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Olympus settles power morcellator case

A group of Olympus Corporation of Americas subsidiaries settled a lawsuit with a Georgia couple who had sued the companies over claims that their medical device used in gynecological surgeries caused the spread of the plaintiff’s uterine cancer, immediately worsening her odds of survival, according to Law360. Betty Dobson underwent a hysterectomy in 2010 with Olympus’ PSK PlasmaSORD Bipoloar Morcellator, a type of power morcellator used to perform hysterectomies and myomectomies (uterine fibroid removal). The device is fitted with a tube-like blade that minces uterine growths or entire uteruses within the body and removes the tissue through a small incision ... Read More

FDA updates safety communication about Olympus duodenoscopes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing an update to a March 26, 2015, Safety Communication regarding one of Olympus Corporation’s duodenoscopes. The specialized endoscopes have come under scrutiny in recent months when they were linked to the spread of drug-resistant superbugs at more than a dozen hospitals across the country. Duodenoscopes are surgical tools that are fed down patients’ throats in order to diagnose or treat conditions affecting the pancreas and bile duct. Researchers found that small crevasses in the scope could harbor bacteria even after the devices have been cleaned and disinfected. The bacteria can then be ... Read More