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New NHTSA rule would make brake override systems standard in all US vehicles

If a new rule proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Thursday is implemented, brake-throttle override systems would become standard issue in all cars and trucks sold in the United States. NHTSA has proposed adding the systems, which would give brakes priority in the event both brake and gas pedals are pressed at the same time, as controversy over sudden unintended acceleration problems in Toyota vehicles rages on. In 2010 and 2011, Toyota recalled millions of vehicles for their potential to speed out of control unexpectedly and crash. The car maker also paid record fines for violating federal ... Read More

Toyota sudden acceleration defect frees woman from criminal charges

LOS ANGELES–Prosecutors have dismissed charges of reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter against a Torrance, California, woman whose Lexus RX330 crashed on a Los Angeles highway, killing her passenger. Unmi Suk Chung, 62, blamed the accident on a mechanical malfunction, saying the vehicle suddenly sped out of control. The 2008 crash occurred on Interstate 10 in West Los Angeles, killing Chung’s sister-in-law Esook Synn, 69, who was riding in the back seat. Another passenger who survived said that Chung had screamed “no brakes” repeatedly as the car sped out of control. Chung could have spent up to six years in state ... Read More

Toyota gives contradictory and confusing advice to Prius drivers

Toyota’s sudden acceleration problem has been splashed all over the news for months, leaving many drivers worried that their vehicles may one day race out of control without warning. Recently, much attention has been focused on the Prius, thanks to a growing number of incidents — some real and others apparently false – of the popular hybrids racing out of control. To help drivers who may one day find themselves behind the wheel of a runaway Prius, Toyota issued a press release on March 12 outlining the steps to take to bring the vehicle to a stop. The problem is ... Read More

How reliable are investigations into runaway car claims?

Glenda Whitfield says she tried to stop her 2007 Toyota Camry by mashing her foot on the brake pedal, but the car just kept accelerating. The vehicle didn’t stop until it had driven through a plate glass window of a Lee County, Ga., salon. Whitfield’s story is frightening, but what’s more disturbing is that stories of sudden and unintended acceleration in some Toyota and Lexus vehicles are making headlines since the major car maker announced a recall of more than 8.5 million Toyota vehicles worldwide. The recall is to replace and modify brake pedals and override software to automatically reduce ... Read More

Second Prius runaway follows on heels of Monday incident

The news had barely surfaced about a runaway Toyota Prius incident in California, which occurred Monday, when reports of a Prius crash due to sudden unintended acceleration came to light. This second incident happened Tuesday in Harrison, New York. According to news reports, a 56-year-old woman was pulling out of a driveway Tuesday morning when her 2005 Toyota Prius suddenly sped out of control, carrying her across a roadway until she crashed into a stone wall.  The woman, whose name has not been released, received minor injuries in the crash and was take to a local hospital for treatment. Monday, ... Read More

Lexus driver recalls terrifying day her car ran out of control

“Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy,” said a shaken Rhonda Smith of her horrifying runaway car incident four years ago. Smith was the first victim to testify in the Toyota hearings on Capital Hill on Feb. 23. She told the House panel how her Lexus ES350 suddenly took off as she was driving down the highway. At first she thought the problem was with the cruise control and pushed both feet on the brake, but nothing seemed to slow the car. “I prayed for God to help me,” she said. As her car shot down the road, she ... Read More