Pennsylvania woman was hospitalized on Thursday, February 4, after she was struck by an 18-wheeler while tending to her vehicle on the side of the road. Reports name the victim as Barbara Czujak, a resident of Scranton. Czujak was driving on Interstate 80 in New Jersey at about 1:30 a.m. when the Pontiac Montana she was driving broke down. Czujak pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway and got out of the vehicle. She walked around to the front of the minivan to check under its hood when a tractor trailer veered off of the road and ... Read More

Federal government ordered Toyota production and sales suspension

Yesterday, Toyota ran full-page advertisements in more than 20 major American newspapers to tell customers that its decision to suspend production and sales of many of its top-selling vehicles is just a “Temporary pause. To put you first,” as the headline proclaims. “Why have we taken this unprecedented action?” Toyota asks in the ad. “Because it’s the right thing to do for our customers.” However, Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood’s told Chicago radio station WGN last week that the federal government pressed the company to halt production of the vehicles. “The reason Toyota decided to do the recall and to stop ... Read More

Toyota suspends sales due to unintended acceleration problem

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. announced Tuesday that it is slamming the brakes on the manufacturing and sales of many of its bestselling models in the U.S. The decision to suspend production and sales follows a series of safety recalls involving millions of vehicles. Toyota announced a recall of more than 4 million cars and trucks last September, saying that driver-side floor mats could interfere with the accelerator pedal and cause the vehicle to accelerate suddenly and unintentionally. On January 22, Toyota announced another recall of 2.3 million American cars and trucks, saying that the gas pedal mechanisms could wear out ... Read More

Ohio mother sues Bayer, alleging Yaz caused blood clot

A 30-year-old mother of three has joined the hundreds of women who have filed lawsuits against Bayer HealthCare, alleging that her use of the birth-control pill Yaz caused her to develop life-threatening blood clots in her left leg. The plaintiff, who resides in Belpre, Ohio, had been taking Yaz for about a year when she developed deep vein thrombosis in her leg. She spent three days in the hospital, where like many other women who use Yaz, she was put on a regimen of blood thinners to dissolve the clot and reduce the swelling in her leg. Deep vein thrombosis ... Read More

Off-label marketing boosts drug company profits

Off-label marketing is an illegal yet commonly employed sales strategy that some big pharmaceutical companies practice to broaden the appeal of a drug and boost sales. One of the most blatant examples of off-label marketing involved Bayer Healthcare’s blockbuster birth control pill Yaz. Bayer promoted the drug as a treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) symptoms and to clear up moderate cases of acne when the FDA approved it as birth control only. Bayer stopped the deceptive marketing of Yaz when the FDA cited it for false and misleading advertising. After Bayer was admonished over its Yaz ads, attorneys general ... Read More

Death, illnesses trigger ground beef recall

More than a half million pounds of ground beef have been recalled by the New York manufacturer after one person died and others were sickened after consuming the meat, which was possibly contaminated with E.coli. The recall was initiated by Fairbanks Farms and includes ground beef, meatloaf and meatball mix with the sell-by dates from September 19-28 and sold under brands such as Trader Joe’s Butcher Shop Fine Quality Meats, Giant Meatloaf & Meatball Mix, and BJ’s Lean Ground Beef, contains 7 percent fat. The recall includes the following products: ACME Packaged products (Sell-by dates ranging from 09/19/09 through 09/28/09) Wild Harvest ... Read More

Injured by Yaz, SC nurse files lawsuit against Bayer

A 33-year-old nurse from South Carolina has filed suit against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, charging that Yaz caused her multiple personal injuries. According to a report published by Reuters, the woman received a Yaz prescription from her dermatologist in March 2008 as a treatment for acne. The plaintiff claims that at the time, she was not aware the FDA had not approved Yaz for the treatment of skin conditions. In an extensive and aggressive marketing campaign, Bayer touted its birth control drug as an effective treatment for acne and symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – conditions for which the FDA ... Read More