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Nursing home employees indicted for letting patient ‘rot to death’

Seven former and current employees of an Ohio nursing home were indicted by a federal grand jury last week on charges they mistreated two patients in their care, including one who “literally rotted to death,” Attorney General Dave Yost said during a news conference. The seven employees were nurses at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center in Columbus, Ohio in 2017. They face a combined 34 charges including involuntary manslaughter and patient neglect, and for causing a patient physical harm because they falsified her medical records and forged signatures. “This is gut wrenching for anyone who has entrusted a care facility ... Read More

Neglected nursing home resident awarded $1.2 million

A Niagara County, New York jury ordered a Newfane, New York, nursing home to pay a former resident $1.2 million for neglect, alleging the long-term care facility allowed her “superficial” bedsores to worsen to the point that they became infected and exposed bone, The Buffalo News reported. Shirley Burrows, 72, was discharged from Eastern Niagara Hospital in Lockport on March 3, 2015, and admitted to Newfane Rehab & Health Care Center for follow-up treatment of her bedsores, pressure sores caused by the body pressing against the surface of the skin too long. Bedsores are prevented by repositioning the body every ... Read More

Patient neglect rampant at VA nursing homes

A half dozen veterans’ groups representing nearly 5 million members asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve the care at its nursing homes after an investigative report by USA TODAY and the Boston Globe revealed “blatant disregard for veteran safety” at a VA nursing home in Massachusetts. A whistleblower had alerted officials of about possible signs of nursing home neglect at the Brockton VA facility, such as bedside urinals left unemptied and patients being regularly left unchecked. The home knew health officials would be following up on those claims by inspecting the facility for potential signs of neglect. But ... Read More

More neglect seen in for-profit nursing homes than nonprofit ones

Residents of for-profit nursing homes are nearly twice as likely to experience problematic health conditions due to nursing home neglect, according to a study published in the journal Gerontology. Previous studies have found that patients in for-profit homes tend to have a lower quality of care. But those studies have typically honed in on singular incidents. The new study, conducted by researchers with the Chicago School of Public Health, found that the problem in for-profit homes is even greater than previously thought. Researchers used medical records to identify 1,149 residents 60 years of age and older living in private homes, ... Read More

Georgia nursing home resident ‘eaten alive’ by mites

A Georgia nursing home resident was “essentially eaten alive” by hundreds of millions of mites that burrowed beneath her skin, causing her hands to turn black and her skin to flake so badly nursing home workers who were caring for her were told not to touch her hands for fear they might fall off, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the woman’s family. Rebecca Zeni was a 93-year-old in 2015 and a resident in a Pruitt Health nursing facility in Lafayette, Georgia when she died from a scabies infestation. He death is listed as septicemia due to crusted ... Read More

Is your loved one safe in a nursing home?

Curious to know what was happening to a paralyzed patient in a nursing home when they were not present, one family decided to take matters into their own hands. They hired a company to install hidden cameras at Chandler Health & Rehab Center in Alabaster. Despite most of the employees providing professional nursing home care, their suspicions were proven to be correct when evidence of abusive personnel was found on the hidden camera footage. While the police investigation of what exactly took place at Chandler Health & Rehab Center is still ongoing, it is not unusual for families to worry ... Read More

Family of neglected woman sues nursing home for $35 million

The son and daughter of a 46-year-old woman are suing the Knoxville, Tennessee, nursing home where their mother lived, for $7 million in compensation and $28 million in punitive damages for nursing home neglect that resulted in the death of their mother, according to Knox News. Linda Darlene Carter was living at Hillcrest North nursing home where she was receiving care following an automobile accident during which she received multiple blunt force injuries. She was the passenger in a vehicle that collided with another automobile at an intersection, according to reports. She died at the nursing home on March 27, ... Read More

Nursing home chain accused of substandard, life-threatening care

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a class of thousands of residents at 27 Colorado nursing homes operated by SavaSeniorCare claims that state officials allowed the nursing homes to operate without insurance in violation of state law, leaving residents without means to sue when they are abused and neglected, according to the Denver Post. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of family members of four people who died in the homes from dehydration, malnutrition and blood poisoning caused by neglected bed sores. The suit is also filed on behalf of a man who lost a testicle after being scalded during an act ... Read More

Nursing home resident dies after fall down steps

Early Sunday morning an 86-year-old resident of Kruse Village retirement home in Brenham, Texas, pushed the wheelchair he was riding in out of the sight of nursing home staff and through a security door to a short flight of steps. That’s when police believe he accidentally rolled down the stairs and sustained serious injuries that killed him. While police strongly believe the death was an accident, because he died of unnatural causes they are investigating how and why the accident occurred. According to the investigation, only 20 minutes passed since a nursing home staff member saw the victim and the ... Read More

Police: nursing home staff tried to cover up patient’s cause of death

An investigation into the death of Sarah Wentworth has taken an even more tragic turn. The 89-year-old woman was found dead outside in her Itasca, Illinois nursing home’s courtyard earlier this month wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Since she suffered from dementia, which can make its victims prone to wandering, she wore an ankle bracelet that would trigger an alarm if she crossed the threshold to the outdoors. So why didn’t anyone seem to know how Wentworth wandered out in the first place? Apparently an Arbor nursing home employee was so engrossed in the television program she was watching ... Read More