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Oil Spill From Chevron Pipeline Failure Discovered in NW Colorado

Chevron Corp. and Colorado authorities are investigating the rupture of a six-inch pipeline that released about 4,800 gallons of oil into a northwestern Colorado stream. A consultant working for Chevron reportedly discovered the oil spill March 5. The spilled oil, which was initially reported to be about 50,000 gallons in volume, traveled about two miles downstream along and intermittent, unnamed tributary of Stinking Water Creek in Rio Blanco County near the Utah border. The oil stopped at a small dam that had been built downstream of the pipeline as a preventative measure to contain oil spills, the Associated Press reported. ... Read More

Feds Order Hilcorp To Fix Ruptured Alaskan Pipeline or Shut it Down

Federal regulators gave Hilcorp Energy an ultimatum March 3: Either repair its leaking methane gas pipeline in Cook Inlet, Alaska, by May 1 or shut the line down completely. Digital Journal reports that the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), an office of the U.S. Department of Transportation, issued the directive to oil and gas driller Hilcorp after discovering that the broken pipeline continues to release about 300,000 cubic feet of gas into Cook Inlet, southwest of Anchorage, daily. The leak was first discovered Feb. 7 even though company data indicated its presence as early as December 2016. Federal ... Read More

SoCalGas Repairing Natural Gas Line Break Near Fresno

Utility workers in Fresno County, California, are working to construct a bypass around a natural gas line that ruptured just west of Kingsburg, about 20 miles south of Fresno. ABC 30 Action News Fresno reports that the gas leak was discovered late last Friday but Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Co. does not know how long the line had been releasing gas before it was discovered. SoCalGas, the state’s largest utility company, has not determined what caused the rupture, but it is looking into the possibility that the underground line may have been damaged by a farm tractor. No fires or ... Read More

Another Pipeline Rupture In Western North Dakota Releases Toxic Salt Water

Another toxic pipeline spill has occurred in western North Dakota, just three miles away from the site of a major oil spill that released 176,000 gallons of crude oil into Ash Coulee Creek near Belfield, North Dakota, in December and about 150 miles from where the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies are protesting development of the Dakota Access Pipeline. According to Forum News Service, a broken White Rock Oil and Gas flow line running from an oil well to a nearby treatment unit ruptured and released about 280 barrels of toxic salt water and 20 barrels of oil into Franks Creek. The spill ... Read More

Judge Orders PG&E To Public Service, Shaming For Deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion

A federal judge has ordered California’s largest utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), to spend about $3 million on television and newspaper advertisements to inform the public it had been found guilty of violating natural gas pipeline safety regulations, which led to a catastrophic subterranean pipeline explosion in San Bruno. The penalty is part of a larger criminal sentencing that has sparked some controversy among critics. In addition to the “public shaming ads” and a maximum $3-million penalty, PG&E executives must also perform 2,000 hours of community service and the company as a whole must perform an additional 8,000 ... Read More

Magellan Pipeline Spill Releases 38,000 gallons of diesel in North-Central Iowa

Federal investigators joined Iowa authorities to investigate an underground pipeline breach that released 138,000 gallons of diesel fuel in a farm field and surrounding land in north-central Iowa Jan. 25. The pipeline is owned by Magellan Midstream Partners, a subsidiary of Magellan Pipeline Company, which has been fined several times over the last few years for numerous oil spills, most of which have occurred in the Midwest. “It’s a big one. It’s significant,” Jeff Vansteenburg of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources told the Des Moines Register. According to a safety plan Magellan submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the 2-inch ... Read More

Magellan Pipeline Settles Violations Related To Fuel Spills in Three States

Magellan Pipeline Company has reached an $18-million agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) settling alleged violations of the Clean Water Act related to pipeline spills of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel in Texas City, Texas; Nemaha, Nebraska; and El Dorado, Kansas. Under the agreement, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Magellan will spend $16 million on improving training for its staff and monitoring the integrity of its 11,000 miles of pipeline. A public transparency measure also requires the company to report information about certain types of pipeline releases and its responses to them. The other $2 ... Read More

SC Environmental Groups Sue Pipeline Owner Over 2014 Gas Spill

A pair of South Carolina environmental groups has filed a lawsuit against Kinder Morgan, alleging the Houston-based pipeline company is dragging its feet on cleanup of a 2014 pipeline breach that spilled 370,000 gallons of gasoline into an Anderson County waterway. Upstate Forever and Savannah Riverkeeper claim in their lawsuit that the 2014 spill continues to discharge harmful pollutants into a waterway that empties into three lakes and feeds the Savannah River, a major waterway that forms the border of South Carolina and Georgia. “More than two years after this spill was discovered, Kinder Morgan is still polluting the waters ... Read More

Oil Pipeline Break Spills 176,000 Gallons Into North Dakota Creek

An oil pipeline break released more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil into a Western North Dakota creek, about 150 miles from where the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies continue to face off against developers of the Dakota Access Pipeline. True Companies of Casper, Wyo., said that electronic monitoring equipment it uses to detect leaks failed to find the break in its Belle Fourche pipeline. Instead, the leak was discovered by a landowner on Dec. 5, but only after most of the oil flowed into the Ash Coulee Creek near Belfield, N.D. A spokesperson for the company told the ... Read More

Oil Industry Brine Spills Destroying North Dakota Prairie Soil and Groundwater

The proliferation of oil wells in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale region has been a 21st Century Gold Rush for energy companies, but all the new oil production is taking a toll on the environment in ways previously unforeseen. A recent decline in North Dakota’s oil production due to declining oil prices has allowed environmental experts to assess some of the ways Bakken shale development has damaged the environment, most notably the rich prairie soil and underlying aquifers. One of the biggest threats is the industry’s production of brine, which is churned up with oil in the drilling and extraction process. ... Read More