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Ride The Ducks To Pay $123 Million to Seattle Duck Boat Crash Victims

A Seattle jury ordered Ride the Ducks International and its Seattle operator to pay the victims of a deadly 2015 duck boat bus crash and their families $123 million in damages. The awards to the 42 plaintiffs in the case range from $40,000 to $25 million, with the highest award of about $26 million going to Phuong Dinh, a severely injured crash survivor. The crash occurred in September 2015 when the left-front axle broke on a World War II-era amphibious duck boat, sending the vehicle into oncoming traffic on Seattle’s Aurora Bridge. The duck boat crashed into a charter bus ... Read More

Duck Boat Operators Trying to Ward off Lawsuits with 1800s Law

The two companies defending themselves in litigation over the tragic duck boat accident in Branson, Missouri, that killed 17 people in July invoked a maritime law from the 1800s in their argument that they owe no money to victims’ families. The duck boat operators, Ripley Entertainment and Branson Duck Vehicles, filed a lawsuit in federal court on Monday seeking to use the Limitation of Liability Act of 1851 as a shield against more than two dozen lawsuits. The lawsuits were filed by family members of the 17 people aboard the duck boat that sank July 19. There were 31 people ... Read More

Sen. McCaskill Seeks Duck Boat Safety Measures

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has drafted new legislation that would require the duck boat industry to implement safety measures that could prevent the amphibious vehicles from sinking like the one that killed 17 people in her home state July 19. McCaskill bases her proposed legislation on recommendations the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) urged nearly two decades ago after the Miss Majestic duck boat sank in Arkansas, killing 13 people. Those recommendations included adding flotation measures that would keep the duck boats upright and afloat when flooded and getting rid of the overhead canopies that can trap people underwater ... Read More

Duck Boat Co. Didn’t Address Sinking and Drowning Dangers, Inspector Says

Duck boats like the one that sank in Branson, Missouri, July 19, killing 17 people, have major design flaws that put them at risk of sinking – and their occupants at risk of drowning – a private inspector warned the duck boat operator less than a year ago. Steve Paul, owner of the St. Louis-based inspection service company Test Drive Technologies, told the Associated Press he issued Ride the Ducks Branson a written report in August 2017 explaining how the boat’s engines could easily fail in inclement weather, which could cause the vessel to sink. Mr. Paul told the AP ... Read More

NTSB Looking at How Branson Duck Boat Used Weather Information

Federal investigators said the duck boat that sank in Branson, Missouri, killing 17 people July 19, was plying Lake Table Rock in weather conditions similar to those of a hurricane, with winds of 73 mph and waves potentially cresting at 6 feet. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is leading the investigation of the deadly capsizing, said in a press conference Saturday that one major aspect of the probe is focused on how Ride the Ducks Branson, the company that owns and operates the amphibious boats, uses weather information. Various reports indicate that two duck boat tours went into ... Read More

Duck Boat Sinks in Branson, Missouri, Killing 17 People

Seventeen people died when an amphibious duck boat capsized in a Branson, Missouri, lake Thursday evening as a severe storm swept through the area. The duck boat was one of two amphibious tour boats in Branson’s Table Rock Lake. Both duck boats battled waves crashing from all directions and strong winds. One boat made it safely back to shore but the other was inundated with water and sank quickly. There were 31 people aboard the duck boat at the time, including two crew members. Various reports say that a number of children were among the 17 people killed. Fourteen of ... Read More

Governments Clash in Ride the Ducks Bus Crash Dispute

A Ride the Ducks amphibious bus crash that killed five people and injured 69 others in Seattle three years ago has triggered another legal dispute between the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. Since the Sept. 24, 2015 crash, city and state attorneys have been clashing in court over who is legally responsible for the safe operation of the Aurora Avenue Bridge, a six-lane bridge with three lanes each for northbound and southbound traffic. The city previously filed a motion asking a King County judge to release it from responsibility for the lack of a barrier to separate ... Read More

Deadly Duck Bus Accident In Boston Sparks Call For Nationwide Ban

A deadly collision between a Boston Duck Tours amphibious bus and a moped Saturday morning has prompted a Philadelphia attorney familiar with the special buses and the dangers they pose to call for a nationwide ban on the vehicles. The latest duck bus crash, which remains under investigation, occurred near Boston Common around 11:30 a.m. April 30, when the sightseeing bus collided with a motor scooter, killing the 29-year-old female scooter driver and injuring her passenger. The bus is owned by Boston Duck Tours, which has been in business since 1994. The company has its counterparts in other U.S. cities ... Read More

Wrongful-Death Suit Filed by Family of Youngest Seattle Duck Bus Crash Victim

A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against Ride the Ducks tour company, the City of Seattle, and the State of Washington on behalf of Runjie Song, the youngest victim of a Sept. 24 crash that killed five people and injured 62 others. Ms. Song, 17, a native of Beijing, China, was an international exchange student set to begin studying at North Seattle College. She and other students of the college, many of whom were from other countries, were on an orientation tour of Seattle when their tour bus was struck by an amphibious Ride the Ducks tour bus on a narrow ... Read More

Ride The Ducks Bus Crash Victims Move To Sue Seattle, State

Three North Seattle College students who were severely injured when a Ride the Ducks amphibious tour bus crashed into their charter bus in September want to add the city of Seattle and the state of Washington as co-defendants to a lawsuit they filed earlier in King County Superior Court. According to The Seattle Times, Phuong Dinh, Mazda Hutapea, and Yuta Masumota are already suing the Ride the Ducks of Seattle and its parent company in addition to the driver of the Duck bus. Five passengers were killed when the vintage Ride the Ducks amphibious tour bus veered out of control on a ... Read More