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FDA sends warning letters to distributors of pure powdered caffeine

Five distributors of pure powdered caffeine received warning letters from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that their products are potentially dangerous and their labels should be updated to warn consumers that improper use could be deadly. Pure caffeine powder is a highly concentrated form of the stimulant. A single dose is essentially 100 percent caffeine and a single teaspoon of the pure caffeine powder is about the equivalent to drinking 28 cups of coffee, which is toxic to humans. Last year, high school senior Logan Stiner died after consuming a lethal dose of pure powdered caffeine. An autopsy revealed that ... Read More

FDA considers legal action against people selling pure powdered caffeine

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into building a case against people who sell pure powdered caffeine to stop online sales of the potent substance that has been blamed for several illnesses and at least two deaths. The news comes just months after the FDA issued a safety alert to consumers about pure caffeine powder after the agency learned of the death of Logan James Stiner, a high school athlete who died after consuming a lethal dose of the substance last July. Pure powdered caffeine, which is sold in bulk as a dietary supplement, is essentially 100 percent caffeine. ... Read More