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Pennsylvania Pipeline Blast Damages Homes, Seriously Burns One Man


A natural gas pipeline exploded at a gas facility in a Southwestern Pennsylvania town Friday, generating a massive fireball that demolished a nearby home, damaged several others, and left a resident with serious burn injuries. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection reported that the pipeline blast occurred in a 36-inch pipeline at a complex owned by Texas Eastern Transmission, a unit of Spectra Energy Corp. of Houston, in Salem Township, about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh. Some local residents told the York (Pennsylvania) Dispatch that they always feared something could happen at the gas complex, and on Friday morning around 8:30 ... Read More

Pittsburgh Bus Drivers On Trial For Allegedly Racing Buses, Crashing

bus crash Pittsburg Port Authority - WTAE News image

A Pittsburgh Port Authority bus driver on trial for his alleged role in a 2014 crash that sent another bus off an embankment denied he and the other driver were recklessly racing and jockeying for position as prosecutors contend. Port Authority drivers Thomas Frauens, 57, and Juliann Maier, 47, face multiple charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. The two had just set out for their morning shifts and were driving along Interstate 279 when the rear of Ms. Maier’s bus struck the Mr. Frauen’s bus. Surveillance footage shows Ms. Maier’s bus drifting back and forth toward Mr. Frauen’s bus ... Read More

Unions Push OSHA for Lower Beryllium Exposure Limits Than Proposed Rule Permits

shipbuilding beryllium coal slag blasting

Unionized steelworkers are pushing the federal government to adopt stricter safety standards governing beryllium exposure, arguing that the even a drastic exposure reduction proposed by regulators last year is inadequate in protecting many workers from the highly toxic element. According to the Newport News Daily Press, union officials from the largest Newport News shipyard say even the drastic reduction in exposure limits proposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) won’t protect thousands of workers, and advocate for even lower limits and different, safer blasting agents. OSHA has published a notice of proposed rulemaking, calling for public comments on ... Read More

GM Settles Third Ignition Switch Bellwether Case Ahead of Trial

GM recall

General Motors (GM) has settled the third of six lawsuits picked to be tried as bellwether cases for deaths and injuries stemming from its defective ignition switches, which put millions of its vehicles at risk of suddenly losing power and crashing without airbag protection. GM’s lawyers filed a letter in federal court in Manhattan Thursday saying it had entered into a confidential settlement with plaintiff Nadia Yingling, who sued the automaker in 2013 after her husband James was killed when his 2006 Saturn Ion lost power and crashed on a Pennsylvania highway. Ms. Yingling’s case had been set to go ... Read More

West Virginia Woman Sues Smith & Nephew for allegedly defective metal hip implant

hip implant

Anna Raab of West Virginia underwent her first hip replacement surgery in 2010 at a state hospital and received Smith and Nephew Inc.’s Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System — a metal-on-metal design that had been pre-approved by the FDA. After only a month, Raab had to have a revision surgery after she began to experience complications. The surgeon implanted three additional Smith & Nephew components, which are not specifically part of the original BHR system. But when Raab’s complications continued, she went to the University of Pittsburgh for a second revision surgery. She was then advised that her hip implant had ... Read More

Zofran not approved to treat morning sickness

Pregnant Girl

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is being sued by more than 200 families who are alleging that their drug ondansetron, which is marketed as Zofran, causes birth defects and should never have been sold to pregnant women to treat morning sickness. The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1991 to treat nausea during chemotherapy and following surgery. “They were telling the doctors this is a great anti-nausea drug, which we don’t dispute it, but what they weren’t saying is that they had never gotten approval for use in pregnant women because there were no tests,” an attorney for ... Read More

Study finds only modest benefits with testosterone therapy

Low T

Dave Bostick, 71, a participant in a landmark study on the effects of testosterone therapy in older men, said he knew the minute he stopped using the gel he received during the study that he had been using a testosterone product and not the placebo gel. His mood and energy level worsened almost immediately. Bostick was one of nearly 800 participants in a University of Pittsburgh study whose design is considered the most rigorous, gold standard in research. The participants – all men older than 65 – were randomly selected to receive either AbbVie’s AndroGel testosterone gel or a placebo gel. None ... Read More

Debate about usefulness of pelvic exams more reason to be aware of ovarian cancer symptoms

talc ovarian cancer

Earlier this year, TODAY.com reported on controversy surrounding pelvic exams and their usefulness in a woman’s yearly health routine. The Annals of Internal Medicine released a report examining viewpoints opposing the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology guidelines that still recommend annual pelvic exams, although annual cervical cancer screenings are no longer recommended. It is notable that doctors on both sides of the debate seem to acknowledge weakness of the pelvic exam as a screening test for ovarian cancer. Dr. Jennifer Potter, director of the Women’s Health Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an associate professor of medicine at ... Read More

Consumer Sues Sunbeam Over Electric Blanket Burn Injuries

electric blanket - wikimedia commons

PITTSBURGH, Penn. – A Pittsburgh-area woman who claims to have received first- and second-degree burns on her head and face while using an electric blanket has filed a federal lawsuit against Sunbeam Products, alleging it negligently manufactured the blanket. The plaintiff, who filed the complaint in a Western Pennsylvania federal court, seeks more than $250,000 in damages and any additional compensation the court finds suitable, the Penn Record reported. The plaintiff’s attorney told the Penn Record that the woman fell asleep using her electric blanket. When she woke up, she found the blanket had heated excessively where she had it pressed ... Read More

Lawsuit claims hospital caused mold infection in lungs

mold in compounded drugs

Che DuVall, 70, is suing University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Presbyterian Hospital claiming the facility caused him to contract a fungal infection in his lungs following transplant surgery. DuVall’s lawsuit, which was filed in Allegheny County Court, claims the UPMC recklessly housed the patient in a room that made him more susceptible to mold infection. Four transplant patients developed fungal infections during the mold outbreak, three of whom died. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say the organ transplant patients who developed the infections likely contracted them while spending time in a “negative pressure” room. UPMC said ... Read More