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48-State Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Backyard Chickens

Do you fondle your chickens? Federal and state health authorities are warning owners of backyard chicken flocks and others who may come in contact with them to take precautions around live poultry as they could be infected with Salmonella. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Aug. 21 that it continues to investigate 10 separate multi-state outbreaks of Salmonella infection linked to backyard chicken flocks. The outbreaks encompass 48 states and the District of Columbia and have sickened 961 people as of Aug. 21. Only Alaska and Delaware have managed to escape the outbreak. Keep in mind ... Read More

Salmonella Outbreak Likely Linked To Arkansas Restaurant

Arkansas health officials investigating an outbreak of Salmonella illnesses say epidemiological tests conducted so far point to a restaurant in Stuttgart, Arkansas, to be the likely source of the foodborne illness. As many as 30 people have been sickened by Salmonella infection possibly tied to the outbreak, but only four of those have been confirmed. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) said that it continues to collect biological specimens from patients reporting to hospitals with symptoms of Salmonella infection. The ADH said that its tests so far suggest that the Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Stuttgart is the likely source of the ... Read More

Norovirus Linked To Ohio Donut Shop Sickens 230

More than 230 were sickened by an outbreak of Norovirus linked to a Maumee, Ohio donut shop. Health officials say the number of people affected continues to climb. The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department said the Norovirus outbreak was traced to Mama C’s Donuts, a suburban Toledo restaurant that has been serving the community for years. “I was texted Sunday morning about 2 a.m. or so that there was something going on. Monday morning, we came in and started the investigation and found out that at this point in time the investigation is looking to Mama C’s out in Maumee relative ... Read More

Shigellosis Outbreak Sickens Dozens in Kentucky

An outbreak of Shigellosis illness is sweeping through two Kentucky counties, and health authorities in the state are appealing to the public to practice better hygiene, especially when dealing with infants and toddlers with dirty diapers. According to the Lincoln Trail District Health Department, there have been about 50 laboratory-confirmed cases of Shigellosis infection in Nelson and Hardin Counties, just south of Louisville. Most of the confirmed illnesses are in daycare-age children. Shigellosis is a highly contagious disease caused by Shigella bacteria. Symptoms usually manifest as diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps starting one to two days after exposure and can ... Read More

Botulism Outbreak Hospitalizes 10 People In Sacramento Area

A rare outbreak of botulism linked to a gas station and convenience store near Sacramento, California, has hospitalized 10 people, including at least one woman who has been fighting for her life in an intensive care unit for more than three weeks. Theresa Kelly told Fox40 Sacramento that her sister Lavinia had drizzled nacho cheese sauce on some Doritos she bought at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station in Walnut Grove on April 21. Hours later, Lavinia called Theresa and tried to articulate with slurred speech that she needed help. Basically she’s saying “Sister, I need you here ... Read More

Outbreak of Mystery Illness at Houston Elementary School Under Investigation

The Houston, Texas, Health Department is investigating an outbreak of illness at an elementary school in the city that sickened more than 80 students and some staff According to Click2Houston, Houston Health Department officials said several Woodland Hills Elementary School students had to leave school early on Wednesday, April 26. On Friday, more than 200 students were absent because of the outbreak, although authorities said that some of those were students who had been kept home as a precaution. The school has 581 students enrolled. Stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea are among the symptoms reported among those sickened. The Harris ... Read More

E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Boston Restaurant Chain Hospitalizes 10

Public health authorities are investigating an outbreak of E. coli stemming from the Chicken & Rice Guys chain of restaurants in the Boston area. As of April 13, 14 people were sickened with an E. coli infection after eating at a couple of the Chicken & Rice Guys locations, and all but four of those required hospitalization. Investigators with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Boston’s Inspectional Services Division have not yet determined the source of the outbreak but said all of the restaurants would remain closed until the source is identified. “They will remain closed until we ... Read More

Norovirus Outbreak From Oysters Sickens Hundreds In Pacific Northwest

Hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest have become sickened by norovirus linked to the consumption of raw oysters harvested from coastal Washington and British Columbia. Seattle-King County Public Health is investigating an apparent outbreak of norovirus from raw or undercooked oysters harvested in Washington between Jan. 10 and March 20. Officials report that as many as 39 people in the county were sickened after eating raw oysters in several different restaurants and at private events throughout the county. In Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada says consumption of raw and undercooked oysters has been blamed for the 321 ... Read More

State Shuts Down Alabama Caterer Following Wedding Reception Salmonella Outbreak

An Alabama caterer has had its food service permit revoked following a November wedding reception in which more than two-thirds of the attendees were sickened with Salmonella Enteritidis bacteria. According to the Alabama Department of Health, Indelible Catering of Moulton, Alabama, and its owner Darvin McDaniel are no longer authorized to prepare food as caterers in the state. Mr. McDaniel’s company effectively went out of business in November when Dr. Scott Harris, assistant state health officer, issued an emergency order suspending the caterer’s permit to prepare food until the state’s investigation was completed. Alabama public health officials reported that at ... Read More

Outbreak of Rare Flu-Like Virus in Midwest Linked To Rat Breeding Operations

An outbreak of a flu-like virus in Illinois and Wisconsin has been linked to two rat breeders in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Public Health said. Six Illinois residents have tested positive for Seoul virus, a type of hantavirus that may cause flu-like symptoms and, in severe cases, kidney disease. All of those residents had direct contact with rats that came from two different rodent breeders or “ratteries.” Two additional people in Wisconsin were infected with the virus after purchasing rats from the same two Illinois ratteries, IDPH officials said. “Seoul virus is not known to be transmitted from person ... Read More