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Resources and help for disabled voters

On Election Day, voters with disabilities have two options when it comes to casting their ballot. Past elections have demonstrated that every vote is critical, so polling officials are required to make sure every disabled voter has access to the ballot box. The first step for any voter, of course, is to register to vote if you haven’t voted in the past or you have moved to a new location since the last voting cycle. All voters may use this state-by-state guideline and form to register. Disabled voters who cannot vote at their actual designated poll may choose to vote ... Read More

Lawmakers question veterans home officials about schedules, salaries

Iowa state lawmakers put officials from the Iowa Veterans Home on the hot seat last week about a decision made by the home to switch doctors to an on-call system for nights, weekends and holidays, resulting in a generous boost for the center’s four doctors, according to the Des Moines Register. Medical Director Dr. Melissa Bruhl said she recommended the change to the home’s administrator Dan Steen because she was having a difficult time finding relief for the 24-hour coverage. As a result, the arrangement increased Bruhl’s salary from $244,000 per year to about $319,000. The nursing home’s human resources director ... Read More

Assisted living employee fired for verbal abuse

Caring and Sharing Home for Adults is home to up to 46 people in need of assistance from others. Like the nearly 50 other assisted living facilities in Newport News, Va., it is inspected by the state’s licensing division at least once a year. In 2008, the facility was inspected nine times – more than half of those were in response to complaints. The complaints were often anonymous and varied between neglect to children living there to spoiled food. But a new complaint about alleged verbal abuse by one employee resulted in action by the facility, according to the Daily ... Read More

Man wanders from nursing home, killed by passing train

George King Sr., of Charleston, W.V., lived in Heartland of Charleston nursing home. He had Alzheimer’s Disease, and like many individuals suffering from the memory-loss disorder, King was prone to wander. Many nursing homes who care for patients with Alzheimer’s have practices in place to ensure patients who wander stay within the nursing home wing where they live. But few practices are foolproof. Late last month, King wandered from his nursing home. That evening around 8 p.m., staff noticed he was missing and notified police. After hours of searching for the 73-year-old man, police got a report of a pedestrian ... Read More

Second Wind makes seniors’ dreams come true

Catherine accomplished many goals in her 99 years. She was an elder in the United Methodist Church where she taught and mentored countless young people. She had history of leadership, stemming from 1927, when she was one of the first four women to attend a certificate class at Emory University. But as Catherine moved into her sunset years at the Lutheran Towers facility in Georgia, she had one regret she just couldn’t shake. She always wanted to graduate from Emory. National nonprofit organization Second Wind Dreams got word of Catherine’s desire, dressed her in a cap and gown, and presented ... Read More

Do your research when considering options in long term care

No one sets out to live in a nursing home. But when a family member declines to a point that living on his own is simply impossible, alternatives must be weighed. For family members of these aging individuals making long term care decisions can be overwhelming. Five years ago my sister and I found ourselves in a similar situation. Our mother, who was an only child, had passed away years earlier. Her parents – our grandparents – lived more than 2,000 miles away. Their health was rapidly declining. My grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease just ... Read More

Agencies team up to prevent elder abuse

Concerned at the 71 percent increase in elder abuse cases in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, over the past five years, city officials decided to pool resources and fight back. Earlier this month Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone and Elders Affairs Secretary Mike Festa announced an initiative to prevent elder abuse, according to the Boston Globe. The LEAPS (Leaders in Elder Abuse Prevention) initiative will bring together agencies, community organizations, and health care providers responsible for the care of senior citizens in an effort to better identify seniors who may be suffering from abuse or living in ... Read More

web site gives free nursing home info

Choosing a skilled nursing facility for a family member can be a daunting task. A web site, MemberoftheFamily.net, aims to help by offering free, easy-to-understand reports based on government surveys of approximately 16,000 nursing homes across the country. The site allows readers to review past and present state survey results, fire safety violations and substantiated complaints for all Medicare/Medicaid-certified nursing homes anywhere in the United States. Perhaps the most useful tool on the site is the National Watch List, which provides a listing of nursing homes cited for violations or that have received substantiated complaints. This list is broken down ... Read More