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Deadly NYC Helicopter Crash Reveals Major Safety Deficiencies

Safety harnesses aboard a Liberty Helicopters flight became a death trap for five passengers who drowned March 11 when their helicopter tour landed in New York City’s East River. The crash was the deadliest helicopter crash ever involving a doors-off helicopter, and the National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary findings have already raised red flags in an industry that many say is dangerously underregulated. Videos of the helicopter accident show the aircraft splashing down in the water. Within seconds, the helicopter starts to list before turning over on its side and sinking. The pilot, Richard Vance, originally thought the helicopter was ... Read More

Helicopter Crash in NYC’s East River Kills Five

A helicopter crash in New York City’s East River that killed five passengers Sunday, March 11, may have been caused by a shifting piece of luggage, the aircraft’s pilot and sole survivor of the crash, told investigators. Liberty Helicopters pilot Richard Vance, 33, was flying five passengers on a photo shoot when the Eurocopter AS350 lost power. In a mayday call to LaGuardia, Mr. Vance said the helicopter experienced engine failure. Mr. Vance told investigators that the helicopter crash may have been caused by a passenger’s bag. He said the piece of luggage “may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel ... Read More

NJ judge considers consolidating Abilify compulsion cases

Drug companies and dozens of people suing them over claims that the antipsychotic drug Abilify caused them to compulsively gamble or have sex, urged a New Jersey state court to grant multi-county litigation status to the pending cases, Law360 reported. The request was made to the New Jersey Supreme Court for cases pending in Bergen County Superior Court before Judge James J. DeLuca. Centralizing the cases would help cut the cost of litigating the cases of similar claims against Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc., brought by geographically dispersed plaintiffs. Abilify, which contains the active ingredient aripiprazole, was ... Read More

Amtrak Train Derails in Savannah Station

An Amtrak train hauling more than 300 passengers and crew from Miami to New York City derailed at the Savannah, Georgia, station Wednesday night. Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams told the Associated Press that the derailment occurred as the Silver Meteor train #98 was backing into the Savannah station. The last three cars of the train – a baggage car and two sleeper cars – left the tracks but remained fully upright. No injuries were reported. The derailment occurred as a historic snowstorm was pummeling the Savannah area and other parts of the Eastern Seaboard. Passenger Joel Potischman, who was traveling ... Read More

Bronx Apartment Fire Kills 12, Injures 14 Others

A fire that quickly consumed a five-story Bronx apartment building Thursday, Dec. 28, killing 12 and critically injuring several others, was caused by a toddler playing with a stove, New York City fire officials said. The fire, the deadliest New York City fire in a quarter century, swept through the apartment building “like a chimney,” New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro told the press in a news conference outside the building Friday. The fire was exacerbated by the resident of the Bronx apartment where the fire originated, Commissioner Nigro said. After finding her kitchen in flames, the mother of the ... Read More

Pennsylvania county files lawsuit against opioid makers

Luzerne County in northeastern Pennsylvania, is the latest government to file a lawsuit against the makers of addictive painkillers alleging the companies are contributing to the national opioid epidemic by illegally marketing the drugs, a violation the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. The lawsuit names drug companies Endo Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., AmerisourceBergen Corp., Purdue Pharma Inc., and Teva Pharmaceuticals Inc., and aims to recoup costs the county claims to have incurred as a result of a dramatic increase in addiction and overdose cases related to opioids. “The manufacturers aggressively pushed highly addictive, dangerous opioids, falsely representing to ... Read More

Combo drug better than opioid at treating migraines

The opioid hydromorphone is used commonly in the emergency department to treat patients with acute migraines, but a more effective treatment is a combination of a dopamine agonist and antihistamine like Benadryl, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. A randomized, double-blind study conducted by Benjamin W. Friedman, MD, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and colleagues, found that a single intravenous dose of prochlorperazine (known by the brand name Compazine) plus diphenhydramine (the active ingredient in Benadryl) was 28 percent more effective than a single dose of intravenous hydromorphone for achieving 48 hours ... Read More

Two Manhattan Construction Workers Fell to Their Deaths

Two construction workers who fell to their deaths at unrelated job sites in Manhattan have brought to light the need for better safety training. In one of the incidents, a third worker was seriously injured, as well. The first incident was when 36-year-old Juan Chonillo, father of five, fell from a height of 29 stories at the 670-foot luxury condo tower where he was helping to raise the framework for pouring concrete on the 29th floor. According to New York Daily News, Chonillo, an immigrant from Ecuador, was pronounced dead on the scene by FDNY officials. Chonillo’s cousin, Angel Munoz, 46, was not ... Read More

Bus Safety Impeded By Outdated Federal Regulations

After a Dahlia tour bus plowed into a New York City bus in Flushing, Queens last week, killing three people and injuring several others, elected officials and others demanded more oversight of privately owned low-fare buses that have proliferated in the Northeastern Corridor over the past decade. But it wasn’t the first time a horrific bus crash triggered calls for better regulatory scrutiny, and it likely won’t be the last time because there is little states and cities can do to combat the budget bus problem. Before the deadly Sept. 18 bus crash in Queens, which remains under investigation, Dahlia ... Read More

Carnage, destruction after Tour Bus crashes into city bus in Queens

A tour bus speeding through New York City streets crashed into a city bus Monday morning, killing three people and injuring 16 others. “We’ve had a really tragic morning here in Flushing, Queens,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told the press. “It’s just shocking to see the scene over there. Hard to compare it to anything I’ve ever seen — the sheer destruction from the impact of the collision.” Authorities have just started an investigation of the bus crash, but evidence shows that “an enormous amount of speed” contributed to the accident, the Associated Press reported, citing Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman ... Read More