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Nursing facility CEO resigns after patient in vegetative state gives birth

The chief executive officer of the Phoenix, Arizona nursing home where a patient in a long-time persistent vegetative state gave birth, launching an investigation into sexual abuse at the facility, has resigned amid emerging reports of previous abuse cases. Bill Timmons resigned from Hacienda HealthCare just days after news broke that on Dec. 29, a 29-year-old Native American woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Staff allegedly had no idea that the patient, who had been in a vegetative state for 14 years after suffering a near-drowning, was pregnant. Staff reportedly discovered the woman was in labor when she ... Read More

Sex abuse investigation launched after nursing home patient gives birth

A young patient in a Phoenix, Arizona nursing home who has been in a persistent vegetative state for at least a decade gave birth to a baby on Dec. 29, launching an investigation by the Phoenix Police Department into possible sexual abuse. The woman had been a patient at Hacienda Healthcare since a near-drowning incident left her in a vegetative state several years ago. She needed around-the-clock care and was unable to communicate. Many people had access to her room throughout the day and night. Investigators from several agencies are keeping mum about the details, but according to staff accounts ... Read More

Nursing home employee fired after residents’ opioids go missing

A Grand Rapids nursing home employee nabbed more than 1,900 opioids intended for residents of the long-term care facility over a two-year period, leaving patients without pain medication, investigators with the Minnesota Department of Health’s Office of Health Facility Complaints found. Even more disturbing, other staff members at Majestic Pines Senior Living were aware opioids had turned up missing but didn’t report it because they feared the employee or the nursing home’s management would retaliate against them. The employee was reportedly friends with management. According to the investigator’s report, the pill thefts occurred multiple times in 2017 and 2018 from ... Read More

Moratorium on admissions placed on Florida assisted living facility

A Florida assisted living facility has been banned from admitting new residents by the state’s Agency for Healthcare Administration for “grossly failing” to protect residents from sexual or physical abuse by other residents. The administration conducted an investigation into Inspired Living at Sun City Center in Ruskin, Florida. The home provides care for residents with cognitive disabilities. According to investigators, there were several instances of sexual and/or physical abuse among residents within the past 60 days. According to reports, workers and administrators at the facility were aware of the abusive behaviors but rarely intervened. Some residents were seen by other ... Read More

CMS to increase weekend inspections of some nursing homes

Under pressure by Congress to increase its oversight of nursing home quality and safety after a growing number of reports of nursing home abuse and neglect, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced this week that it would be increasing the number of weekend inspections to long-term care facilities with lower-than-average staffing on weekends. CMS notified state survey agencies charged with conducting inspections at nursing homes that receive federal reimbursements that instead of requiring 10 percent of surveys to be conducted on weekends or non-business hours, at least half of the inspections should take place on weekends. Inspectors ... Read More

Depression among elderly increases during winter months

The elderly are at greater risk of depression, especially when the temperatures drop and the days get shorter. This condition, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is increasingly prevalent in our society, but is often misdiagnosed or undertreated in older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 80 percent of older American suffer from chronic health conditions, which can lead to or exacerbate symptoms of depression. Needing home care, skilled nursing care, or hospital stays to treat illnesses are other factors that can lead to or worsen a depressive disorder. Depression is not a normal part ... Read More

McMaster family sues nursing home for father’s wrongful death

The family of H. R. McMaster Sr., the father of President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, has filed a lawsuit against Cathedral Village in Philadelphia alleging the senior living facility was negligent in the care of McMaster, which led to his wrongful death. Nurse Christann Gainey was also charged in the incident with neglect of a care-dependent person, involuntary manslaughter, and tampering with records related to McMaster’s death. She was held for trial after waiving her preliminary hearing. McMaster, a resident at Cathedral Village, allegedly suffered a fall on April 13. Gainey is charged with failing to administer eight ... Read More

Sepsis sends 25,000 nursing home patients to hospitals annually

Sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection, was the most common reason for transfers of nursing home patients to hospitals, and these patients were much more likely to die from sepsis than any other condition, according to a federal report cited in MedPage Today. Just as devastating is the human and financial toll of these cases. According to an analysis conducted for Kaiser Health News by Definitive Healthcare, a private health care data firm, 25,000 nursing home residents each year developed sepsis and other conditions and were transferred to hospitals, costing Medicare more than $2 billion a year. “This is ... Read More

Georgia nursing home resident ‘eaten alive’ by mites

A Georgia nursing home resident was “essentially eaten alive” by hundreds of millions of mites that burrowed beneath her skin, causing her hands to turn black and her skin to flake so badly nursing home workers who were caring for her were told not to touch her hands for fear they might fall off, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the woman’s family. Rebecca Zeni was a 93-year-old in 2015 and a resident in a Pruitt Health nursing facility in Lafayette, Georgia when she died from a scabies infestation. He death is listed as septicemia due to crusted ... Read More

Still too many nursing home residents given antipsychotic drugs

Laurel C. says her mother, who has Alzheimer’s and lived in different nursing homes, was often left unattended for hours at a time in her wheelchair hopped up on antipsychotic drugs to sedate her. “Instead of seeing what’s wrong with her,” she said, “they just want to drug her up.” Antipsychotic medications, like Risperdal indicated for conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, were given to about 24 percent of nursing home patients across the country in late 2011. Due to an aggressive campaign from human rights groups, that number dropped to below 15 percent last year. Decreases were reported in ... Read More