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Kansas Amusement Ride Bill Seeks Tougher Safety Regulations In Wake Of Waterslide Death

Kansas state legislators have advanced a new bill that would toughen the state’s amusement ride safety laws months after the 10-year-old son of a Kansas Republican lawmaker was decapitated on a 17-story waterslide. The bill will go to the House floor and will have to be approved by the full chamber. It currently seems to have broad bi-partisan support among the assembly’s Democrats, moderate Republicans, and far-right Republicans, the Kansas City Star reported. Republican Rep. John Barker of Abilene, who pushed for better regulations, told the Kansas City Star that the bill is a “comprehensive first step” because it covers ... Read More

Ferris Wheel At Tennessee Fair Had Damaged Gondola

A Ferris wheel that malfunctioned at an eastern Tennessee fair last week had worn out rivet fasteners that caused a gondola to tip, sending three girls tumbling more than 30 feet to the ground, inspectors found. Inspectors hired by ride owner Family Attractions Amusement and the Greene County Fair found that rivets on the bottom of the pivoting cart caused a piece of metal trim to come loose and lodge in the wheel frame, tipping the gondola over as it rose to the top. The three girls who fell out of the bucket were taken to the hospital. Six-year-old Briley ... Read More

Ride malfunction at Ohio amusement park injures seven

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A water thrill ride malfunctioned Friday at Cedar Point amusement park near Cleveland, Ohio, Friday, injuring seven people who were on boat that slid backward down a steep hill and flipped over in water. Investigators are at the park this week trying to determine how the malfunction occurred on the “Shoot the Rapids” ride and why some of the safety restraints were not working properly. “We heard a snap and then a clunk and then it was the loudest noise, like an explosion,” Emily Capezzuto, one of the riders, told the Sandusky Register. “Then it slid down ... Read More

Amusement ride injuries to children soar in summer, new study finds

Twenty children are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms every day during the summer months for injuries involving rides at amusement parks, fairs, malls, and other venues according to a new study published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics. But the study’s researchers found that most of the injuries don’t occur on the big, scary rides, but the seemingly harmless carousel. Analyzing emergency room records, the study’s researchers found that roller coasters accounted for 10 percent of all amusement park injuries to children. Bumper cars accounted for about 4 percent of the total injuries. But 21 percent of the injuries occurred ... Read More

Wounded Iraq vet killed after being thrown from NY roller coaster

Twenty-nine-year-old Army sergeant James Thomas Hackemer survived combat in Iraq, lost both of his legs to a roadside bomb, emerged from a 6-week coma, and endured years of painful rehabilitation only to lose his life back home in the United States … on an amusement park roller coaster ride. Sgt. Hackemer was killed on the evening of Friday, July 8, after being ejected from the “Ride of Steel” roller coaster at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort in upstate New York. He was on riding the 208-foot tall, 70-mph roller coaster with his nephew when the tragic accident occurred. Investigators are ... Read More

School girl plunges to death from Jersey Shore Ferris wheel

An 11-year-old girl died Friday afternoon at Morey’s Pier Amusement Park in Wildwood, New Jersey, after falling about 100 feet from a moving Ferris wheel. Police said that Abiah Jones of Pleasantville, N.J., was on a school trip to Wildwood with her Pleasant Tech Academy classmates when the accident occurred about 12:30 p.m. The amusement pier, owned by the Morey family since 1969, is one of many amusement piers built along Wildwood’s boardwalk. Police said the girl’s body was found at the passenger loading area, leading them to believe she fell from near the top of the ride. According to ... Read More