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Shell Undersea Pipeline Spills 90,000 Gallons of crude oil In Gulf of Mexico

A Shell oil company pipeline spilled about 90,000 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, May 12, prompting a cleanup response centered on an area of the Gulf about 165 miles southwest of New Orleans and 97 miles south of Port Fourchon. Shell reported that it identified a subsea wellhead flow line near its Brutus tension-leg platform as the source of the leak. The company said the damaged part of the pipeline has been isolated and production at the Brutus platform suspended. Nearby wells connected to the Brutus platform have also been shut down for now, Shell ... Read More

New Orleans Company And Owner Convicted On 18 Charges of Medicare Fraud

A New Orleans federal jury convicted the owner of a health care company Saturday for orchestrating a scheme to defraud Medicare through false and inflated billings and illegal kickbacks. Federal prosecutors alleged that Tracy Richardson Brown, 46, owner and operator of a durable medical equipment supply company called Pslams 23 DME LLC, cost U.S. taxpayers $1.9 million in fraudulent schemes she conducted in and around New Orleans. U.S. attorneys produced evidence that Ms. Brown and her company billed the Medicare program for medical equipment and orthotics that they never provided to patients. The U.S. also alleged that Ms.  Brown and ... Read More

Whistleblower Lawsuit Leads To $784 Million Recovery From Wyeth and Pfizer

Drug companies Wyeth and Pfizer Inc. have agreed to pay the United States $784.6 million to settle a whistleblower’s False Claims Act lawsuit alleging they “created elaborate pricing schemes to deceive Medicaid into paying more than it should” for proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday. According to the whistleblower complaint, Wyeth sold Protonix Oral and Protonix IV to hospitals through a bundling arrangement that provided deep discounts on the drugs if hospitals placed them on their formulary and made them available within the hospital. These bundling arrangements induced hospitals to buy Protonix Oral, a form of the drug ... Read More

China Rejects Another Effort To Serve Drywall Lawsuit

China’s Ministry of Justice has again rejected a lawsuit filed by thousands of U.S. homeowners who say the government’s Assets Supervision and Administration Commission should pay for the damage to their homes caused by defective drywall that emits corrosive sulfuric fumes. According to the Associated Press, the Ministry of Justice “says it won’t serve the legal papers because the agency is immune to such lawsuits and the legal service would infringe on China’s sovereignty.” New Orleans Federal Judge Eldon Fallon has ruled that China’s state-owned Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd. must pay damages to all the homes its toxic drywall ruined. ... Read More

New Orleans Worker death Blamed On Multiple Safety Violations

A tank-cleaning service company with a long history of exposing its workers to potentially deadly working conditions has been cited for multiple safety violations following one worker death and the hospitalization of two others from a lack of oxygen inside a rail tanker. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said that an air quality test and proper tethering could have prevented the tragedy for the three employees of Dedicated TCS LLC, a New Orleans-based company with about 55 employees in New Orleans and Illinois. Some of the citations issued against Dedicated TCS included two that OSHA said demonstrated a willful ... Read More

Fatal Canal Crashes Prompt Road Safety Overhaul In Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish, La., officials seeking to improve safety on the busy roads straddling canals along the east bank of the Parish found that the improvements would come with a heavy price tag of at least $100 million. Jefferson Parish commissioned an engineering study last year after five car crashes killed three people – a 6-year-old girl, her 32-year-old mother, and a local 33-year-old firefighter. All three were killed when their vehicles veered off the road and plunged into uncovered drainage canals. According to the Associated Press, the $150,000 study “makes clear that safeguarding motorists from all the open canals would be ... Read More

Doctors Speak Up About Hoverboards And Head Injuries

Hoverboards – those two-wheeled, self-balancing, motorized skateboards – occupy the top spot on a lot Christmas wish lists this year, but medical professionals treating injured patients pouring into the emergency rooms nationwide are sounding a warning. Many hoverboard owners will say that the boards take some getting used to, and falling backward off of the devices seems like a rite of passage before riders get the hang of them, as evidenced by countless videos showing people of all ages wiping out. Dr. Reginald Burton, a trauma surgeon at Bryant West Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., told Omaha’s KETV 7 that a lot ... Read More

Exploding Hoverboards in Louisiana and Alabama Blamed For Fires

A house fire ignited by an apparently defective charging assembly on a hoverboard could serve as a warning to anyone considering buying the popular motorized two-wheel scooters as gifts this holiday season. Jessica Horne of Lafitte, La., told New Orleans’ WGNO that her 12-year-old son used his new hoverboard for the first time a few days before Thanksgiving. The next day he plugged the self-balancing scooter into an electrical outlet to recharge the lithium batteries, using the charger provided with the hoverboard, and the device went up in flames. “It was like fireworks,” Ms. Horne told WGNO, saying that flames ... Read More

Amtrak Chef Sues For Injuries Received In Train, Tractor Trailer Crash

An Amtrak chef has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against a Louisiana trucking firm, Amtrak, and other entities seeking compensation for injuries he claims to have received in a July 14, 2014, crash between the train he was working on and a tractor trailer. According to the Louisiana Record, Dale LaFrance filed the lawsuit over the summer in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, alleging N.H. Hayden Trucking LLC of Roseland, La.; the National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak); the Illinois Central Railroad Co.; and Diamond B Construction Co. are to blame for the circumstances that caused the crash ... Read More

Statins may speed up aging process, promote mental and physical decline

Statins are designed to lower cholesterol levels in an effort to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death. But a new study shows the medication can speed up the process of aging and lead to mental and physical decline. Researchers with Tulane University in New Orleans say that statins, such as the widely prescribed Lipitor, can adversely affect stem sells, the internal medical system that repair damage within the body, protect against muscle and joint pain, and prevent memory loss. Researchers discovered this after treating stem cells with statins under laboratory conditions. After a few weeks of treatment, the scientists ... Read More