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Permanent birth control Essure causing some women permanent pain

After the birth of her second child, Felicia Crossland knew she was finished having children. She opted for the only non-surgical permanent birth control method on the market – Essure. What she didn’t expect is to be left with permanent pain. Essure seemed like a perfect solution. The Texas woman didn’t like the idea of being put under with anesthesia and the recovery time with traditional tubal ligation. Her doctor told her that the contraceptive Essure would not only be permanent, but would offer much shorter recovery. Essure, made by Bayer Healthcare, consists of two nickel alloy coils that are implanted in ... Read More

Rep. Fitzpatrick to announce medical device reform bills

This week, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) along with Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) will announce a package of bills aimed at strengthening the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) medical device review process and increasing the accountability for dangerous products. They will be joined by women and families affected by medical devices including the permanent birth control method Essure and the laparoscopic hysterectomy device power morcellator. Speakers will share the emotional effects they say they experienced as a result of these allegedly failed medical devices, and their fight for justice. Fitzpatrick has been the leading voice in Congress calling for medical device approval ... Read More

Lawsuits say Bayer misled the public over Essure side effects

Hannah Dorman, Sabrina Dominguez and Krista Reid have teamed up with about 30 others, suing Bayer Corp. over injuries caused by its permanent birth control method Essure. The filings come just weeks after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended its strongest warning be placed on the device’s safety label. Essure was approved in 2002 and remains the only non-surgical permanent birth control method on the market. It consists of two nickel alloy coils that are implanted into each of the fallopian tubes. Over time, the body builds up scar tissue around the coils, forming a natural barrier that prevents ... Read More

Congressman introduces legislation to ban Essure permanent birth control

A Pennsylvania congressman has made good on his promise to introduce legislation to ban the permanent birth control implant Essure in response to complaints from thousands of women who say they have been harmed by the device. U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick introduced the bipartisan bill aimed at revoking the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) premarket approval status of Essure and requiring the manufacturer, Bayer Healthcare, to pull the device from the market. Essure was approved by the FDA in 2002, and remains the only FDA-approved non-surgical permanent birth control method available in the United States. Essure is a flexible, nickel-titanium ... Read More

Congressman to introduce a bill to ban Essure contraceptive device

U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania says he plans to introduce a bipartisan bill to Congress to ban the Bayer HealthCare contraceptive Essure because of reports the device has caused hundreds of women pain and suffering. “The Essure device is harming women and needs to be removed from the market,” he said in a prepared statement. “I believe it is imperative to the continued success of their brand and the other work they do to immediately end production of a product that poses such a danger to patient safety.” Essure is a flexible, nickel-titanium coil that is inserted into the ... Read More

Essure permanent birth control method a painful mistake for some women

April Langley of Atlanta believed the debilitating pain she experienced after having the Essure micro-coil implanted into her fallopian tubes as a form of permanent birth control would eventually go away. But, “I just kept getting worse and not better,” she said. April looked into having the device removed in hopes of alleviating the pain in her pelvis and lower back, the constant cramping, and the general sickness she felt since getting the device, but doctors said the only way to remove it was to have a hysterectomy. And then she found Dr. Bill Greene at Lakeshore Surgical Center, who ... Read More