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Gulf states are one step closer to acquiring BP oil-spill fines

Legislators from the Gulf States are one step closer to making sure billions of dollars in oil-spill fine money collected from BP’s violations of the Clean Water Act will go to the Gulf Coast states rather than into the federal government’s general fund. The House gave approval last week to an amendment that would apportion 80 percent of the fine money to the Gulf States directly harmed by the disastrous 2010 oil spill, but they are still in a race against the clock to make sure the amendment gets Senate approval before the oil-spill fines are determined and collected in ... Read More

BP settles oil-spill dispute with drilling fluid supplier

BP and supplier M-I Swaco, a Houston-based drilling mud supplier, agreed Friday to settle all claims with each other over the Deepwater Horizon explosion that led to the worst oil spill in U.S. history. M-I Swaco, also known as M-I LLC, provided drilling fluid to BP for use in the Macondo well. As it did with other companies that had a hand in the Macondo well operation, BP sought a payout from the supplier, blaming the Deepwater Horizon explosion on it in part. In a claim filed last June, BP claims that M-I “failed to provide, control, and monitor the ... Read More

Newly acquired documents indicate White House purposely low-balled BP oil spill size

Top White House officials manipulated the scientific findings of independent experts to “seriously lowball the amount of oil leaking from the BP Deepwater Horizon,” according to a group of federal, state, and municipal employees. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a national alliance of publicly employed scientists, law enforcement authorities, land managers, and other professionals dedicated to upholding U.S. environmental laws and values, filed a scientific integrity complaint Monday after reviewing documents it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. According to PEER, the documents, which include a series of high-level emails, “indicate White House pressure to present low-range ... Read More

Victoria Principal funds oil-spill research and response

She married into a family of scheming oil barons on the television series Dallas, but in real life Victoria Principal is calling for tougher oil drilling regulations while supporting organizations working to prevent another environmental catastrophe like BP’s Gulf oil spill from occurring again. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Oceana, two groups that oppose an expansion of offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic, recently announced that Ms. Principal made “extremely generous six-figure donations” to their organizations. “Waiting until a disaster happens is waiting until it’s too late,” Ms. Principal said Tuesday in an ... Read More

New report says BP shortcuts caused Deepwater Horizon explosion, oil spill

A new federal government report released this week blames BP for most of the errors and oversights that caused the fatal Macondo well blowout and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Compiled by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), the report echoes the findings of earlier probes, including those of a commission formed by President Obama to determine the cause of the spill, but it also slams BP for violating several federal safety regulations in an effort to save time and money. The BOEMRE investigation found that BP’s attempt to complete the Macondo well amounted ... Read More

Oil spill cleanup technology lags dangerously behind

BP and other giant oil corporations have invested billions of dollars to develop means of drilling deeper and farther out to sea, yet they have invested relatively no money in developing effective deep-sea oil cleanup and response methods. Every year, the oil companies continue to push the envelope on offshore drilling in deep, remote regions of the ocean. Yet a devastating problem without a good solution will be created should anything go wrong with these risky operations, as BP’s volcano of oil in the Gulf of Mexico so clearly demonstrates. Even after the 1979 Mexican oil spill in the Gulf, ... Read More

BP preparing for deep, remote arctic drilling

With all eyes fixated on the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is stealthily moving toward what could easily be this country’s (and the world’s) next environmental catastrophe: Deep-sea drilling in remote reaches of the Arctic. But will the Minerals Management Service (MMS) stop it? According to a report that appeared in Rolling Stones magazine, no. Many environmentalists assert that President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling is nothing more than a stall tactic engineered to allow the public’s anger to abate before MMS gives BP and other oil giants the green light to drill in an area that ... Read More

BP's official oil-spill response plan contains absurd information

Federal regulations require oil companies to prepare and submit detailed spill-response plans before they can begin drilling offshore in American waters — and rightfully so. That body of water we call the Gulf of Mexico is a rich and diverse natural resource that directly sustains a way of life for millions of residents, whether they’re employed by the multi-billion-dollar seafood and tourism industries or any business in between. Simply put, a threat to the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystems is a threat to our economy and national security. Considering that, behold the colossal failure of the Minerals Management Service (MMS) to take ... Read More

Oil laps land, brings despair, suicidal thoughts to small communities

Much press has been given to the dire threat BP’s oil slick poses to the coastal ecosystems, marine environment, and the economies that depend on the health of both. But now another tragic extension of the oil disaster is becoming apparent – a feeling of hopelessness and abandonment that threatens ways of life and cultural traditions that give the Gulf Coast its own unique, irreplaceable personality. According to New Orleans’ WGNO News, BP’s still-uncontrolled gush of oil has begun to invade the fragile wetlands that sustain Louisiana’s $3 billion seafood industry, and the situation has become so dismal that some ... Read More

Level of oil dispersant chemicals used in Gulf raises concerns

The Environmental Protection Agency gave BP on Wednesday 24 hours to find an oil dispersant less toxic than the ones it has been spraying in massive quantities above the Gulf of Mexico and under the surface. The EPA requested that BP provide it with a list of available dispersants and begin using the new dispersants within 72 hours. The request indicates that federal regulators are concerned that the chemical dispersants being used in unprecedented quantities could pose a threat of their own to the Gulf’s marine life and coastal ecosystems. BP has been using two Nalco-brand dispersants, Corexit 9500A and ... Read More