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Nominations for 2010 Highway Heroes announced

Heavy trucks get a bad rap in the news all the time, so it’s nice when some of the heroes of the trucking industry get the attention they deserve for their courageous, lifesaving acts on the road. Thanks to the Goodyear North America Highway Hero Awards, commercial truck drivers are celebrated every year for their good deeds. The 28th annual Highway Hero Award ceremony was held last Thursday in Akron, Ohio. The four finalists announced were a Texas truck driver who administered CPR to a victim of a high-speed crash; a Washington truck driver who pulled an unconscious driver from ... Read More

Enormous mass of dead fish troubles scientists and Louisiana residents

Oceanographers and scientists have been warning that only time will reveal how much damage BP’s massive oil spill and its use of chemical oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico have done to the environment and marine ecology. This week a troubling sign has emerged in the form of an astonishingly large mass of floating dead fish just west of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Masses of dead fish surfacing in the Gulf of Mexico are unfortunately  common events, especially near the mouth of the Mississippi River where oxygen-depleted dead zones created by miles of fertilizer runoff frequently choke ... Read More

3 commercial trucks involved in fiery Illinois interstate pileup

A massive five-vehicle pileup occurred on a stretch of westbound Interstate 64 near the southwestern Illinois city of New Baden Friday, critically injuring one man. Reports say that the fiery, chain-reaction crash involved a pickup pulling a trailer, a U-Haul box truck pulling a trailer, a tractor-trailer, an SUV, and a flatbed semi truck. The crash remains under investigation, but authorities suspect that slowed traffic near an interstate construction zone was a factor. According to state police, both the U-Haul truck and the pick-up truck were slowing or stopped in traffic before a construction zone. A tractor trailer apparently failed ... Read More

CSA 2010: An uncomfortable change for many

When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rolls out its new Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA 2010) safety rating system this summer, commercial trucking companies and drivers alike will have take extra caution that their record complies with the government’s rules and regulations. Violations and sub-standard performance will become part of the public record, which could be reviewed in negotiating contracts and hiring new drivers. Drivers might also access the information to screen the safety records of potential employers. In fact, the information collected and entered into CSA 2010 could be used in a multitude of ways that makes some carriers ... Read More