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Frozen vegetables recalled due to possible listeria contamination

CRF Frozen Foods, based in Pasco, Wash., is recalling 15 of its frozen vegetable items due to concerns that the frozen foods may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Listeria was found in one lot of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) organic petite green peas and organic white sweet cut corn during routine testing at the facility by Ohio health officials. Affected products were distributed to retailers and distribution centers between Sept. 13 and March 16, 2016, to the following states – Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, ... Read More

HSV, Strep test kits recalled due to risk of inaccurate reading

Focus Diagnostics is recalling laboratory examination kits supplied with Simplexa Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 Direct and Simplexa Group A Strep Direct kits containing the Direct Amplification Discs due to a defect that could yield false positive, false negative, or invalid test results. Inaccurate diagnostic test results may lead to improper patient treatment for Herpes or Strep, which may cause serious adverse health consequences, including death. The issue involves poor lamination between the sample reaction wells, which may lead to leakage into adjacent wells causing cross-contamination between samples. The recall has been identified as a Class 1, the most ... Read More

Emergency transport ventilators recalled

Dräger Medical Inc. is recalling emergency transport ventilators because of a system error that may cause the ventilator to stop working, putting patients at risk for serious injury or death. The recall involves Dräger Oxylog 2000 plus, Oxylog 3000, and Oxylog 3000 Plus Ventilator with the catalog numbers 5705080, 2M86300, 2M86965, 5704813, or 5704831. The machines were distributed from April 1, 2007, to Dec. 12, 2015. A total of 117 ventilators are affected in the United States. Those machines were distributed to the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, ... Read More

Chipotle slapped with lawsuits over food poisonings

Chipotle Mexican Grill has been hit by two lawsuits filed by people who were sickened during multiple food poisoning outbreaks at the restaurants across the country in recent months. Kelly Aherns filed a lawsuit in Minnesota when she became infected with salmonella after eating at a Chipotle in August. She claims her symptoms were so severe that she became dehydrated and needed emergency medical attention. That outbreak, linked to salmonella-tainted tomatoes, sickened 64 people in Minnesota. Haley Hadlock filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma after she developed a rare strain of E.coli that produces Shiga toxins three days after eating at ... Read More

50 New Illnesses, 2 Deaths Linked Salmonella-Contaminated Cucumbers

A massive outbreak of Salmonella illnesses linked to cucumbers from Mexico that started last July continues to infect people across the U.S., with 50 more cases reported in 16 states, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. The CDC update was the latest in a series of updates and recall expansions that ran from Sept. 4, 2015 to Nov. 19. To date, 888 illnesses and six deaths have been connected to the same Salmonella outbreak. Illnesses have been reported in 39 states since the outbreak began. Whole genome sequencing of Salmonella isolates collected from sickened people and from ... Read More

Oregon Health Care Provider Sued For Medicare Fraud, Whistleblower Retaliation

The former CEO of Architrave Health, LLC, a major Oregon health care provider, filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the company Tuesday, alleging he was terminated and then blacklisted in the medical community as punishment for reporting millions of dollars in fraudulent Medicare billings and improper financial relationships with local physicians. According to The Oregonian, the Medicare fraud accusations made by Dr. Robert Dannenhoffer against Architrave are potentially “explosive” in a state that prides itself for its “progressive healthcare reform.” If is claims stand up in court, The Oregonian reports, it means “a major medical provider was prepared to look the ... Read More

Trader Joe’s announces cashew recall due to Salmonella concerns

Popular specialty foods chain Trader Joe’s has announced a recall of its raw cashew pieces due to the potential presence of Salmonella within one of its shipped lots. Although no other lots of raw cashew pieces tested positive for Salmonella by the FDA’s contract laboratory, Trader Joe’s opted to recall all lots of the cashews in order to ensure the safety of its customers. The cashew recall impacts all of Trader Joe’s 16-ounce non-resealable bags marked with date code labels reading, “BEST BEFORE 07.17.2016TF4.” Store locations in the following states received the potentially affected cashew pieces:  Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, ... Read More

Chipotle Sued By Seattle Man Sickened In Undisclosed E. Coli Outbreak

A Seattle man has filed a lawsuit against Chipotle restaurants alleging he was sickened with E. coli and hospitalized in July during an undisclosed outbreak linked to the Mexican food chain, months before dozens of Northwestern Chipotle locations suspended operations as more customers fell ill. According to the Seattle Times, 27-year-old Timothy Kniffin filed a complaint against Chipotle in a federal court in Washington last month. Mr. Kniffin claims he started feeling ill on July 25 after eating a meal of pork carnitas, white rice, salsa, peppers, guacamole, and chips at a Seattle Chipotle restaurant. He was admitted to the ... Read More

Whistleblower retaliation suit against Oregon counseling center bound for trial

A Klamath County, Ore., Circuit Court judge rejected a motion for a summary judgement made by a substance-abuse treatment facility seeking to resolve a $4.4-million whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former counselor alleging she was demoted in retaliation for calling out the sexual abuse of patients. According to the (Medford, Oregon) Mail Tribune, Judge Dan Bunch denied the motion by OnTrack and its director, Rita Sullivan, saying the motives and intents presented in the lawsuit could only be settled by a jury. The whistleblower retaliation lawsuit was filed by former OnTrack counselor Chavala Bates, who accused a fellow counselor of ... Read More

Oregon to offer birth control pills without prescription

Women in Oregon will now be able to get birth control pills without a prescription, thanks to a groundbreaking state law that will take effect later this year. Women who wish to obtain birth control without a doctor’s orders will be required to fill out a health questionnaire that would be examined by pharmacists who will determine whether the women should receive the pills. Pharmacists must first undergo specific training before they will be allowed to give birth control pills to women without prescriptions. Lawmakers have argued that requiring women to see a doctor in order to get a prescription ... Read More