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Air Samples Taken at Albany’s Oil-by-Rail Confirm Exceedingly High Benzene Levels

Benzene is a chemical widely used in a number of industries and products, particularly the oil and petroleum industry. Most people remain unaware of the toxic danger of benzene exposure, which can happen by inhalation or skin absorption. Once benzene enters the bloodstream, it affects the bone marrow and blood forming cells, which damages white and red blood cells, as well as platelets. It is a confirmed carcinogen and has been linked to a variety of cancers and blood diseases in humans. Many people that work in industries where benzene is present have experienced benzene-related leukemia and lymphoma. The American Cancer Society ... Read More

Family of Rail Worker Killed By Wayward Train Sues Amtrak

The family of one of the rail workers killed after being struck by an Amtrak train near Chester, Penn., April 3 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Amtrak. Joe Neal Carter Jr., 61, was a performing maintenance work on a track with fellow Amtrak employee Peter Adamvich, when an Amtrak train traveling 106 mph caught the men by surprise and collided with them. Mr. Carter, an Amtrak employee for 40 years, had been working an overtime shift when the accident occurred. He and Mr. Adamvich had been cleaning the ballast with a backhoe just north of the Delaware state ... Read More