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FDA considers toning down side effects disclaimers on prescription drug ads

Posted: February 20, 2014 Pharmaceutical

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering overhauling regulations for television and radio advertisements for prescription drugs, possibly reducing the long list of potential side effects in an effort not to tune out or scare off consumers.

5 health products that are dangerous to women

Posted: January 29, 2014 Pharmaceutical

Medical devices, prescription drugs, and even consumer products offer unique benefits to women. But sometimes they can cause unexpected harm. Here are some products that women should use with caution:

4 prescription drugs that can be dangerous to your health

Posted: January 28, 2014 Pharmaceutical

Doctors prescribe medication to help relieve symptoms, clear up infections, or prevent or control serious health problems. However, even well-intending drugs can cause serious and even life threatening side effects that people should be aware of. Here’s a list of

FDA warns of fraudulent online pharmacies selling stolen, counterfeit drugs

Posted: January 19, 2014 Pharmaceutical

Websites that illegally sell prescription drugs may not only be selling counterfeit medications and drugs with undisclosed ingredients, they could also put consumers at risk for non-health related issues such as identity theft, computer viruses, and credit card fraud, the

FDA new rule would make generic drug companies accountable for safety of their drugs

Posted: November 13, 2013 Pharmaceutical

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking a new rule to close a loophole that prevents manufacturers of generic drugs from adequately warning patients of potentially harmful side effects, and the public is encouraged to weigh in on the

FDA warns consumers against unapproved diabetes treatments

Posted: August 6, 2013 Pharmaceutical

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to fall for products that claim to prevent, treat and even cure diabetes because they may contain harmful ingredients or be otherwise unsafe.

Generic drug maker settles whistleblower case for $500 million

Posted: May 16, 2013 Consumer Fraud

MONTGOMERY, Ala.—The Alabama Attorney General’s office announced Tuesday that it participated with other states and the federal government in a $500-million settlement with India-based generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy to resolve civil and criminal allegations that company for years made and

Prescription drug deaths rise for 11th consecutive year

Posted: February 23, 2013 Pharmaceutical

The number of prescription drug-induced deaths rose for the 11th straight year, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analysis. Most of the drug deaths were accidents involving potent painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin.

Olsen twins decorate line of handbags with prescription pills

Posted: January 16, 2013 Pharmaceutical

America’s love of prescription drugs sometimes manifests in bizarre, unexpected ways. In December, various fashion and entertainment media reported that diva twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen released a line of black patent-leather crocodile skin handbags studded not with precious stones

50th anniversary for Kefauver-Harris Amendment to ensure safer, more effective drugs

Posted: November 29, 2012 Pharmaceutical

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Kefauver-Harris Amendment, action that required drug companies provide more thorough data on the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs before they are approved. The amendment led to the development of evidence-based drug