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Family hopes others learn from crew member’s on-the-job fatality

On April 28, 2016, at 65 years old, David Younger became the 110th Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) employee killed on the job. Younger was part of a milling crew that had stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 40 in Hickman County, Tennessee to change a flat tire. Suddenly,  a tractor trailer struck one of the parked vehicles, killing Younger and injuring three other TDOT employees. A 22-year-old maintenance worker was taken by life flight to a local hospital and later released. Two other crew members were taken by ambulance to local hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. Younger was ... Read More

Investigation to seek answers into construction worker’s death

Questions are circulating after a construction worker – on the job with two of his sons – was crushed to death by falling debris on a Brooklyn, New York job site. “I saw that he was dying,” said Pierre Paredes, the son of the deceased, Over Paredes, 44. “This could have been avoided.” Pierre Paredes and his brother were working with their father at a Brooklyn job site the day before Thanksgiving. According to an investigation by the Department of Buildings, Over Paredes was on the roof of the building when a wall panel carried by a fork lift tipped ... Read More

OSHA fines drilling company after explosion kills worker

Weatherford, Texas-based Legend Directional Services LLC was cited by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and faces a more than $28,000 penalty, for violations of worker safety at the company’s Harpersville Reinforcement Project in Harpersville, Alabama, that resulted in a May 2018 explosion during which a worker was killed. OSHA investigators determined that the explosion occurred because flammable welding gases were stored in an unventilated storage container at the facility. When the now-deceased employee opened the container door, the container exploded. OSHA cited the drilling company for storing compressed welding gas containers and liquefied petroleum ... Read More

High school student killed on second day on the job

High school senior Grant Oakley was excited to start his first part-time job at a farm supply business conveniently located across the street from his family’s farmhouse near Lancaster, Kentucky. But his second day on the job in 2015 ended in tragedy when he hopped a ride on a forklift driven by another employee and ended up underneath the back wheel of the forklift, his chest and neck crushed by the six-ton piece of equipment. After the accident, another employee ran to the Oakley’s home and told his parents, Mike and Pam Oakley, “Grant’s hurt.” His parents got to their ... Read More

Aluminum extractor managers indicted for obstructing justice in worker death investigation

Two Extrudex Aluminum Inc., managers were indicted by a federal grand jury in the Northern District of Ohio for obstructing justice during a U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation into the death of one worker and the serious injury of another. OHSA was investigating an incident in 2012 during which an employee died when a rack containing hot aluminum parts tipped over and pinned him down. A second employee was severely burned in the incident. OSHA investigated and cited Extrudex Aluminum for exposing workers to struck-by, pinned-under, and burn hazards, and for failing to provide ... Read More

Oil and gas pipeline construction among the deadliest jobs

Oil and gas extraction workers have one of the highest on-the-job death rates in the country, with pipeline construction workers dying on the job 3.6 times more often than the average worker, according to a new report published in Pacific Standard Magazine. In Antonia Juhasz’s report, “Death on the Dakota Access; An investigation into the deadly business of building oil and gas pipelines,” the journalist discovered that deaths among oil and natural gas pipeline construction were only recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL) beginning in 2003. And the bureau never produced a fatality rate for these workers for ... Read More

Road construction worker’s death is 13th in Minnesota this year

Last week’s crash on Interstate 94 in Minnesota resulted in the 13th fatality of a road construction worker in the state so far this year – already well above average for Minnesota and the highest number on record since 2007 when 17 workers died on the job, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. This crash, like the others before it, “was preventable,” said Lt. Tiffani Nielson with the Minnesota State Patrol. “It’s frustrating for construction workers who have to be out in all conditions, all types of weather and they have to focus on what they are doing,” ... Read More

OSHA investigates death of hunting guide mauled by grizzly

On Sept. 14, Mark Uptain, 37, a Jackson Hole, Wyoming hunting guide for Martin Outfitters, headed out with a client into the backcountry of Terrace Mountain in the Teton Wilderness and bagged an elk. But the adventure turned into tragedy when a 10-year-old sow grizzly charged at Uptain. His body was found the next day by search-and-rescue crews. Five days later, the Wyoming Department of Workforce were on the scene investigating whether possible workplace safety violations may have contributed to Uptain’s death. “We do have an active investigation regarding this incident with Martin Outfitters, and the unfortunate attack that cost ... Read More

More construction workers die on the job than in other industries

Of the 4,693 workers who died on the job in 2016, 991 of them were in construction, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The fatalities ranged from falling from roofs or scaffolding, getting struck by heavy equipment, getting caught in machinery, being crushed by objects falling from cranes, suffering heat exhaustion, and getting electrocuted. A fifth of on-the-job fatalities in 2016 were among construction workers, making it among the most dangerous industries to work in, according to OSHA statistics. There are various reasons why construction work is more deadly than other jobs. Crews often work at high ... Read More

One worker dead, another injured after steel beam falls

One worker was killed and another critically injured when a steel beam fell at the construction site of a nine-story apartment building in Evanston, Indiana, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Workers at the site were using a crane to unload steel beams from a truck when the crane’s rigging failed and dropped a beam from about 30 feet in the air on to the two workers, ages 55 and 27. The older man was taken to the hospital where he later died. The younger man had to be extricated from under the beam and was also taken to the ... Read More