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Benzene Levels Found to be Higher than Standard in Longmont Oil Well

Last December, the residents of Longmont, Colorado, were informed in a city council meeting that a TOP Operating well leaked benzene. When the water table around the Serafini well was tested in August, the results showed benzene levels at well above state limits. TOP Operating, the only oil and gas operator in Longmont, is working with the state to restore the well back to safe levels, although there was no time frame given for the process. The Serafini well, located “in the middle of a field” according to Longmont general manager of public works and natural resources Dale Rademacher, isn’t anywhere near ... Read More

Workers say safety is their top concern, but on-job accidents persist

More than family and maternity leave, minimum wage, overtime and sick day pay, and the right to join a union, the vast majority of American workers value safety in the workplace. A new study, “Public Attitudes Towards and Experiences with Workplace Safety,” conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) said that 85 percent of workers say that safety is the most important labor standard. Unfortunately, the widespread concern for safety isn’t fully reflected by many corporate enterprises in America, even when the nature of the work is extremely dangerous. The study found that close attention is often only given ... Read More

Enormous mass of dead fish troubles scientists and Louisiana residents

Oceanographers and scientists have been warning that only time will reveal how much damage BP’s massive oil spill and its use of chemical oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico have done to the environment and marine ecology. This week a troubling sign has emerged in the form of an astonishingly large mass of floating dead fish just west of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Masses of dead fish surfacing in the Gulf of Mexico are unfortunately  common events, especially near the mouth of the Mississippi River where oxygen-depleted dead zones created by miles of fertilizer runoff frequently choke ... Read More