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$192 Million BP Oil Spill Funds Going to Alabama’s Two Coastal Counties

BP oil spill funds intended to aid in the recovery of the Gulf Coast are ready to be invested in Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey said in an announcement Monday. According to Gov. Ivey, the U.S. Treasury Department has approved Alabama’s plan to invest the funds. The $192.4 million injection of cash will be dispersed among 15 projects proposed by Alabama’s Multiyear Implementation Plan for Gulf Coast Recovery developed by the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council. All of the projects proposed by the AGCR are located in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, which together form Alabama’s entire section of Gulf Coast. The ... Read More

Gulf leaders may lose critical opportunity to save remaining coastal wetlands

Last month, when Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced that virtually all the funds the state would receive from BP for oil-spill restoration would be used to build an $85-million luxury hotel and conference center on the beach, environmentalists knew it was going to be a long battle to reverse the harm done to the Gulf’s beaches and wetlands and the sensitive ecosystems they sustain. After all, millions of barrels of highly toxic dispersant-treated oil are still blanketing the seafloor just off the coast, smothering all life for hundreds of square miles. And there the oil will remain for the next ... Read More

Alabama leaders express high hopes for BP oil spill fine money

President Obama signed the RESTORE Act into law Friday, a measure that will channel billions of dollars in BP oil spill fine money away from federal coffers, sending it instead directly to the Gulf Coast states to aid in environmental and economic recovery. Senators Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) and Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) introduced the RESTORE Act in July 2011 in an effort to ensure most of the fines collected under the Clean Water Act would be invested on the Gulf Coast. Under federal law, such fines collected by the government are normally deposited in a general fund used for the cleanup ... Read More

BP spill fines could create 57,000 new Gulf Coast jobs, new study finds

NEW ORLEANS—BP oil spill fines could generate thousands of jobs if the Restore Act passes and those funds are invested in the Gulf Coast, according to a study commissioned by two non-profit groups, Greater New Orleans Inc. and the Walton Family Foundation. At some point in the future, BP will have to pay fines for violating the Clean Water Act with its disastrous Deepwater Horizon spill, which flooded the Gulf with 4.9 million barrels of oil (more than 200 million gallons) and fouled fisheries and beaches from Louisiana to Florida. Should investigators find that gross negligence on BP’s part contributed ... Read More