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CPSC announces new toy safety standards

To help educate parents about toy safety, Consumer Product Safety CommissionChairman Inez Tenenbaum held a town-hall style meeting in New York City. Discussions centered on new federal safety rules that raise the standards for toys and help protect children from unnecessary harm. As more and more toys are manufactured in China, many parents have become increasingly vigilant for toys that could potentially harm their children. Overseas toy manufacturers frequently set low safety standards for themselves. Worse, they often violate the safety standards established by the U.S. government, prompting the CPSC to issue safety alerts and toy recalls. When toy manufacturers ... Read More

New CPSIA requirements for children’s products go into effect today

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that new requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) would go into effect today. The new regulations are aimed at making children’s products safer and increasing consumer confidence in the marketplace. The new requirements will affect product manufacturing standards, toughen regulations about advertising children’s products, and increase fines for violations of these standards. CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said, “I will ensure that these requirements are enforced vigorously and fairly.” She urged businesses to comply. New standards include: The limit for Lead Content in children’s products will be reduced from 600 ... Read More


There appears to be some debate about classifying vehicles such as the Yamaha Rhino as an Off Road Vehicle (ORV), sometimes also called Off Highway Vehicle (OHV), versus an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). While ATVs are also classified as ORVs or OHVs, because they are designed to be operated off standard asphalt highway surfaces, not all OHVs can be called ATVs, according to a story recently published in The Northern Times, serving Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. According to the story, Rhino operators are discovering that side-by-side off-road vehicles such as theirs are technically classified as ORVs, which may be subject to ... Read More