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Chinese drywall maker to gut and repair 300 Southeastern US homes

Three hundred homeowners in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi will have their homes gutted of toxic Chinese drywall and repaired, thanks to an agreement reached between lawyers representing the affected families, manufacturer Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., and a number of drywall suppliers, home builders, and insurers. Tons of Chinese drywall entered the United States after the national construction boom and  Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans created a shortage of domestically produced drywall. The corrosive, foul-smelling drywall from northeastern China made its way into thousands of homes of across the country, primarily in the South. Under the agreement, Knauf and the other ... Read More

Lawsuit filed against artificial hip manufacturer

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – Another artificial hip manufacturer is being sued for not warning patients or doctors that the device could fail and require a second surgery to replace the prosthesis. Joe Dean Krack and Gerald Krack filed suit in federal court in New Orleans against Zimmer Inc., makers of the Zimmer VerSys System which included a hip femoral head. They claim that the artificial hip Joe Dean received in July 2005 was faulty, causing him pain, weakness and disability due to a problem with the femoral head. He had to be readmitted for surgery in October 2009 to have ... Read More

Man sues Depuy for faulty hip replacement device

Virgil Lewis’ total hip replacement went off without a hitch. It was properly positioned and his wounds healed without infection. Yet, he began to suffer from pain and extreme weakness in his hip and quadriceps. He soon learned that part of his hip replacement system, the Depuy ASR Acetabular Cup, had a higher-than-expected failure rate. The part was defective that was shallower than some similar devices. Faced with probable long-term complications, pain and additional corrective surgeries because of the defective product, Lewis took filed a lawsuit in federal court in New Orleans against Depuy Orthopedics Inc. and Johnson & Johnson ... Read More

NHTSA may soon require safety belts in all new motor coaches

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed requiring safety belts in all new passenger buses and large school buses. The lap and shoulder belts would be mandatory on all passenger seats and the driver’s seat as well. The proposal, which would amend the federal motor vehicle safety standard on occupant crash protection (FMVSS No. 208), is intended to prevent the ejection of bus occupants in a crash or rollover. If passed, the measure is expected to prevent nearly 800 injuries and save 8 lives annually. The proposal estimates the total cost of adding belts, changing the anchorages, and reinforcing ... Read More

New Orleans mayor says BP is ready to "cut and run"

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told an audience at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on Thursday that he lacks faith in BP and doesn’t trust the company to do the right thing in the aftermath of the oil spill. The journalism organization invited Mr. Landrieu to speak about the progress New Orleans is making with its rebuilding efforts on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and about the effects the oil spill continues to have on his city. Landrieu criticized BP’s cleanup efforts in the Gulf, telling the Press Club, “In my opinion, they’re poised to cut and ... Read More

Federal oil spill lawsuits will be consolidated in New Orleans

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) has ordered hundreds of lawsuits filed against BP in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to be heard in New Orleans federal court. The decision represents a boon to plaintiffs and a drawback to the oil giant, who asked the cases be heard in oil-friendly Texas. In May, BP asked the judicial panel to consolidate the lawsuits, then numbering nearly 100, under U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes of the Southern District of Texas in Houston. The Texas City serves as London-based BP’s North American headquarters, and is also the home ... Read More

Catholic oil spill relief efforts running on fumes

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New Orleans has been busy providing assistance to all of the families in southern Louisiana who have been devastated by BP’s oil spill in the Gulf, but its funds have run out. Since May, the charity has distributed nearly $2 million in aid to 20,000 people of St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes and seven other coastal relief sites. BP contributed $1 million to those efforts. The money helped people affected by the crisis by providing emergency counseling services, food, rent, and cash assistance. The charity is now spending out of its reserves at a cost ... Read More

Two more lawsuits filed against makers of heartburn drug Reglan

Two more lawsuits have been filed in federal court in New Orleans against the manufacturers of an acid reflux medication that allegedly causes a debilitating involuntary movement disorder known as tardive dyskinesia. Ellen Austin filed a suit against Actavis, Actavis Elizabeth and Watson Pharmaceuticals. Leslie Keeper filed suit against Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. Both lawsuits claim the drug Reglan, also known as the generic metoclopramide, caused them to develop the movement disorder. Reglan is a medication commonly used to treat gastrointestinal conditions such as severe heartburn or acid reflux, and diabetic gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach takes too long to ... Read More

New Orleans musician to BP: "Sorry Ain't Enough No More"

To whom it may concern, come here, first things first. Tell me, how much is this dead pelican worth? How does it feel to have a man’s blood on your shirt? To single-handedly put a whole industry out of work? Those are some of the lyrics to Shamarr Allen’s song, “Sorry Ain’t Enough No More,” a rap-blues-jazz musical response to the BP oil spill that is ravaging the Gulf Coast that borders the state he calls home. The New Orleans trumpet payer begins the song speaking about the “tragedy that never should have happened,” and ends with a simple, “Think, ... Read More

Renown New Orleans chef files lawsuit against BP

Celebrity chef, restaurant owner, and New Orleans resident Susan Spicer is suing BP for its responsibility in the creating the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Spicer, who owns the landmark restaurant Bayona in New Orleans’ French Quarter, filed the lawsuit on Friday, asking the New Orleans federal court to grant lawsuits filed by restaurants and seafood vendors class-action status. Spicer’s lawsuit claims that Louisiana’s reputation for fresh, Gulf seafood has been destroyed by the BP oil spill and that the lives of all those who rely on that seafood have been hurt severely. Her lawsuit also asserts ... Read More