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OSHA Cites Automotive Hose Manufacturer for Critical Arm Injury

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has cited an automotive hose manufacturer over a critical arm injury of an employee, resulting in a $70,000 fine. In February 2016, a worker of HBD/Thermoid Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio, was critically injured when his arm became caught in a catapuller, a powerful machine that pulls hoses through their stages of production. The man’s arm was crushed. The machines have safety plexiglass guards on hinges that can be opened when safe and necessary. But there was debate as to whether or not the guard had been left propped open the day before the incident, ... Read More

Worker Crushed by 2,800-Pound Transformer Awarded $8.5M

A worker who survived being crushed by a 2,800-pound electrical transformer has been awarded $8.5 million in a lawsuit against the delivery company and his employer. Jason Pinnock, an employee of National Delivery Services, was assisting with the offloading of the transformer from a Midway Services truck, who had taken the delivery of the massive device. When another worker pushed the transformer into Pinnock, it fell onto him, law.com reports. According to Pinnock’s pretrial memorandum, he “lay crushed and screaming on the ground” until other workers could come to his aid. When the workers attempted to lift the device off of him using their own ... Read More

$27M for Duke Energy lineman killed on the job

More than $27 million has been awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit to the family of a Duke Energy Ohio lineman who was killed on the job. Cincinnati.com, a USA Today Network partner, reports that Keith Jester, a 43-year-old senior lineman and trainer who worked for Duke Energy, was climbing a utility pole with another worker in 2014 to remove some lines when the pole cracked at the base. Jester and the worker fell 20 feet and Jester became trapped beneath the broken pole. He was transported to Bethesda Arrow Springs hospital where he was pronounced dead. The other worker was injured, ... Read More

Minnesota Menards Worker Killed by Forklift

At Menards home improvement store in Burnsville, Minnesota, a worker was killed when a forklift fell on top of him, Valley News Live reports. According to witnesses, Alec Saunders, 27, was attempting to move a stack of two-by-fours when the forklift began to tip over. He tried to jump off the falling forklift, the witnesses add, which resulted in the heavy equipment landing on top of him. Officials say Saunders died of injuries from blunt force to the chest. The accident, which happened last Friday around 8:56 a.m., was described as a “forklift mishap” by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. WEAU 13 ... Read More

Goodwill Fined for Willful Safety Violations that Led to Worker’s Gruesome Death

Goodwill had been warned multiple times both verbally and by letter for hazardous working conditions at an outlet store it operated in California, particularly regarding the use of dangerous equipment. The warnings were ignored, and last September, a 26-year-old employee at the store was killed in a gruesome accident. Cal-OSHA, the workplace safety agency for the state, has now fined Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada more than $100,000 for six significant safety violations. The Sacramento Bee reports that Dave Goudie, a commercial driver and employee of Goodwill on the waste management team at the time of the accident, had ... Read More

Nurses Risk Work-related injuries with Every Shift

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), hospitals’ rates of work-related injuries and illnesses are high. In 2013, American hospitals documented an average of 6.4 occupational injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees. That same year, 34 percent of injuries requiring time off from work were linked to interactions with patients. In June of 2015, OSHA released a series of online resources to help “develop and implement safe patient handling assessments, policies, procedures, programs, training, and patient education” in hospitals throughout the U.S. Christine Gryglik, a critical care nurse for 33 years, says she doesn’t know a single ... Read More