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Advocate wants federal nursing home database to include abuse cases

Nursing home advocate Wes Bledsoe wants the federal government to change the way it rates nursing homes on its Web site Medicare. gov, to accurately reflect the quality of care at nursing homes, according to the Albert Lea Tribune. Bledsoe, founder of the watchdog group A Perfect Cause, returned to Albert Lea, Minnesota, to rally support for his efforts. Bledsoe has been to Albert Lea numerous times in response to news reports about the “abuse-for-thrills” case at Good Samaritan Society nursing home where two nursing aides have been charged with a linty of crimes including disorderly conduct, assault and criminal ... Read More

Study: Hispanic nursing homes provide lower quality of care

Nursing homes that serve primarily Hispanic residents provide a lower quality of care compared to nursing homes that cater to a mostly white clientele, according to a Brown University study. The research, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, looked at the rate of bedsores at nursing homes in select states and found that residents in nursing homes with a larger concentration of Hispanic residents reported having more bedsores than nursing homes with lower concentrations of Hispanic residents. Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are often caused by unrelieved pressure to any part of ... Read More

Hidden cameras lead to nursing home abuse charges

Hidden video surveillance has led to formal charges of abuse and neglect of two nursing home employees in Kentucky, according to Kentucky.com. A grand jury indicted Amanda Sallee of Richmond on a charge of wanton abuse and neglect of an adult, a felony, and Valerie Lamb with reckless abuse and neglect of an adult, a misdemeanor. Both were nursing aides at Madison Manor nursing home. The indictments follow the guilty plea of a third nursing aide, Jaclyn Dawn VanWinkle. Van Winkle was sentenced to 12 months in jail but will serve two years probation for agreeing to testify against other ... Read More

Nursing home group must pay Latino workers in discrimination lawsuit

Latinos who worked in California and Texas nursing homes owned by Skilled Healthcare Group Inc. who claimed they were punished for speaking Spanish while at work will receive up to $450,000, free English classes and other compensation under a consent decree from a class-action lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times. The lawsuit claims that Skilled Healthcare Group issued a rule that Latinos must speak English only, even with other Spanish-speaking residents at the home, while on nursing home grounds, and during breaks. However, that rule was not enforced ... Read More

Woman disappointed in judge’s treatment of abusive nursing aide

The punishment didn’t fit the crime in the eyes of the victim’s stepdaughter. She expressed her disappointment with the judge’s decision during a lengthy address at a court hearing. But the decision stood. In January 2008, two employees at Radius Health Care Center in Quincy, Maine, saw their co-worker Elizabeth Landry, a 25-year-old nursing assistant, slapping a man on the head with an open hand, swearing at him and calling him and obscene name. She also reportedly pulled the man out of his wheelchair and threw him into a bed. The man was a stroke victim and used a wheelchair ... Read More

OK nursing home closes amid allegations of abuse, neglect

Silver Lake Care Center of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, voluntarily closed its doors earlier this month after mounting complaints of physical and verbal abuse, financial woes, unresolved staffing issues, and numerous lawsuits alleging neglect and wrongful death, according to the News Examiner-Enterprise. Investigators cited the nursing home in February saying it failed “to screen for, prevent, identify, report and investigate abuse.” Former director of nursing Terri Conley said she resigned from the home in January because the home was severely understaffed. “If you don’t have enough staff, the residents are not going to get the care they need,” she told the newspaper. ... Read More

Family of neglected woman sues nursing home for $35 million

The son and daughter of a 46-year-old woman are suing the Knoxville, Tennessee, nursing home where their mother lived, for $7 million in compensation and $28 million in punitive damages for nursing home neglect that resulted in the death of their mother, according to Knox News. Linda Darlene Carter was living at Hillcrest North nursing home where she was receiving care following an automobile accident during which she received multiple blunt force injuries. She was the passenger in a vehicle that collided with another automobile at an intersection, according to reports. She died at the nursing home on March 27, ... Read More

Schizophrenic man to stand trial in nursing home sexual abuse case

The man accused of sexually abusing a woman with mental disabilities has been ruled competent to stand trial, according to the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal. Preston Shaw, 65, and the victim were both residents of Hillcrest Centre for Health and Rehabilitation in Jeffersonville. Shaw, who suffers from schizophrenia and major depression, had previously expressed to nursing home workers his desire to be close to the victim. The victim has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or talk. According to police reports, a Hillcrest employee found Shaw sitting on the woman’s bed last month with blood on his face and hands. ... Read More

Eldercare advocate rallies family members to fight for better care

Eldercare advocate Wes Bledsoe stood among nearly 100 residents from Hot Springs, South Dakota last week, and rallied them to take action and change federal and state guidelines that impede speedy reporting of incidents that harm vulnerable elderly in the state’s nursing homes. The meeting was his second since early last month, when he held a town hall meeting with an audience of more than 200 focusing on recent allegations of sexual abuse of residents at Castle Manor by a nursing home aide at the home. According to family members, it took days for the nursing home to file the ... Read More

Nursing home chain accused of substandard, life-threatening care

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a class of thousands of residents at 27 Colorado nursing homes operated by SavaSeniorCare claims that state officials allowed the nursing homes to operate without insurance in violation of state law, leaving residents without means to sue when they are abused and neglected, according to the Denver Post. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of family members of four people who died in the homes from dehydration, malnutrition and blood poisoning caused by neglected bed sores. The suit is also filed on behalf of a man who lost a testicle after being scalded during an act ... Read More