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Catholic oil spill relief efforts running on fumes

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New Orleans has been busy providing assistance to all of the families in southern Louisiana who have been devastated by BP’s oil spill in the Gulf, but its funds have run out. Since May, the charity has distributed nearly $2 million in aid to 20,000 people of St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes and seven other coastal relief sites. BP contributed $1 million to those efforts. The money helped people affected by the crisis by providing emergency counseling services, food, rent, and cash assistance. The charity is now spending out of its reserves at a cost ... Read More

Oil spill cleanup technology lags dangerously behind

BP and other giant oil corporations have invested billions of dollars to develop means of drilling deeper and farther out to sea, yet they have invested relatively no money in developing effective deep-sea oil cleanup and response methods. Every year, the oil companies continue to push the envelope on offshore drilling in deep, remote regions of the ocean. Yet a devastating problem without a good solution will be created should anything go wrong with these risky operations, as BP’s volcano of oil in the Gulf of Mexico so clearly demonstrates. Even after the 1979 Mexican oil spill in the Gulf, ... Read More

Toyota acknowledges NHTSA’s record civil penalty

Toyota issued a brief statement on its website today, acknowledging the $16.375 million civil penalty it received from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for violations of federal regulations governing automotive defect alerts and protocol. “Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) received notice from NHTSA on April 5 (in the United States) that NHTSA is seeking a civil penalty. TMC is now considering its response,” a statement on Toyota’s website said. “Toyota has and will continue to practice its philosophy of satisfying consumers with high quality vehicles that are safe and reliable, and responding to consumer feedback with honesty and integrity,” the ... Read More