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Another Darvocet victim files lawsuit against drug company

Another lawsuit has been filed against the makers of the painkiller Darvocet. Deborah M. Miller filed suit against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals in federal court in New Orleans. Late last year the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned all drugs containing the propoxyphene after studies showed the drug put users at an increased risk for life-threatening heart rhythm abnormalities. Drugs that contain propoxyphene include the brands Darvocet and Darvon, as well as numerous generic equivalents. Propoxyphene was approved by the FDA more than 50 years ago and had become one of the most prescribed drugs in the country. It was previously banned in ... Read More

Louisiana hip-implant lawsuit targets DePuy and its distributor

A Louisiana woman has filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court against DePuy Orthopaedics, alleging her ASR artificial hip implant was defective and shouldn’t have been marketed by DePuy and its parent company Johnson & Johnson, nor distributed by Mark Starring & Associates – a Metairie, Louisiana-based medical supply distributor. According to the Louisiana Record, the plaintiff seeks damages for personal injuries caused by the faulty DePuy implant, which were severe enough to warrant having it removed in a second surgery and replaced with a different device. In addition to the pain and recovery the plaintiff endured, she ... Read More

More lawsuits filed over painkiller Darvocet

More lawsuits are being filed against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals over the newly banned prescription painkiller Darvocet, from plaintiffs who claim they suffered bodily harm after taking the drug. Darvocet, which includes the active ingredient propoxyphene, was pulled from the United States market late last year after new studies showed the drug put users at risk for potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities. The latest lawsuit was filed by Deborah M. Rogers, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, in federal court in New Orleans. The lawsuit accuses Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals of failing to warn users of the risks and side effects associated ... Read More

BP tells court it's not responsible for oil-damaged boats and drill losses

Seeking cover under the U.S. Oil Pollution Act, BP says that it is not liable for damages to boats that took part in its oil spill cleanup or for cleanup workers who were physically harmed by their contact with oil, fumes, and chemical dispersants. Thousands of fishermen and charter boat operators had little choice but to lend themselves and their vessels to oil cleanup efforts after BP’s oil spill spread across the Gulf of Mexico last year, forcing them out of work. Skimming oil from the surface, laying boom around the perimeter of the spill, and scraping crude from beaches ... Read More

New oil spill blankets Louisiana coast, source is found

The oily substance that has been spotted floating off the Louisiana coastline and washing up onto beaches is indeed oil, not silt from a dredging operation at the mouth of the Mississippi River as the U.S. Coast Guard said it likely was. Tests conducted over the weekend confirmed that the substance is actually Louisiana sweet crude. According to witnesses, the oily plume stretches from about six miles off the Louisiana coast to roughly 100 miles offshore. It continued to contaminate beaches all day Monday, including the state wildlife refuge of Elmer’s Island, while on Tuesday river water appeared to be ... Read More

Rising infant death toll at Fort Bragg scares parents and stumps investigators

Another child’s death has left parents living at Fort Bragg in North Carolina frightened about the safety of their children and angry at the government’s inability to determine the cause. The February 24th death of four-and-a-half-month-old Jaxson Garza brings the total number of children who have died in the army base’s military housing to 12, leading many who live and work on base to suspect environmental contaminants are making the children sick. Investigations have focused on the possibility that toxic sulfuric drywall may be to blame for the deaths, but so far no links between the two have been found. ... Read More

Young artist makes miraculous recovery after being hit by 18-wheeler

On October 8, 2010, 21-year-old Emilie Gossiaux’s life changed in an instant. A painter and sculptor whose life was filled with light and color, Ms. Gossiaux’s world plunged into darkness and silence after she was struck by an 18-wheel semi truck while riding her bike near her home in Brooklyn, New York. The truck had been attempting a right turn when it collided with Ms. Gossiaux. The damage was extensive and doctors at the Manhattan hospital where she was taken didn’t pin too much hope on her recovery. Ms. Gossiaux suffered from multiple fractures to her head, pelvis, and leg. ... Read More

U.S. files lawsuit against BP and partners for cleanup, recovery costs

Faced with ongoing cleanup costs and widespread ecological damage, the U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against BP and eight other companies involved in the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In addition to BP, other defendants named in the lawsuit are Transocean, the primary owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig; Anadarko, which owned a 25-percent interest in the well; MOEX, the U.S. unit of Japan’s Mitsui Oil Exploration Co, Ltd.; and Lloyd’s of London, BP’s insurer. One unit of Anadarko and three units/subsidiaries of Transocean are also named as defendants. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in New ... Read More

Lawsuit filed against makers of painkillers Darvocet, Darvon

NEW YORK – A 31-year-old woman who claims to have suffered a near-fatal heart arrhythmia due to the painkiller Darvocet has filed a lawsuit against Xanodyn Pharmaceuticals in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. The lawsuit comes just weeks after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pulled Darvocet, Darvon and other drugs containing the active ingredient propoxyphene off the market because of deadly heart rhythm abnormalities. Propoxyphene was approved by the FDA in 1957 for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, and has become one of the most prescribed painkillers in the United States. The ... Read More

Class action lawsuit filed against makers of Darvocet

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – A class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court in New Orleans against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the painkiller Darvocet, for failing to warn consumers of the drug’s risks and side effects. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Linda Gallagher and others affected by the drug. Darvocet was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) more than 50 years ago to treat mild to moderate pain. The active ingredient in Darvocet is propoxyphene, also found in Darvon and in generic versions. Last week, drugs containing propoxyphene were pulled from the U.S. market ... Read More