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Toyota recalling 2.16 million vehicles worldwide, including Prius hybrid, Toyota and Lexis models

Toyota has announced a recall of more than 2.16 million vehicles worldwide. The recall includes 711,000 Prius automobiles in the U.S. and a total of about 1.9 million Prius autos worldwide; as well as an additional 260,000 non-hybrid vehicles. The Prius recall includes 2010-2014 Prius models, whose transistors may overheat or become damaged due to errors with the powertrain software. The glitch may cause the vehicle to stall or shut off completely while driving. The recall does not affect the Prius V nor Pricus c models, or the Toyota or Lexus hybrid vehicles. According to MSN, the transistor is a ... Read More

Faulty steering mechanism prompts Toyota Prius recall

A potential power steering flaw that can cause steering difficulty is behind the global recall of 106,000 Toyota Prius cars, including about 52,000 in the United States. The recall affects model-year 2001-03 Priuses only. Toyota announced the recall on Wednesday. According to automaker, the electric power steering pinion shaft attachment nuts in the steering column can loosen and “over time, the customer will gradually notice significant increased steering effort when making a left turn.” Toyota’s press release does not cite any specific cases or accidents, but a Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons told the New York Times that it has received ... Read More

New NHTSA chief consumed with Toyota woes

When David Strickland took over the reigns of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in early January, he assumed his focus would be the finalizing of landmark fuel economy and tailpipe emissions regulations with the Environmental Protection Agency. What he didn’t anticipate was spending so much time reviewing the safety record of what was once the country’s most reliable car manufacturer. Once in his new role at NHTSA, however, Strickland hit the ground running working to defend the administration’s role in the investigation into eight separate reports of sudden and unintended acceleration incidents in Toyota vehicle since 2003. The ... Read More

Toyota investigates new sudden acceleration crash in Wisconsin

Toyota has launched an investigation into a new report of sudden unintended acceleration involving a 2009 Camry. The car’s driver, Myrna Marseilles, 76, of Wisconsin, said that she was parking her car at the YMCA in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. when the car suddenly accelerated forward and crashed into a wall. Marseilles told authorities that she had her foot on the brake when the car shot forward. She claimed to have a witness that her brake lights were on at the time of the accident. Although the Camry collided with a wall, her car’s air bags did not deploy and Marseilles was taken ... Read More

Driver complaints to NHTSA reveal Toyota recall repairs aren’t working

Quality Control Systems, a statistical analysis and research firm based in Crownsville, Maryland, has been publishing new complaints of sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles as they are received by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency has taken a special interest in sudden acceleration incidents that occur after the vehicles involved have been “repaired” under one or more of the safety recalls. Make : TOYOTA Model : COROLLA Year : 2010 Manufacturer : TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Crash : Yes Fire : No Number of Injuries: 0 ODI ID Number : 10318389 Number of Deaths: 0 Date of Failure: ... Read More

Toyota gives contradictory and confusing advice to Prius drivers

Toyota’s sudden acceleration problem has been splashed all over the news for months, leaving many drivers worried that their vehicles may one day race out of control without warning. Recently, much attention has been focused on the Prius, thanks to a growing number of incidents — some real and others apparently false – of the popular hybrids racing out of control. To help drivers who may one day find themselves behind the wheel of a runaway Prius, Toyota issued a press release on March 12 outlining the steps to take to bring the vehicle to a stop. The problem is ... Read More

How reliable are investigations into runaway car claims?

Glenda Whitfield says she tried to stop her 2007 Toyota Camry by mashing her foot on the brake pedal, but the car just kept accelerating. The vehicle didn’t stop until it had driven through a plate glass window of a Lee County, Ga., salon. Whitfield’s story is frightening, but what’s more disturbing is that stories of sudden and unintended acceleration in some Toyota and Lexus vehicles are making headlines since the major car maker announced a recall of more than 8.5 million Toyota vehicles worldwide. The recall is to replace and modify brake pedals and override software to automatically reduce ... Read More

Toyota, NHTSA to investigate engine stall in Corollas

While Toyota Corollas have the potential to accelerate suddenly and unintentionally, now there is mounting concern that they may also do the opposite: stall out while in motion. On March 2, 2010, a Toyota executive sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requesting a meeting with regulators to discuss investigating the possibility that electronic system flaws create a stall risk in about 1.2 million Corollas. Chris Santucci, Toyota’s regulatory manager who used to work for NHTSA, told NHTSA officials in the letter that “Toyota does not believe that the alleged defect creates an unreasonable risk to motor ... Read More

Can cosmic rays compromise Toyota’s electronic systems?

In the quest to discover the cause of sudden, unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles, some scientists are looking to the sun. Subatomic particles bursting forth from our sun and other stars occasionally make it through the earth’s atmosphere, propelled by cosmic blast waves to the earth’s surface, where they can sometimes wreak havoc on our terrestrial electronic systems. All cars manufactured these days rely less on mechanical systems for most of their functions and more on sophisticated electronic microcontrollers, which form the vehicle’s brains and govern basic functions such as throttle or speed. These complex devices, however, can be scrambled ... Read More

Toyota sacrificed quality in its race to become number one

When Toyota’s former president Katsuaki Watanabe met with American investors for the first time, he bragged about the accomplishments he made in his three short months with the company. Assuming the reigns of the world’s second-largest car company (GM was number one at the time), Watanabe wanted to be the leader who made Toyota number one, and he succeeded. But now the veil is being pulled from the successful legacy Watanabe so proudly designed and showcased, exposing an alarming betrayal of all the very things that made Toyota great — its dedication to quality, the reliability and safety of its cars, ... Read More