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Woman blames ovarian cancer on J&J talc

The year before Evelyn Hampton was born, the first study appeared linking talc to ovarian cancer. But neither she nor her family were warned about this association. Instead they trusted Johnson & Johnson when the company promoted its talcum powder products as safe enough for everyday use. Hampton became a loyal customer. By 1982, when Hampton was 10, researchers conducted the first epidemiological study on genital use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene and found that women who used talc in this fashion had a 92 percent greater risk of developing ovarian cancer, Hampton claims. One scientist, Daniel Cramer, even ... Read More

Workers, women seek compensation for asbestos-related cancer

The initial reaction to a cancer diagnosis is often shock and disbelief, and it’s not uncommon for patients to try to understand why their cancer developed in the first place, according to the consumer publication CURE (Cancer Updates, Research & Education). Ovarian cancer and mesothelioma victims often find out too late that they were exposed to the carcinogenic mineral asbestos either at the workplace or from using talcum powder products. Ovarian cancer is the most deadly form of cancer of the female reproductive organs. Studies suggest using talcum powder products on the genitals for feminine hygiene could put women at ... Read More

Jury wanted to add cancer warnings to J&J talcum powders

A California jury deliberating whether to punish Johnson & Johnson with more monetary damages on top of $21.7 million in compensatory damages it awarded just a day before asked the court if they could require Johnson & Johnson to put warnings on the product’s label instead. When the court said doing so was beyond the jurors’ ability, they slapped the health care company with an additional $4 million in punitive damages. The trial involved claims that the company’s baby powder contains asbestos and contributed to a woman’s mesothelioma diagnosis. Joanne Anderson, a 68-year-old woman, said her rare and deadly cancer ... Read More

J&J product relaunch will keep talc in baby products

Johnson & Johnson is redesigning its Johnson’s Baby products line to appeal to millennial moms who are more conscious about the ingredients in the products. According to CNBC, three years ago, the consumer health care giant began researching a relaunch of its line of baby products and, after talking to thousands of mothers, realized it needed to consider what it was putting into its products. “What we learned is that they were looking for fewer, simpler ingredients, more naturally derived ingredients in their products,” Trisha Bonner, associate director of research & development at J&J Consumer, told the news agency. “From ... Read More

Opinion: J&J may have a hard time overcoming personal jurisdiction in Missouri

In light of Missouri trial Judge Rex M. Burlison upholding the May 2016 verdict of $110 million in favor of plaintiff Lois Slemp, finding that although she is a Virginia resident her case meets the jurisdictional standards laid out by the U.S. Supreme Court, Law360 addresses the potential future of talc trials in Missouri. The Supreme Court ruled in June in Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California, effectively changing the previously functioning rules for establishing personal jurisdiction for out-of-state plaintiffs. The trial that had been underway for two weeks on behalf of three women who died of ovarian ... Read More

Experts explain science linking talc to ovarian cancer

In light of the thousands of lawsuits pending against Johnson and Johnson and talc-supplier Imerys claiming that prolonged genital use of talc-containing products caused women’s ovarian cancer, Law360 had experts explain some of the details of where talc science is today. Epidemiology, the discipline that is most often used to try to prove that a substance causes a disease, is the study and analysis of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. There are several study designs. Randomized clinical trial The “best” study, a randomized clinical trial, which is used to study drugs, isn’t ... Read More

Tobacco company delays in admitting fault mirror talc litigation

According to Vox, the tobacco companies are finally being forced by a federal court to follow through with the 2006 ruling by US District Judge Gladys Kessle that the companies pay for ads on national television and in newspapers admitting not only the dangers of smoking but also that they tried to make smoking more addictive, among other confessions. For 11 years, Big Tobacco has dragged its feet on complying with the ruling, filing appeals and employing other delays. The strategy of “deny, deny, deny” feels familiar. There have so far been seven completed talc trials in three states, with ... Read More

Judge upholds $110 million talc verdict, plaintiff proves jurisdiction

We previously reported that the estate of talc plaintiff Jacqueline Fox asked a Missouri court of appeals to reconsider its decision to overrule the $72 million verdict against Johnson and Johnson which was awarded last February. The appeals’ court’s decision was based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bristol Myers Squibb ruling from this June, which changed the standards for establishing personal jurisdiction for plaintiffs filing out of their home states. The estate of Alabama resident Fox contested that they should be allowed to re-argue for jurisdiction under the new law, as they have new evidence establishing personal jurisdiction in Missouri. ... Read More

Talc plaintiff wants chance to fight for verdict in high-profile appeal

Law 360 reports that on Oct. 31, the estate of Jacqueline Fox, the first Missouri talc plaintiff last year who won a $72 million verdict against Johnson and Johnson, has asked a Missouri court of appeals to reconsider its decision made earlier in October to overrule the high-profile verdict. In February 2016, a St. Louis jury had found Johnson and Johnson to be responsible for Fox’s ovarian cancer death and awarded one million dollars in punitive damages for every year of Fox’s life. The court’s decision to overturn the verdict was based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling in ... Read More

Plaintiffs in ovarian cancer talc cases are still fighting

In August the first California jury to hear a talc ovarian cancer case awarded now-deceased plaintiff Eva Echeverria a staggering $417 million, $110 million more than all four of the previous Missouri verdicts combined. The jury found that Johnson and Johnson’s talc-containing products contributed to the development of Echeverria’s ovarian cancer and the company should have warned her and other consumers of its products’ risks. They backed up this conclusion with $347 million in punitive damages. However, on Oct. 20, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maren E. Nelson overturned the verdict, granting Johnson and Johnson’s motion for judgment notwithstanding the ... Read More