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Jury awards man $5.5 million for shoulder injury caused by pain pump

Matthew Beale of Portland, Oregon, routinely participated in football, racquetball and golf, and he enjoyed coaching his son’s baseball teams. But a minor tear in his bicep tendon caused by throwing a football benched the 38-year-old father of four. His doctor recommended routine arthroscopic surgery during which he was prescribed an I-Flow pain pump to deliver pain medication directly to the wound site for up to 72 hours. However, the anesthetic that dripped from the pain pump into Beale’s shoulder joint killed the cells that create cartilage. Within months, Beale’s cartilage was completely destroyed, causing him so much pain he ... Read More

Double vision linked to several antibiotics

Medical researchers know that antibiotics can cause a multitude of side effects in many of the patients who take the drugs, and an ongoing analysis of medical reports suggests the list of adverse effects is getting longer. A couple of ophthalmologists in Oregon have found that the use of certain antibiotics in the fluoroquinolones family may cause double vision in some patients. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Frederick W. Fraunfelder and Dr. Frederick T. Fraunfelder of the Casey Eye Care Institute at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland decided to investigate the possible ... Read More

California grower recalls salmonella contaminated lettuce

A California produce grower has recalled romaine lettuce that was distributed throughout 29 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico because of salmonella contamination. Tanimura & Antle, Inc. of Salinas, Calif., issued the recall after the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture detected salmonella on the lettuce in a randomized test. Cartons of the lettuce were shipped in bulk “naked” (without packaging), tied with a printed twist tie, or bagged. The lot code on the suspected lettuce is 531380. The lettuce was provided to retail stores, food service companies, and wholesale customers. According to Tanimura & Antle, the lettuce was harvested between June 25 ... Read More

Facility facing lawsuits for leaving patients unattended

The wife of an 80-year-old who suffered from dementia moved her husband into Elderberry Square assisted living facility in Florence, Oregon, so the staff there could give her husband the care she could no longer manage on her own. But each time she visited him over the two months he was there, something just didn’t seem right. Her frail husband was left unsupervised, during which he fell repeatedly. One fall resulted in a broken wrist. She also found him several times lying in his own waste. The man’s wife had had enough. She sought legal counsel and as a result, ... Read More

Woman jailed for embezzling from grandparents

Connie Gay Cole was her grandparents’ favorite granddaughter. They took care of her most of her life, as she slipped in and out of employment. In return, Cole repaid them by squandering their life savings, according to The Oregonian. Connie’s grandparents, James and Anne Morgan, had saved nearly $500,000 for their care as they aged. The two moved into a retirement community in 2005 and had turned over power of attorney to their granddaughter. Anne suffered from dementia, and James, who had received a brain injury a few years earlier, was kept heavily medicated by his granddaughter. Connie charged her ... Read More

Nursing home faces $2 million lawsuit for sex abuse incident

A Portland, Ore., nursing home faces a $2 million lawsuit after a sexual encounter between two residents, according to The Oregonian. According to the report, staff members at Healthcare at Foster Creek saw a 61-year-old woman with dementia standing half-naked in a room with Marko Chandler, a 68-year-old resident who suffered from a lesser case of dementia. The two were not touching, but staff dressed the woman and separated the two. Nursing home staff did not call police or the woman’s family, even though they knew the woman’s cognitive disorder left her unable to consent to such activities. Five days ... Read More

Holiday season turns tragic for many ATV owners

This holiday season has been a tragic one for many ATV owners and their families. Recent reports nationwide tell of people of all ages becoming seriously injured and in some cases dying in ATV rollovers and other accidents. In Maryland, Joseph Paciera, 24, died Tuesday night when he lost control of the ATV he was driving and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger, a 21-year-old Maryland woman was rushed to the hospital, where she is being treated for life-threatening injuries. Authorities say that the ATV rolled over and landed on top of Panciera and ... Read More