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Trump Calls for Elimination of Chemical Safety Board

Donald Trump has called for the elimination of the Chemical Safety Board, an independent federal agency responsible for investigating major chemical-related incidents, such as explosions, fire, spills, leaks and other disasters. The proposed Chemical Safety Board shutdown is the second time Trump has sought to shutter the agency. He also called for nixing the agency’s entire $11 million budget – one of the smallest budgets in the U.S. and one that could be funded many times over through penalties for safety and environmental violations – in his 2018 budget proposal. The Chemical Safety Board’s budget is dwarfed by the essential ... Read More

Repeal of OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Could Endanger U.S. Workers

A federal regulation that allows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to pursue companies for violations up to five years after an employee injury or death has been repealed by the Trump Administration. The rollback of OSHA’s “Volks Rule” potentially exposes Alabama workers, and workers throughout the country, to uncorrected workplace hazards. Its repeal means that now OSHA regulators have just six months from the time of an incident to hold a company accountable. With just 24 OSHA inspectors overseeing the safety of every business in the state, the six-month statute of limitations makes it impossible for them to hold ... Read More

Side Underride Crashes Kill 200-Plus Motorists Per Year, No Solution In Sight

Side underride crashes aren’t just among the most common types of crashes involving tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles; they’re one of the most gruesome. These crashes occur when a car or other type of vehicle slams into the side of a tractor trailer and crashes underneath the vehicle, usually after having its top sheared off by the high clearance between the bottom of the trailer and the road. Victims of side underride crashes are often decapitated. Government data shows that more than 200 people are killed every year in side underride crashes with tractor trailers, which could largely be prevented with ... Read More

Kansas Amusement Ride Bill Seeks Tougher Safety Regulations In Wake Of Waterslide Death

Kansas state legislators have advanced a new bill that would toughen the state’s amusement ride safety laws months after the 10-year-old son of a Kansas Republican lawmaker was decapitated on a 17-story waterslide. The bill will go to the House floor and will have to be approved by the full chamber. It currently seems to have broad bi-partisan support among the assembly’s Democrats, moderate Republicans, and far-right Republicans, the Kansas City Star reported. Republican Rep. John Barker of Abilene, who pushed for better regulations, told the Kansas City Star that the bill is a “comprehensive first step” because it covers ... Read More

Daughter’s Severe Burn Injuries Set California Mother On Crusade For Burn injury Awareness, Regulations

A California mother whose teenage daughter was severely burned by a container of bio-fuel that lacked a flame arrester on its mouth has become one of the leading voices in the nation for burn injury awareness, safety, and legislation. Margaret Priest Lewis described to MomZette the horrific event at her Sonoma, California, home in 2014 that forever changed the lives of her and her daughter. In June of that year, Nicolette Lewis, 16, her twin sister Ally, and two friends were about to roast marshmallows and make s’mores in a portable, ventless bio-ethanol fireplace.  Mrs. Priest told MomZette that they ... Read More

Plaintiffs Lawyers Argue Against Legal Immunity For Self-Driving Car Makers

Plaintiffs lawyers are pushing back against a number of regulatory proposals governing liability issues for autonomous self-driving cars and their manufacturers as these “robot cars” inch closer to becoming a reality on U.S. roads. One main point of contention is a proposal to grant automobile manufacturers blanket legal immunity in cases where their autonomous vehicles crash and cause personal injury. The proposal comes as industry groups, legislators, lawyers, and others hash out the legal and regulatory framework for self-driving cars, which is proving to be as complex as the technology behind the cars itself. “Alternative immunity schemes” being considered include ... Read More

Trump Admin Poised to Dismantle Consumer protections

Less than two weeks from taking over the Oval Office, Donald Trump and his administration vowed to cut the vast majority of business regulations – a measure that would likely lead to the demise of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the watchdog agency designed to protect U.S. consumers from the kinds of predatory lending practices that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis and housing crisis. The CFPB was designed by consumer advocates to be an autonomous agency, free from the grip of special interests that often influence Congress. Because it is funded by the Federal Reserve, the bureau does not ... Read More

FMCSA Introduces Further Changes Making It Easier For Veterans To Become Commercial Drivers

U.S. transportation regulators are proposing amendments to existing regulations to allow qualified Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) physicians to be included on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The proposed changes are part of the agency’s push to ease the transition of military personnel into civilian careers driving commercial motor vehicles at a time when the commercial trucking industry faces a national shortage of qualified drivers. After successful completion of an FMCSA-developed training and testing program conducted through the VA, the physicians would become certified to perform medical examinations of prospective truck drivers and issue ... Read More

No Regulatory Changes For Hot Air Balloon Industry In Wake of Deadly Lockhart Crash

Despite pressure from legislators and safety advocates, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it has no intentions of tightening commercial hot air balloon regulations, at least until federal investigators wrap up their probe of the July 30 balloon crash that killed 16 people in Lockhart, Texas. But that investigation, led by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), could take 18 months or longer to complete. Already in the weeks following the horrific July 30 Heart of Texas balloon crash there have been other, non-fatal brushes with disaster involving hot air balloons. On Oct. 2, two hot air balloons drifted into ... Read More

Another Texas Hot Air Balloon Slams Into Ground Near Power Lines

A driver in Pflugerville, Texas, was startled to see a hot air balloon rapidly descending over FM 685, so he started video recording it. The video shows the balloon crashing into a field across from an HEB grocery store parking lot, narrowly missing a row of power lines by about 100 feet. “Needless to say we were shocked to look up and see it coming,” viewers Dawn and Michael Hale told KXAN News, Austin. The hot air balloon’s basket, which appeared to have three occupants, tipped over when it struck the ground. For a moment appeared that it would lift ... Read More