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SoCalGas Aliso Canyon Facilities Still Feared Hazard Despite Well Closures

Three years after the worst gas leak in U.S. history forced the closure of Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) storage facilities at Aliso Canyon, nearly half the wells operating before the massive methane leak are closed after state regulators determined they are no longer safe to operate. Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Daily News show that of the 114 wells SoCalGas built to inject and withdraw natural gas at its Aliso Canyon site, 51 have been taken out of operation due to safety concerns, and another three wells have been permanently sealed. According to the Daily News, state records show ... Read More

Toxins Found in Systems of Porter Ranch Residents exposed to gas leak

Porter Ranch residents who were exposed to the Aliso Canyon gas leak have been found to have high levels of uranium, lithium and styrene, a derivative of benzene, in their systems. The toxic levels in their systems were found by urine and hair samples taken from the residents, who live near the site of the gas leak. An estimated 100,000 metric tons of methane gushed from an aged well just above Porter Ranch in January 2016. The well was operated by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas). According to Los Angeles Daily News, the leak left thousands of nearby residents sick and forced them ... Read More

Two Porter Ranch Residents Diagnosed with Rare Form of Leukemia linked to benzene exposure

From October 2015 to February 2016, an estimated 97,000 metric tons of natural gas spewed from a storage well in Porter Ranch, Southern California. Around 8,000 families were relocated to prevent long-term exposure to toxic fumes such as benzene, a known link to cancer. Now, 18 months later, two of those Porter Ranch residents are fighting for their lives. Aliya Hall, age 7, spends a lot of her time at Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy. Zaven Islikaplan, 63, spends more time at the hospital than at home due to his brutal rounds of chemo that require regular breathing treatments. Their diagnoses are identical: acute myeloid leukemia (AML), ... Read More

Porter Ranch Residents Want Utility Facility Permanently Shut Down After Another Gas Leak Is Discovered

The residents of Porter Ranch, Calif., experienced firsthand the “worst gas leak in U.S. history” earlier this year when Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas)’s Aliso Canyon operation began leaking volumes of methane gas starting October 2015 and continuing until February of 2016. The gas rupture forced at least 8,000 residents from their homes for months. After finally returning home, residents complained of headaches, nosebleeds and nausea from the gas fumes. The company was going through the process of reopening the facility when a new gas leak was reported this weekend. Porter Ranch residents are now pleading to have the facility permanently shut down. ... Read More

SoCal Gas Leak Exposing Porter Ranch Residents To Toxic Benzene

A massive gas leak blasting from Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) Aliso Canyon operations has California regulators worried about the potential environmental impact. But for months they have expressed little concern that the out-of-control leak might cause long-term health problems for those exposed to the odorless gas. Independent experts, however, are saying residents in and around Porter Ranch, Calif., are possibly being exposed to high levels of benzene, a highly carcinogenic compound present in natural gas. Over time, benzene exposure could manifest as cancer or other illnesses. The SoCalGas started erupting in October and currently engineers have no idea how ... Read More